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2023 Impact Report

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Jonathan Cohen

From the President

Dear Cohen Camps family,

Each summer, Camps Pembroke, Tel Noar, and Tevya help children and teens grow chazak, chazak, from strength to strength.

Why is this so important?

  • Schools and families report that young people continue to wrestle with the after-effects of the pandemic. At camp, kids rediscover carefree, unplugged fun while gaining confidence, connection, and belonging.
  • For so many alumni, Pembroke, Tel Noar, and Tevya built an enduring touchstone for their Jewish identity. Now, anguish for Israel and antisemitism closer to home make clear how vital it is to sustain and strengthen our Jewish values and community, which are at the core of our nonprofit mission.

Thank you for being part of The Cohen Camps family. YOU are the inner strength in this community. Please enjoy this 2023 Impact Report: a snapshot of how much your partnership matters l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.


Jonathan Cohen,
Third-generation President,
The Cohen Camps

and The Cohen Camps’ Board of Directors

What is

inner strength?

It’s your belief in yourself. The skills and attitudes that keep you optimistic and adaptable. The capacity to show and receive love, compassion, and generosity. Your lifelong wellspring of resilience, character, and values.

Inner strength is…

Where Jewish summer camp shines for children and teens.

What YOU make possible.

The Cohen Camps' Mission

To enrich children’s lives by encouraging Jewish youth to be comfortable and confident in themselves so that they can connect positively with others and the world they live in.

The Strength of 2023


counselors + staff



inner strength

through confidence, friendships, Jewish living, and carefree FUN

three camp logos



inner strength

through leadership, reflection, identity, and connection

Capstone for THE
oldest campers

DorL'Dor Israel Programs
teen travelers
Dor L’Dor provided
66% of teens their
1st-ever visit to Israel.

Bridge to the
staff role + beyond

Kadima Teen Leadership at Camps
CA/CIT interns

Teens rated Kadima:


Kadima teens say...

Grateful for the inner strength of

staff + counselors

As caring mentors, role models, and inspiration, at camp and in Israel

Experts say the most important factor for a child or teen’s inner strength is the presence of positive, nurturing adults.
Thank you, staff + counselors!

Parents appreciate how staff...


inner strength comes from...


YOU are the greatest source of strength in this community.

Alongside every parent, alum, camper, counselor, staff member, partner, volunteer, and donor, you build the foundation that strengthens us all.

Financial Picture

FISCAL YEAR October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023


pie chart


Tuition + fees


for scholarships, facilities, programs, counselor professional development, and more


Foundation grants

Jewish community tuition assistance to families

(OneHappyCamper + Federation)

Other support

(One-time Federal payments from pandemic CARES Act)


pie chart

Staff (Full-Time + Summer)


Administration + Outreach




Financial Assistance (Scholarships)


Camp Operations + Programs



Click each % to see details.

The strength of

your 2023 Philanthropy

The Cohen Camps are 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
Philanthropy makes all the difference for scholarships, facilities, programs, counselor professional development, and more.

unique donors
generous gifts
first-time gifts
$1,000+ donors

Strengthening each other with

camper scholarships

9 %

of camp families received financial assistance from The Cohen Camps, thanks to your generous donations.

Recipient families say...

Donor Honor Roll

Gifts in Fiscal Year 2023
(October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023)

We have tried to list everyone correctly! If you would like your listing to appear differently, please email

Leadership Gifts

  Camp Pembroke

  Camp Tel Noar

  Camp Tevya

  Cohen Camps

Tzaddikim (Exceptional Leaders): Our Challenge Match Partners $85,000+

JCamp180Logo for All Together Now 2022 matching challenge

JCamp180®, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, and its All Together Now matching challenge


Camp Legends $25,000+
  •   Simon B. Gottlieb Charitable Foundation
  •   Kasavana Family
  •   Lefkowitz Family
Chai Lights $18,000 to $24,999
  •   Bobroff Charitable Fund
Sunshine on the Lake $10,000 to $17,999
  •   Renee Goldberg, Paul Greenberg and Family
  •   Amy Paller and Etahn Cohen
  •   The Richmond Charitable Foundation
  •    Anonymous (5)
Color War Captains $5,000 to $9,999
  •  Alison and Brian Clew
  • Debra and Michael Coran
  • Adena and Ben Falk
  • Herbert and Lillian Heilpern Family Foundation
  • Andrea and Mike Leven
  • Nancy Levitan Poorvu and David Poorvu
  • Adina and Frank Ziegler
Role Models $1,000 to $4,999
Camp Pembroke
  • Alan Boyer
  • Risa and Scott Burgess
  • Debbie and Jeff Kublin
  • Rebecca Murphy
  • Suzanne Salamon and Alan Einhorn
  • Sydna and Steve Weinstein
Camp Tel Noar
  • Mark and Stephanie Blumenthal
  • Molly and Mike Butter
  • Andrew Genser
  • Bernie Goldberg
  • Jeffrey Kalicka
  • Jennifer and Eduardo Koenig
  • Judith M Leary
  • Namias/Bubrick Family
  • Cara and Rusty Nelson
  • Lori Rosenberg Shane
  • Aimee and Jason Stone
  • Wantman Family
  • Jon and Leah Wasserman
  • Susan and Roger Zimmerman
Camp Tevya
  • Laura Dine Aaronson
  • Harris A Berman and Ruth Nemzoff Family Foundation
  • Dr. George Brener
  • The Chasen Family
  • Rachel and Rob Daly
  • Roseanne and Harvey Greenstein
  • Liz and Jake Grossman
  • Ellen and Eric Marder
  • Sarah and Joe Osnoss
  • Elliott and Eileen Pollack Camping Scholarship Fund
  • Bill and Nancy Sacks
  • Lee Schneider
  • Erica and Zach Sigel
  • Strauss Family
  • Faye and David Wisen
  • Carol and Larry Wolfe
Cohen Camps logo
  • Savyon and Jonathan Cohen
  • Carol Bolton Kappel and Jonathan Kappel
  • Susan Siegel

