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Grateful. Growing.

Your 2021 Cohen Camps Impact Report


From the President

Jonathan Cohen
Third-generation President
The Cohen Camps


Dear Cohen Camps family,

Thank you for an unforgettable year of setback and comeback. I and the Board and staff of the Cohen Camps are humbled by the generosity and caring of this extraordinary camp community. Literally thousands of you stepped forward in ways big and small over the pandemic’s year-and-a-half, as parents, grandparents, donors, seasonal staff, volunteers and, above all, as cherished friends. 

You rekindled camp. This year more than ever, campers needed a return to community and childhood. Because of you, Camps Pembroke, Tel Noar, and Tevya could give each child and teen a summer of joy and growth, laughter and hugs, songs and games, and reconnection. Together we provided safe, supportive sessions—without a single case of COVID-19 inside the “camp bubble!”

What did this summer mean to campers and to the future of camp? Everything. I invite you to read how, in this 2021 Impact Report.

With love and camp spirit,

Jonathan's signatureJonathan's signature

“Our child was the happiest he’s been all year. This sliver of normalcy was priceless. Thank you for keeping our son safe and giving him the summer he yearned for. Truly a gift and a shining light after a very challenging year.”



The Cohen Camps enrich children’s lives by encouraging Jewish youth to be comfortable and confident in themselves so that they can connect positively with others and the world they live in.


YOU make all the difference

Tuition covers the operational costs of camp. Philanthropy generates opportunity. Every donor makes possible: camper scholarships, new programs, major facility improvements, and counselor/staff development. You have our deepest thanks.

Jackie Croopnick, Pembroke
Gregg Darish, Tevya
Renee Goldberg & Paul Greenberg, Tel Noar
Co-Chairs for Development,
Cohen Camps Board of Directors

Barbara Stevens,
Development Director

Campers craved reconnection.
Camp plays a
vital role.


73% of campers

attended mostly remote or hybrid school last spring.

Parents shared:

“She has missed most of middle school.”

“It was a grinding year of remote learning.”

We’re GRATEFUL to…

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    Camp Families

    Your partnership and flexibility ensured that campers arrived at camp healthy and ready. You hung in there as we awaited CDC recommendations and State guidance, and you adjusted alongside us. You helped create the best possible summers for your children.

  • Our 322 Summer 2021 staff

    You took a challenging job that demanded even more of you this year: intense social/emotional support for the children and teens in your care and activities revised to meet new requirements. You even stayed at camp all summer long, including your days off, to protect the “bubble.” For many, this was your first serious job—and you carried a lot on your shoulders. You are mentors and caregivers who uplift us all.

Thank you, staff,
for how you…

“made my kid feel valued

“helped him feel connected, loved, and comfortable.”

“gave her encouragement and advice when she needed it.”  

“made my first time camper feel very welcome.”

“were attentive, kind, and patient.”

“were truly wonderful role models!”

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    The Medical Committee and our Health Center teams

    Your expertise helped put healthy protocols in place, customized to each camp. You prepared camp and staff for the summer—and cared for us all while here.

  • Our Alumni/ae

    You volunteered at camp to get it ready to re-open. You organized fundraisers all year long. You continue to energize each other, and to carry camp spirit and community wherever you go.

  • Our Challenge Match partners

    a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
    The Greene and Wolfe families
    The Greenberg/Goldberg family
    Andrea and Michael Leven

    Your vision inspires so many others. You are cultivating a culture of philanthropy that changes the future for our camps’ nonprofit mission—and for Jewish community and continuity.

  • Each and every donor!

    As parents, grandparents, alumni, staff, and friends, your generosity rebuilds what’s possible. We know camp asks a lot of you. We are grateful for how you rally to keep the flame of camp burning brightly for future campers. With all the intensity of a Color War, your love of camp shines in every gift, every encouraging email—and every day of camp for today’s campers.

Your philanthropy in 2020 and 2021, combined:


unique donors


generous gifts


gifts from first-time donors


donors of $1,000 and more



In Summer 2021, camp welcomed


first-time campers

25% of families say…

scholarship assistance made all the difference in their ability to send their child to camp

Parents say…

“We picked up a happy, confident, and soul-satisfied camper. Thank you for providing her with the tools for continued growth, deepening friendships, leadership opportunities, and more.”

“You gave him back part of what was lost in the last year of the pandemic.”

“For all that our children lost this year, I know they gained so much at Tel Noar this summer and I am so grateful for that.”

“He had an amazing Tevya experience. He returned home having met new friends, discovered new interests, and deepened his connection to the Jewish community.”

“Campers needed the experience more than ever, and Pembroke was outstanding. Your hard work paid off and you inspired, changed, and uplifted countless young girls. Thank you will never be enough.”

Parents say…

the aspects of camp they value most for their child are:


A complicated summer, with heartening success.

Pods. Masks. The Delta variant’s emergence.

Was it “normal”? No.
Fun? YES!
Did we learn a lot? For sure.

Responsive health and safety protocols affected the 2021 camp experience.

In spite of all the changes required, we’re pleased that parents assessed the overall quality of their children’s experience as positively as they did pre-pandemic in 2019.


Parents say…

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    “Even the “not perfect” parts presented blessings in disguise. He tried new activities and gained confidence in his social skills.”

  • “We are forever thankful to all the Senior Staff, Counselors, and everyone behind the scenes for the sacrifices and commitment they made to keep these campers safe, and to keep camp running without interruption. It was a special bubble at camp, where they could laugh, play, and just be kids without fear. A sliver of normalcy in an abnormal time.”