Forever Friends

up to $999

Friends of Camp Pembroke

Camp Pembroke

  • Ellen and Philip Ades
  • Amazon Smile
  • The Anconina Family (alum Bethany Eskot Anconina)
  • Lynne and David Auslander
  • Judi and Doug Bajgot
  • Anne Barylick
  • Julia Bass
  • Bass Family
  • Ingrid Bassett and Robert Morris
  • Judy and Michael Bernstein
  • Joanie Berry
  • Marci Blacker - CA '86
  • Patricia and Evan Bleicher
  • Ellen Blocker
  • B'nai B'rith
  • Judy Boehr
  • Sylvia and Ronald Bookbinder
  • Chanit Brenner-List
  • Carol Bridges
  • Jodi and Kenneth Bring
  • The Brockman Family
  • Marissa Brockman
  • Betsy and Michael Brodsky
  • Jeremi and Brett Carswell
  • Emma (Seideman) Case
  • Mim Cohen
  • Esther Cohen
  • Margery Cohen-Jacoby and Stuart Jacoby
  • Grace Shaina and Sadie Condon
  • Josh Conescu
  • Amy Coran
  • Jackie Croopnick
  • Bonnie and Steven Croopnick
  • Melissa Darman
  • Bobbie and Paul Davis
  • Stephi and Samantha Dworkin
  • Steven Dworkin
  • Sivan Rose and Steve Elefson
  • Suzanne Elfman
  • Etsy Family
  • Jen, Abby and Rachel Faber
  • Jennifer and Adam Feldman
  • Jess Garnitz
  • Peggy Gassman
  • Gilefsky Family
  • Shari and Stu Glass
  • Susan Bamel Glickman
  • Morgan and Alyssa Glucksman
  • Alyssa Glucksman
  • Jodi Gold
  • Erica Gold
  • Phyllis Goldberg
  • Susan and Michael Goldman
  • Becca Goldman
  • Beth Goldstein
  • Jaclyn Gordon
  • Jenny Gozlan
  • Terri and Rich Grogan
  • Grozalsky Family
  • Hagler Family
  • Maya Hamberg
  • Norah & Layah Hefez
  • Mervat Hefez
  • Toby Zankel Heilweil
  • Jody and Noah Heller
  • Sarah Himmel
  • Julie Jackson & Jenevieve Jackson Dunn
  • Esme Jacobson (Moskowitz)
  • Sandy and Jack Jagher
  • Zia Kanner
  • Raelin and Jeff Kantor
  • Elissa and Jason Kaplan
  • Dana Kappel
  • Stephanie and Michael Katz
  • Michelle and Rodger Kaufman
  • Josie Goldman Kivort
  • Lauren Koblick
  • Ori Korin
  • Phyllis Kroudvird
  • Marcia Landers
  • Deena Leibman
  • Judy Levin
  • Rebecca Levy
  • Carol and Mitchell Macey
  • Lauren Makucin Merriam
  • Sheri Mason
  • Susan Jablow McMillan
  • Amy Mitman and Andrew, Charley and Paige Goloboy
  • Shelby A Mosier
  • Rhonda and Steven Moskowitz
  • The Murphy Family
  • Amy Nadel
  • Nagler Hamberg Family
  • Erika and Philip Nair
  • Anita Neiman
  • Joanne Neiman
  • Nancy Nitenson
  • Ochs Family
  • Jill Wetmore Piken
  • Sigalle and Mike Reiss
  • Minna and Michael Riber
  • Danyel and Chris Rodgers
  • Amy Granoff Rohald
  • Felice Rosen
  • Keli Rosenberg and Charlie Hoppenstein
  • Bert Rosengarten
  • Elisa Rosman
  • Lori Zetlin Rosmarin
  • Jane Ross and Sean Condon
  • Mindy and Craig Rutfield
  • Carly Ryter
  • Marci Sage
  • Alissa Sage
  • Melanie Sandberg
  • Lisette Sand-Freedman
  • Rachel Schechter
  • Linda and Howard Schiffman
  • Sarah Schimmel
  • Rachel Kanqisser Sher
  • Caroline Sherman
  • Emily Raine Siegel
  • Rebecca Silverman
  • Tamara and Robert Sitkoff
  • Michelle Sloan
  • Stacey and Michael Smalley
  • Alex and Richie Smith
  • Jamie Spiller Kaplan
  • Lauren Steinberg
  • Mitchell Stern and Toni Gershon-Stern
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Kim Stone
  • Judith Sydney
  • Lisa Tosches
  • The Vetstein Family
  • Rachel Weatherbee
  • Elyse Webber
  • Stacy Weiner and Jesse Rosenthal
  • Jennifer Weinstein
  • Jeremy and Michelle Welford
  • Debbie Wennett
  • Charna Westervelt
  • The Wexler Family
  • Sarah Winn
  • Ellie and Mark Winthrop
  • Lauren Wyner
  • Rabbi Efrat (Phyllis) Zarren-Zohar
Friends of Camp Tel Noar