2020 & 2021 Financials

The 2-year story of pandemic recovery

To bridge the budget deficit due to COVID, we established the $3 Million Sustainability Fund. Thanks to generous support by thousands of donors, two rounds of SBA PPP loans, and drawing on our “rainy day” savings, as of November 2021 camp is almost back in balance.

Please help the Sustainability Fund finish strong! Together, we’re just $150,000 away from complete success. Make a year-end contribution to brighten the possibilities for campers and camp next summer and into the future.

1-Year & 2-Year Donor Honor Rolls

Recent Leadership Giving

Exceptional generosity since October 1, 2021


$7,200 and more

Harold and Marion Bobroff Family Foundation

Debbi and Michael Coran

Mary W. B. Curtis Trust

Danielle and Gregg Darish

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Sarah Hanna and Noah Wollowick

The Kasavana Family

The Lefkowitz Family

Andrea and Mike Leven

Marvin Mittleman z”l

The Richmond Charitable Foundation

2021 Donor
Honor Roll

Gifts in Fiscal Year 2021
(October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021)

We have tried to list everyone correctly! If you would like your listing to appear differently, please email


  • $10,000 and more


    Amy and Etahn Cohen

    The Kasavana Family

    $1,000 and more

    Susan Alfred

    Jennifer Berkman

    Debbi and Michael Coran

    Jackie and Evan Croopnick

    Jennifer Faber

    Shari and Stu Glass

    Harold Grinspoon Foundation

    Sandy Nagler Hamberg and Scott Hamberg

    Rachel Glincher and Michael Harris

    Nancy Lejfer

    Rachel Niemiec

    Michelle and Jeremy Welford

    Anonymous (1)

    Up to $1,000

    Nancy Adamson

    Ellen and Philip Ades

    Mandee and Jason Adler

    Gideon Adlon

    Jackie Alford

    Emily Alter

    Amazon Smile

    Brie Angle

    The Armstrongs

    Lynne and David Auslander

    Judi and Douglas Bajgot

    Sidney Barron

    Anne Barylick

    Andrea Bass

    Julia Bass

    Basset/Morris Family

    Rachel Beckman

    Susan and Barry Benjamin

    Judy and Michael Bernstein

    Rachel and Michael Bernzweig and Family

    Joan Berry

    Marci Blacker

    Julie Blasbalg

    The Blaustein Family

    Patty and Evan Bleicher

    Elana and Aaron Block

    Ellen Blocker

    The Blocker Family

    The Bloom Family

    Stephanie and Mark Blumenthal

    Jessica Bodner

    Judy Boehr

    Julia Bookbinder

    Linda Bookbinder

    Sylvia and Ronald Bookbinder

    Ilisabeth and Aaron Bornstein

    Susan Bornstein

    Heidi Goldstein Boucher

    Jen Brandwein

    Chanit Brenner-List and David List

    Carol Bridges

    Marissa Brockman

    Marjie and Rob Brockman

    Betsy and Michael Brodsky

    Marjorie Druker Brophy

    Sammy Kublin Brown

    Sue Callum

    Judith Feedman Caplan and Barry Caplan

    Jenna Levine Captline

    Jeremi and Brett Carswell

    Donna and Robert Carver

    Rebecca Channen

    The Clarke Family

    Alicia and David Cohen

    Amybeth Cohen

    Carrie Cohen

    Cynthia J. Cohen

    Deborah and David Cohen

    Elise Cohen

    Miriam Cohen

    Savyon and Jonathan Cohen

    Stephanie Cohn

    Jane Ross and Sean Condon

    Josh Conescu

    Nancy and Steve Cooper

    Amy Coran

    Josh Coran

    Tracy Cranson

    Bonnie and Steven Croopnick

    Carolyn Daniels

    Melissa Darman

    Rebecca Braverman Davidson and Scott Davidson

    Stephanie Jill Davis

    Marlene Dodyk

    Diane and Robert Ducoff

    Debbie Dworkin

    Stephanie Dworkin

    Susan Ehrenthal

    Bonnie and Rick Elfman

    Lauran Walder Epstein

    Mara Epstein

    Leder Esty Family

    Ellen Fallon

    Sara and Michael Feinberg

    Baylee Greenberg Feldman

    Jennifer and Adam Feldman

    Leah Feldman

    Dana and Andy Fernandez

    Anna Fishbon

    Talia Fishbon

    Laura Frem

    Betty Garza

    Peggy Gassman

    The Gavin Family

    Leslie and Jonathan Gerber

    Jeffrey Gilberg

    The Gilefsky Family

    Nina Gill

    Melissa Ginsberg

    Susan Glickman

    Morgan Glucksman

    Susan and David Glucksman

    Erica Gold

    Ms. Danielle Goldaber

    Beth Goldbaum

    Samantha and Peter Goldenblatt

    Jennie and Dan Goldfarb

    Becca Goldman

    Gail and Michael Goldman

    Rebecca Goldman

    Stephanie Goldman

    Susan and Michael Goldman

    Laura Goldman-Pogson

    Beth Goldstein

    Arielle Gorden

    Beth Gordon

    Alissa Greenberg

    Terri Grogan

    Tracey and Mitch Grossbach

    Jamie Grossman

    Nancy Grossman

    Robin Grossman

    Caryn Grozalsky

    Jill Grozalsky

    Lindsay Baron Gurciullo

    Nicole and Jonathan Hagler

    Hila Raz Harris

    Ashley Hartman

    Marcia and David Harwitz

    Emily Havnewitz

    Meredith Hefez

    Heideman Family

    The Herman Family

    Hilary Heyison

    Lisa Kaufman Heyison

    Deborah Hickey

    Beth and Bill Hicks

    Laurie Hitrys

    Michael Holloway

    Susan Holoff

    Deb and Stuart Hurowitz

    Amy and Brian Hyett

    Johanna and Jeff Ilfeld

    Emily Kaswell Isman

    Esme Moskowitz Jacobson

    Sandy and Jack Jagher

    Stephany Johnson

    Nikki Wise Johnston

    Meredith Kacavich

    Ilene Kadis

    Esther and Karl Kaizerman

    Jeanine Kalikow

    Harriett and Warren Kantrowitz

    Elaine Kaplan

    Elissa and Jason Kaplan

    Jamie Spiller Kaplan

    Jennifer Kaplan

    Dana Kappel

    Millie Kateman

    Stephanie and Michael Katz

    Amy Kaufman

    Jen Kaufman

    Michelle and Roger Kaufman

    Rachael Kaufman-Clark

    Rachel Silverman Kaya

    Bonnie Kiesling

    Arielle Kimsal

    Josie Goldman Kivort

    Susan and Steven Klubock

    Morse Klump Family

    Amy and Larry Knopf

    Lauren Friedman Koblick

    Oriana Korin

    Jeryn Koritzinsky

    Danielle and Brian Kramer

    Becky Barnet Krasnegor

    Kathleen and Jerry Krieger

    Debbie Kublin

    Sammy Kublin

    Devon Laidman

    Nicole Lamberg

    Dana Lathrop

    The Leibman Family

    Marla and David Leifer

    Phoebe Lev

    Judy Levin

    Libby Levine

    Michele and Rob Levine

    Paulina Levine

    Tara Levine

    Kim Leviton

    Rebecca Levy

    Jay Lewis

    The Lieber Family

    Melanie Lieberman

    Carly Lippman

    Melissa and Pete Loeb

    Gayle and Ken Lutchen

    Ruth and Matt Lyman

    Ann and Don Mackay

    Robyn and Peter Maguire

    Jeanne Manto

    Beverly and Saul Marcus

    Cynthia and Bill Marcus

    Shari Marquis

    Bonnie Matross-Antoniou

    Lori and Dan McBride

    Dana and Shawn McCormick

    Julie McCoy

    Deborah Kangisser Mead

    The Merken Family

    Ricki Meyer

    Beth Miller

    Victoria and Paul Morville

    Shelby Mosier

    Rhonda and Steven Moskowitz

    Andrew Moss

    Jen Moss

    Rebecca Murphy

    Sari and Jim Musmon

    Jordana Shief Needle and Jarrod Needle

    Anita Neiman

    Dianne Neiman

    Joanne Neiman

    Liz Offen

    Mary Pashley

    Michelle Paster and Josef Blumenfeld

    Hannah Pearl

    Lori and Steven Peljovich

    The Penn Family

    Brittany Perlis

    Jill Piken

    Noa Pisani

    Margo and Ben Portnoy

    Mindy Posner

    Shoshana Potash

    Suzanne Sherman Propp

    Merrill Puopolo

    Rea Rabinowitz

    Jessica Rankin

    Rankin Family

    Sari Rapkin

    Shari and Scott Redan

    Anna and Paul Reddington

    Sigalle and Michael Reiss

    Lisa Renwick

    Amy Rettner

    Minna and Michael Riber

    Rachel and Dan Richer

    Danyel and Chris Rodgers

    Joan Rogers

    Amy Rohald

    Felice Rosen

    Jackie Rosen

    Rachel Rosenthal

    Laura Bernson Rosenzweig

    Sharon Rutfield

    Tamra Rutfield

    Alissa Sage

    Suzanne Salamon and Alan Einhorn

    Danielle Saly

    Natasha Salzedo

    Lisette Sand-Freedman

    Liz Sandler

    Samantha Sands

    Cinthia Dos Santos-Mesquita

    Randall Sargent

    Ivy Schantz

    Michelle and Jay Schaufeld

    Linda and Howard Schiffman

    Sarah Schimmel

    Deb Schmill

    Cara Schrager

    Kate and Jeff Seideman

    Emma Seidman

    Shayna Sage Selinger

    Diana and Toli Shabashov

    Alexis and Jon Shapiro

    Rachel Kangisser Sher

    Caroline Sherman

    Ruth Sherman

    Lois Sherry

    Shulman Family

    Susan Siegel

    Julie Silver

    Jamie Silverman

    Rebecca Silverman

    The Slater Family

    Michelle Sloan

    Stacey Smalley

    Melissa Smerling

    Amazon Smile

    Alexandra Einhorn Smith and Richard Smith

    Abby and Nelson Stacks

    The Steel Family

    Melissa and Matthew Stein

    Ruby Stein and Family

    Karen Steinberg

    Lauren Steinberg

    Barbara Stevens

    Brittani Stokes

    Kate and John Stoller

    Kenneth Stoller

    Muriel Stone

    Judy and Allan Szathmary

    Vicki Tankle

    Meredith and Nelson Tarr

    Allison Tearney

    Gail Thalheimer

    Julie and Ron Thalheimer

    Melissa Timmons

    Stephanie Timmons

    Kerri-Ann and Matthew Tobin

    Jill Vetstein

    Caroline Vivat

    Rachel Kanner Volin

    Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig

    Elyse Webber

    Robin Webber

    Audrey Weiner

    Jacyln Weinstein

    Debbie Wennett

    Jamie Wexler

    Kathy and Michael Wexler

    The Harris Willig Family

    Melanie Willins

    Sarah Winn

    The Winn Family

    Emily Winthrop

    The Yarlas Family

    Rachel Yaroschuk

    Jessica and Efraim Yudewitz

    Ruth Zarren

    Rabbi Efrat (Phyllis) Zarren-Zohar

    Zeitlan Family

    Elisa Zimmerman

    Hannah Zimmerman

    Jocelyn Zimmerman

    Melissa Remis Zinovoy

    Gerri Zubusky

    Kim Aransky Zweifler

    Anonymous (1)

  • $10,000 and more

    Harold and Marion Bobroff Family Foundation (Caren Bobroff and Ric Bobroff)


    Richmond Charitable Foundation

    Herbert Stern

    Lena Walsh

    $1,000 and more

    Julie and Jeff Blasbalg

    Risa and Scott Burgess

    Kristin Carroll

    Shira Citron

    Lori Cutler

    Danielle and Gregg Darish

    Marjorie Druker and Paul Brophy

    Diane and Robert Ducoff

    Lauren and David Fishman

    Lisa Fishman

    Barry Glassman

    Lauren and Jeff Greenstein

    Rosanne and Harvey Greenstein

    Sheryl and James Hirsch

    Joanna and Ron Honig

    Pamela and Joshua Horwitz

    Diane and Steven Konowitz

    Adina and Bryan Kurzman

    Judy Levine Luskin and Michael Luskin

    Ellen and Eric Marder

    Sarah and Joe Osnoss

    Ina and John Portnoy

    Stephen Prince

    Nancy and Bill Sacks

    Alex Shapero

    Silk Family

    Rachel and Brian Silver

    Barbara and Eliot Spack

    Sprung Family

    Aaron Stibel

    Wener Family

    Carol and Larry Wolfe

    Ellen and Leonard Zuckerman

    Up to $1,000

    Laura Dine Aaronson

    Devin Abramowitz

    Karen Acrish

    Arielle and Andy Ades

    Ellen and Philip Ades

    Jennifer Adler

    Dorothy Aghai

    Mindy Engle Agosta

    Melissa and Daniel Albert

    Ferit Albukrek

    Allisa and Jon Alpert

    Bruce M. Alpert

    Sandy Aronson

    Marilyn Augustyn

    Eileen Balbera

    Sheri and Carl Barnett

    Pamela and David Baron

    Ellen and Jerry Baum

    Mitchell Bautista

    Diane Becker

    Mollie and Jon Becker

    Alan Bell

    Jillian Benson

    Ariel and Carrie Berger

    Brett and Eric Berkman

    Sara Berkson

    Andrew Berlinberg

    Berman Family

    Karen Binder

    Matthew Birnbaum

    Blacker Family

    Jason Blasbalg

    Jeremy Blasbalg

    Rita and Steve Blasbalg

    Roslyn and Michael Blick

    Andrea Shatz Bloch

    Dianne Bluestein

    Jane and Ric Bobroff

    Marile and David Borden

    Borne Family

    Rosalie and Scott Bornstein

    Elana Bowers

    Joseph Brachfeld

    Patty Brahe

    Bev and Lenny Brand

    Carl Brand

    Danyael and Matt Brand

    Danyael Brand

    Doni Brass

    Amy Brauner

    Malerie and Arthur Brecher

    Shirley and Martin Bresler

    Ali Kenner Brodsky

    Lori Brody

    Tanya and Jack Brown

    Ina and Malcolm Burdine

    Leigh Calarco

    Liz and Shawn Campbell

    Sara Cantor

    Adam Chaikin

    Chaikin Family

    Chase Family

    Chasen Family

    Mark Cline

    Kim and David Cohen

    Lauren Cohen

    Lindsey Cohen

    Rebecca Cohen

    Sally Cohen

    Emily and Aaron Cooper

    Susan and Arnold Coran

    Sara and Allan Crimm

    Stefani Cuschnir

    Jodi and Adam Cutler

    Sandi and Mark Cutler

    Rachel Daly

    Joy and Victor Darish

    Elaine Darman

    Shula and Michael Darviche

    Fred Daum

    Scott Desatnick

    Hilary and Aaron Dommu

    Edward Drachman

    Philip Drasner

    Seth Drasner

    Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert

    Jessica Drooks

    Matthew Dworman

    Marian and Burt Ehrlich

    Paula Eiblum

    Lynne Shapiro Eisenstein

    Stacy Emanuel

    Epstein Family

    Jonny Epstein

    Alexandra and Ben Etscovitz

    Rachel and Refael Fadlon

    Aleza Falk

    Ally and Jon Fass

    Karen Friedberg Fass and Eric Fass

    Elaine Feingold

    Bonnie Feldman

    Pamela Feldstein

    Adam Fisher

    Adrienne and Neal Fishman

    Amy Fleishman

    Florence Family

    Sheryl Fohlin

    Matthew Fox

    Ilene Holland Frankel

    Avery Freed

    Ross Freedman

    Alan Friedberg

    Melissa and Ross Friedberg

    Beth Friedman

    Lara and Avi Friedman

    Lulu and Ronnie Friedman

    Marjorie and Joel Friedman

    Deborah Frisch

    Brooke and Steven Fritz

    Kevin Fritz

    Phanny and Sam Frommer

    Sharon Funk and Joshua Hanna

    Shai Fuxman

    Judith S. Garelick

    Rob Garf

    Julie and Keith Garte

    Lisa and Paul Gassner

    Adam Gauchman

    Carri Gaudion

    Lori and David Geisinger

    Jessica and Andrew Gelles

    Nancy and Steven Gerber

    Sophie Gershberg

    Michael Gerstenblatt

    Samuel Gettler

    Carol Gill

    Michael Gill

    Gillette Family

    Carrie Gilman

    Rachel Gingold

    Hilary Forman Ginsberg

    Carol Krentzman Ginsburg

    Andrew Gladstein

    Rachel Glazer and Michael Gustat

    Leslie Glenn

    Ilana Goddess

    Penny Gold

    Betty Goldberg

    Jen and Howard Goldberg

    Jonathan and Kristen Goldberg and Family

    Amy and Josh Goldfine

    Goldman Family

    Robert Goodwin

    Gordon Family

    Linda Gordon

    Gabrielle Granoff

    Andy Gray

    Meredith and Glenn Greenberg

    Michelle and David Greenberg


    Barry Greenfield

    Monique and Philip Greenspan

    Terri and Alan Greenspan

    Barry Greenstein

    Stephen Greenstein

    Ashli Greenwald

    Meredith Greisman

    Liz and Jake Grossman

    Jennifer Gunzburg

    David Gunzburger

    Michael Gustat

    Jamie Halpern

    Ava Altman Harder

    Heims Family

    Zachary Hentoff

    Herman Family

    Matthew Hershfield

    Higgins Family

    Hill Family

    Dan Hodes

    Ian Hodes

    Jill Hofer

    Hoffstein Family

    Andrew Holland

    Susan Foster and Bruce Horwitz

    Ibson Family

    Nicole and Adam Jacobs

    Nadine and Robert Jacobson and Family

    Sandy and Jack Jagher

    Betty Jaros and Joel Pravda

    Adam Jaslow

    Faye and Paul Jeser

    Laura Jeser

    Ruth and Joel

    Andrew Kaplan

    Jaime S. Kaplan

    Margie Kaplan

    Ruth Kaplan

    Tina Kaplan

    Katz Family

    Noah Keimach

    Bruce Kelly

    Marcia King

    Allison and Glenn Kramer

    Dana and Joel Kramer

    Daniel Kramer

    Danielle and Brian Kramer

    Lauren Krasnow and Kenneth Horenstein

    Kenneth Kruzansky

    Erica Gilefsky Kyrouz

    Stephen LaFleur

    Amy Lane

    Cori Lapp

    Jacob Laufer

    Susan Lebeaux

    Michelle Leen

    Lefkowitz Family

    Lana Lessem and Larry Yarmaloff

    Sharon Levanoni and Eugene Co

    Michael and Andrea Leven

    Claudia Levenson and Dahn Cohen

    Rochelle and Donald Levy

    Marla and Ricardo Lewitus

    Katie Liberman

    Lieberman Family

    Lieberman Family

    Lipchin Family

    Aaron Lipskar

    Beth and Norman Loberant

    Josh Loberant

    Randi Loeb

    Michael London

    Richard London

    Lovins Family

    Kiersten and David Lowe

    Alison Lubin

    Joanne Maher

    Deb Maltzman

    Lisa Mandell

    Lisa Goldstein Manheim and Jeff Manheim

    Pamela Mann

    Nancy and Scott Marcus

    Dina and Samuel Markind

    Judy and Kenny Martin

    Marissa Mastors

    Suzanne Mathews

    Terri Matthews

    Jennifer McCullum

    Lee Mills McGrath

    McInerney Family

    Stephanie McTigue

    Michelle and Rob Mellion

    Carla and Steve Milanowycz

    Kim and Todd Miles

    Andrew Miller

    Cindy Miller

    Helaine Miller

    Laura Miller

    Melanie L. Miller

    Michael Miller

    Alexander Mindich

    Jonathan Modest

    Julian Morris

    Cari Shabot Moulton

    Nagel Family

    Randi Nagel

    Mitch Nelles

    Jessica and Michael Newshel

    Sue and Kip Nissen

    Michael Oelbaum

    Omin Family

    Kimberly and Raphi Osnoss

    Barbara Pack

    Toni Passerman

    Stephanie and Adam Patti

    Jeffrey Paul

    Paulist Center Boston Family Retreat

    Peckler Family

    Corey and Dave Penn

    Heather Penn

    Mollie Warshaw Perlin

    Jennifer Perlmutter

    Stacy Pollack

    Jill Shapiro Pollard

    Brian Portnoy

    Margo and Ben Portnoy

    Amy and Bob Powell

    Richie Powers

    Ariel Price

    Raider Family

    Jill and Stephen Raisman

    Amy Grodsky Ratner

    Marcia and Bill Reinstein

    Reiss Family

    Jodie Resnick

    Resnick Family

    Melanie Robbins

    Natalie and Gary Robinson

    Kaitlyn Robrock

    Vincent Rocchio

    Diane and Alan Rogol

    Rogol Family

    Ruth and Peter Rooks

    Jessica Rosenberg

    Patty and Elliot Rosenfield

    Jessica Rosenthal

    Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal

    Linda and Bart Roth

    Kerrie Rothschilds

    Elliot Rotstein

    Heidi Rubenstein

    Ben and Caroline Rubin

    Wendy Rubin

    Debra and Barry Rudich

    Robert Salsberg

    Rachel and Jeff Sarasohn

    Loren Schaffzin

    Wendy and Jeff Scheman

    Nancy and Lee Schiff

    Elyssa and Lee Schneider

    Larry Schoen

    Scholnick Family

    Leah Schwartz

    Rachel Schwartz

    Scioli Family

    Lynda Segal

    Ilana and Jonathan Seibald

    Max Seidman

    Ali Sganga

    Rabbi Lori Shapiro

    Susan and Carl Shapiro

    Shaw Family

    Debra Shear

    Debbie and Allen Sheldon

    Amy and David Shore

    Davey Siegel

    Susan Siegel

    Erica and Zachary Sigel

    Susan and Robert Sigel

    Ellen and Joel Silberman

    Rebecca Silver

    Matt Silverstein

    Mike Silverstein

    Lori and Sam Singal

    Sam Singal

    Kayla Sirkin

    Scott Sisun

    Sarah Sloane

    Lauren Small

    Steve Small

    Stacey Smalley

    Leah Altman Smith

    Snowden Family

    Solomon Family

    Daniel Speicher

    Laurie Speicher

    Speicher Family

    Melissa Spencer

    Amy and Brian Staub

    Melanie and David Steier

    Lauren Steinberg

    Ilene Stellar

    Barbara Stevens

    Liz Stillman

    Stephanie Strachman

    Monica Blasbalg Swain

    Betsy Tarlin and Marcos Rosenbaum

    Stacey Tavel

    Alison Teres

    Evvy and Dan Teres

    Teres Family

    Amy and Ben Thaler

    Barrett Tindell

    Van Dam Family

    Hillary Waxman

    Wendy and Ron Waxman

    Pamela Weil

    Erica Weiner

    J.J. Weiner

    Max Weiner

    Weissman/Strauss Family

    Charlene Wendell

    Vera Westgate

    Allison Wilkie

    Judy and Leonard Wilson

    Wiseman Family

    Micah Wisen

    Jeremy Wolff

    Melyssa Wright

    Sarah and Matt Wulf

    Tamar Wyte-Lake

    Jennifer and Adam Yellin

    Christopher Young

    Young Family

    Jessica and Efraim Yudewitz

    Fredda and Robert Zaiger

    Zaks Family

    Lindsay Zarwell

    Adam Zimmerman

    Ellen Epstein Zirin and Robert Zirin

    Zive Family

    Dayna and Steven Zola

    Jeanine and Jeffrey Zwicker

    Anonymous (2)

  • $10,000 and more


    $1,000 and more

    Stacey Baker and Jeremy Hoch

    Lisa Goldberg and Roy Barr

    Robin and Edward Berndt

    Molly Lourie Butter and Michael Butter

    The Carr Family

    Bernard Goldberg

    Rachel Grossbaum

    Sara and Josh Haskin

    Stephanie and Frank Jacobson

    Irina and Michael Karbachinskiy

    Robin Rumelt Kassimir

    Judy Bearak Leary

    Andrea Slavet

    The Wantman Family

    Jamie Werner

    Susan and Roger Zimmerman

    Up to $1,000

    Brandy Adelstein

    Sara and Jason Ader

    Amazon Smile

    Amy Azaroff

    Melissa Edison Barnes

    Laura Barnett

    Debbie Barron

    Matthew Barron

    Erica Becker

    Esther and Alan Beloff

    Susan Arnow Berger

    Jeff Berkowitz

    Alexis Bernstein

    The Blumberg Family

    Aaron Blumenthal

    Elissa Bogdanoff

    Sara and Todd Bonin

    Stacy and Richard Book

    David Braverman

    Leigh Brawer

    Carrie Bresnick

    Stephen Bresnick

    Sara and Stephen Brown

    Norma Butter

    Judith Feedman Caplan and Barry Caplan

    Robert Cashman

    Shari and Robert Cashman

    Alyssa “Chud” Chudnofsky

    Matthew Clayman

    Susan and John Clayman

    Dahn Cohen and Claudia Levenson

    Robin and Ori Cohen

    Savyon and Jonathan Cohen

    Sharon and Marc Cohen

    Amy and Jamie Cook

    Amy Coran

    Sharon and John Crichton

    Fred Daub

    Michelle Deitel

    Deb and Kevin Dennison

    Emily Derr

    Jo Ann Simons and Chet Derr

    Stacey Deutsch

    Stephanie Dickerman

    Davida and Brad Dinerman

    Caroline Dorn

    Cynthia and Steven Drysdale

    Jeffrey Duban

    Eacott Family

    Ariel Eckstein

    The Elterman Family

    Becky and Eric Epstein

    Cecil family

    Julie Fentin

    Kate and Josh Fialky

    The Fishman Family

    Lisa and Russ Flicker

    Bobbi Fox

    Dan Frankel

    Jeffrey Frankel

    The Freed Family

    Harriet Freedman

    Scott Friedman

    Sara Barron Frymer

    Jared Fujii

    Ron Furman

    Erica and Daniel Geist

    Marcy Glanz

    Elaine and Herbert Glick

    Karen Gobler

    Clara Goldberg

    Jason Goldberg

    Jen and Howard Goldberg

    Jennifer and Ari Goldberg

    Jennifer Goldenberg

    Beth Goldfarb

    Samuel Goldman

    Lisa Goldsmith

    Marissa Goldstein

    Network for Good

    Don Goodman

    Matthew Gordon

    Janet Greenfield

    Shana Greenwald

    Joanna and Greg Hartunian

    Suzanne Heitin

    Mrs. Gabrielle Henken

    Cheryl Hersh and Mike McFarland

    The Hill Family

    Rachel and Joshua Hoch

    Matt Hoffman

    Julie Katz Hymovitch

    Judith And Ted Ingis

    Marsha Jackson

    Debbi and Jordan Jaffe

    Sandy and Jack Jagher

    Gail and Frank Julie

    Emily Kachinsky

    Melanie and Rami Kandel

    Lawrence Kaplan

    Brian Katzen

    Keats Family

    Caren and Dan Kimball

    Jennifer Hoch Koenig and Eduardo Koenig

    Liz and David Koplan

    Jill and Barry Korn

    Lisa Kramer

    Sara and Steve Kunin

    Jon Kurtz

    Larsen Family

    Sharon and Gerald Lasky

    Robyn Bass Lavender

    Nancy and Ken Leeser

    Nancy Leeser

    Sharon Leifer

    The Leiman Family

    Jeffrey Levine

    Kim Bantit and Adam Levy

    Casey Lewis

    Nancy and Bob Liberman

    Adam Linet

    David Litner

    Hex Love

    Julie Marcus

    Karen and Drew Matzkin

    Kimberly McCafferty

    Rabbi Bernard Mehlman

    Evie and Stan Mitchell

    Manisha Modi

    Manisha Modi and Steven Glazerman

    Andrea Moisan

    Julie Andelman Mokotoff

    Harriet Moriber

    Shari Munro

    Samantha Nagel

    Namias/Bubrick Family

    Andrew Nathanson

    The Nelson Family

    Lucy and Aidan New

    Deborah and Josh Nicholson

    Kendall Covitz Nicholson

    Lauren Novack

    Elyse Oleksak

    Louis Ostrowsky

    Sarah and Richard Paisner

    Hamilton Partners

    Rachel and Dan Plofsky

    Andrea and Michael Polonsky

    Sally and Jonathan Potter

    Jodi and Simon Rabinovitch

    Charna and Richard Ravich

    Marcy Robbins

    Leora Rodenstein

    Stephen Rodman

    Dunyelle Rosen

    Gayle Salinsky Rosen

    Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren

    Rachel Rosenthal

    Dana Roth

    Shoshana Rothman

    Julie Mehne Sabourin

    Gladys Saslaw

    Carol and Ken Schulman

    Kenneth Schulman

    Amy Schwartz

    Franceen and Richard Schwartz

    Janet Schwartz

    The Seller Family

    Lori Rosenberg Shane

    Daniel Shapiro

    The Shems Family

    Jessica and Joel Siegel

    Susan Siegel

    Jaymie Silverman

    Slavet Family

    Joel Slovin

    Amazon Smile

    Libby Smith

    Rachel and Billy Smoller

    Randi Spiller

    Abby and Nelson Stacks

    Ilana and Richard Starfield

    Abby and Derek Stern

    Barbara Stevens

    Arlene and Gregory Stoller

    The Strausberg Family

    Mike and Angela Strauss

    Julie and John Sudenfield

    Morgan Sutton

    Beth Swartz

    Jill Swartz

    The Swartz Family

    Lisa and Michael Tabachnick

    Kerri Tabasky

    Audrey Freeman Teague

    Alan Teperow

    Michelle Titlebaum

    Lutsk Training

    Tricia and Scott Sherman

    Shirlei and Scott Udell

    Varnerin Family

    Victor Blumenthal

    The Vidal Family

    Mr. Jeff Vinick

    Naomi Walker

    Lara Walklet

    Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig

    Dana Warshauer

    Leigh and Rob Wasserman

    Wedge Family

    Elayne and Eric Weinstein

    Erica Weinstein

    The Weinstock Family

    Eric Weisbrod

    The Weiss Family

    Wendy Feiner

    Marilyn and Jason Werner

    Aviva and Kurt Will

    Marlene and Keith Winsten

    Donn Worby

    Alysa and Andrew Yale

    Jessica and Efraim Yudewitz

    Marta Zaharoff

    Michelle and Matt Zisow

  • Gifts to “Cohen Camps” are allocated among—or provide challenge matches to—all three camps.


    $10,000 and more

    Annebelle and Arnold Cohen Fund

    Paul Greenberg and Renee Goldberg

    Michael and Andrea Leven

    $1,000 and more

    Laura Dine Aaronson

    Cindy and Marc Bello

    Alan Boyer

    Savyon and Jonathan Cohen

    Mary W.B. Curtis Trust

    Lauren and David Fishman

    Adam Gauchman

    Stacey Parker and David Mack

    Nancy Levitan Poorvu and David Poorvu


    Nancy and Bill Sacks

    David Strauss

    Rhonda and Andre Tippett

    Adina and Frank Ziegler

    Up to $1,000

    Ellen and Philip Ades

    Richard Alfred

    Jed Alpert

    Sandra and Neil Aronson

    Leslie and Aaron August

    Melissa Edison Barnes

    Mark Bass

    Jillian Benson

    Brett Berkman

    Matthew Berry

    Jeremy Blasbalg

    Julie Blasbalg

    Patty and Evan Bleicher

    Roslyn and Michael Blick

    The Blocker Family

    The Blumberg Family

    Danyael and Matt Brand

    Fern and Mark Brandstein

    Chanit Brenner-List and David List

    Marjie and Rob Brockman

    Ilene and Richard Bronen

    Michael Brown

    Meredith and Rick Carroll

    Hilary Cohen

    Sharon and Marc Cohen

    Margery Cohen-Jacoby

    Stephanie Cohn

    Jane Ross and Sean Condon

    Josh Conescu

    Suzanne Cooper and Stuart Jacobson

    Amy Coran

    Jodi and Adam Cutler

    Rebecca Braverman Davidson and Scott Davidson

    Brad Dinerman

    Robin Director

    Judith and Leon Drachman

    Elizabeth Dreben and Hillel Chiel

    Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert

    David Dronsick

    Jennifer Faber

    Albert Feldman

    The Ferris Family

    Jacqueline Feuer and David Janfaza

    Laurie and Bob Gervis

    Bonnie Gilman

    Ava Joy Glaser

    Susan and David Glucksman

    Ilana Goddess

    Erica Gold

    Jodi Gold

    Herbert and Barbara Goldberg Foundation

    Amy and Josh Goldfine

    Marjorie Goldman

    Susan and Michael Goldman

    Jaclyn Gordon

    The Gordon Family

    Sy Gottlieb

    Lynn and James Grant

    Susan and Malcolm Green

    Monique and Philip Greenspan

    Lauren and Jeff Greenstein

    Terri Grogan

    Sandy Nagler Hamberg and Scott Hamberg

    Nancy and Robert Helfman

    Jules and Jeff Hoffman

    Marjorie and Jeffrey Jacobs

    Daniel Jacobson

    Esme Moskowitz Jacobson

    Sandy and Jack Jagher

    Stacy and Justin Jagher

    Donna and Martin Kalikow

    Jane Kamer

    Harriet and Warren Kantrowitz

    Jamie Spiller Kaplan

    Margie Kaplan

    Ruth Kaplan and Toby Kusmer

    Dana Kappel

    Beth and Jeffrey Kasten

    Michelle and Roger Kaufman

    Caren and Dan Kimball

    Robin Wolk and David Klein

    Kenneth Kruzansky

    Adina and Bryan Kurzman

    Nicole Lamberg

    Sharon Leifer and Robert Cicerchia

    Claudia Levenson and Dahn Cohen

    The Lieberman Family

    Judy and Alan Litwack

    Meredith and Jeffrey Lutsky

    Linda and Daniel Magalnick

    Tina and Arthur Mallock

    Dan Maltzman

    Debra Maltzman and Daniel de Picciotto

    Lisa Goldstein Manheim and Jeff Manheim

    Jamie Marcus

    Dina and Samuel Markind

    Rebecca Murphy

    David Ness

    Ronni November

    Cindy and Burt Ochs

    Marni and Joshua Payne

    Corey and Dave Penn

    Andrea and Mark Popovsky

    Ina and John Portnoy

    Margo and Ben Portnoy

    Jill Kraus Pressman

    Natania Remba

    Jodie Resnick

    Minna and Michael Riber

    Raphael Rose

    Jackie Rosen

    Rona and Bob Rosenthal

    Lori Zetlin Rosmarin

    Dana Roth

    Lisette Sand-Freedman

    Shari Sarnevitz

    Schawbel Family

    Elyssa and Lee Schneider

    Leah Schwartz

    Penny Chatzinoff Schwartz

    Joseph Schweon

    Bonnie and Larry Seidman

    Mitch Shapiro

    Stacie and Alan Shapiro

    Rachel Kangisser Sher

    Caroline Sherman

    Robin Sherman

    Cynthia Shulman

    Pamela Sidman

    Susan Siegel

    Marcy Freedman Sigel

    Michelle Sloan

    Jo Ellen Slurzberg

    Abbe and David Smerling

    Norman Spack

    Daniel Speicher

    Judith Spitz

    Elizabeth Starrels

    Barbara Stevens

    Lisa Sztejman

    Alan Teperow

    Amanda Trant

    Jill Vetstein

    Ms. Caroline Vivat

    Rachel Selby Walker

    Lara Walklet

    Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig

    The Wener Family

    Wilen Family

    Ellie and Mark Winthrop

    Nancy and Michael Wluka

    Jessica and Efraim Yudewitz

    Ruth Zarren

    Jill and Jeffrey Ziplow and Family

    Ellen Epstein Zirin and Robert Zirin

    Jeanine and Jeffrey Zwicker

    Anonymous (3)

2-Year Sustainability Honor Roll

Celebrating cumulative gifts throughout the pandemic,
which together have now completed the Sustainability Fund!
(May 1, 2020 – January 10, 2022)


with appreciation for:

Tzaddikim (Exceptional Leaders): Our Challenge Match Partners | $85,000+

Camp Legends | $25,000+

Chai Lights | $18,000 to $24,999

Sunshine on the Lake | $10,000 to $17,999

Color War Captains | $5,000 to $9,999

Role Models | $1,000 to $4,999

Michael Jeser Legacy Fund at Tevya

Forever Friends | up to $999

Thank you always

for your partnership, for your love of Jewish camp, and for your continued dedication and commitment to these special places.

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font-size: 0.8rem;

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–title-font-size-value: 1.2;
–body-font-size-value: 0.9;
–button-font-size-value: 0.8;


Looking for more ways to give, such as a Donor Advised Fund or in your will?

If you’d like to discuss your giving, I’d be delighted to talk with you.


Barbara Stevens photoBarbara Stevens photo

Barbara Stevens,
Development Director




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