Camp Tel Noar

  • Sara and Jason Ader
  • Ellen and Philip Ades
  • Jed Alpert
  • Amazon Smile
  • Kim Bantit and Adam Levy
  • Ester and Alan Beloff
  • Jill and Jon Bovarnick
  • Chanit Brenner-List
  • Norma Butter
  • Donna and Rob Carver
  • Susan and John Clayman
  • Sharon and Marc Cohen
  • Amy Lebow Corn
  • Nancy and Arnold Cowan
  • Meryl & Larry Dannenberg
  • Dennison Family
  • Emily Derr and Brent Markus
  • Jeffrey Duban
  • Sandi Dunn
  • Zackary Eacott
  • Susan Edberg and Carol Feinberg
  • Susan Edelstein and David Rosenbaum
  • Melissa Edison Barnes
  • Elterman Family
  • Becky and Eric Epstein
  • Sarah and Michael Fentin
  • Julie Fentin
  • Jack Fomby
  • Harriet and Stephen Freedman
  • Jared Fujii
  • Ferd van Gameren and Brian Rosenberg
  • The Geist Family
  • Richard and Marcy Glanz
  • Deborah Glass
  • Ari Goldberg
  • Sema Goldstein
  • Shana Greenwald
  • Hagan Family
  • Hoberman Family
  • Elliot Hodess
  • Matt Hoffman
  • Rachel, Ben, Jake + Nina Huber
  • Ilana Hurwitz and Richard Starfield
  • Becky Ingis and Eric Epstein
  • Judy + Ted Ingis
  • Erich Jackel
  • Marsha Jackson
  • Stephanie and Frank Jacobson
  • Debbi and Jordan Jaffe
  • David and Janet Kalicka
  • Rami and Melanie Kandel
  • Jacob Kann
  • Larry Kaplan
  • Brian Katzen
  • Barry Korn
  • Aileen Landau
  • Marcia Landers
  • Sharon Lasky
  • Nancy Garber Leeser
  • Sharon Leifer and Robert Cicerchia
  • Jeffrey Levine
  • Kim Levy
  • Nancy Liberman
  • David Lurie
  • Robin + Carrie Markey
  • Bernard H Mehlman
  • Shari Munro
  • Al and Gila Namias
  • Alissa and Philip Onigman
  • Benjamin Osher
  • The Paisner Family
  • Marni and Joshua Payne
  • Peterson-Eacott Family
  • The Plofsky Family
  • Rebecca and Brian Pollack
  • Richard Ravich
  • Anna Reddington
  • Natania Remba
  • Andrea & Lance Rothstein
  • Robin Rumelt Kassimir
  • Julie Mehne Sabourin
  • Ethan and Miho Segal
  • Sigel Family
  • Susan and Joel Slovin
  • Stacey & Michael Smalley
  • Mitchell Stern and Toni Gershon-Stern
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Beth and Howard Swartz
  • Ben & Marisa Tuttman
  • Shirlei and Scott Udell
  • Dana Warshauer
  • Jess and Efraim Yudewitz
  • Adelle and Norm Zimbel
  • Amanda Zimmerman
  • Matthew Zizmor
Friends of Camp Tevya

Camp Tevya

  • Karen Acrish
  • Robyn Adelkopf
  • Ellen and Philip Ades
  • Stephen Ades
  • Arielle and Andy Ades
  • Jennifer Adler
  • Bruce Alpert
  • Peter Alpert and Rebecca Drill
  • Allisa and Jon Alpert
  • Amazon Smile
  • The Amellas
  • Sandy and Neil Aronson
  • Marcia Baker
  • Sheri and Carl Barnett
  • David Baron and Pamela Mann
  • Elina and David Baskin
  • Mollie and Jon Becker
  • The Beetham Family
  • Alan Bell
  • Jonathan L Bello
  • Jillian Benson
  • The Berger Family
  • Berman Family
  • Stephen Bernacki
  • Matthew Berry
  • Julie and Jeff Blasbalg
  • Jeremy Blasbalg
  • Rita and Steve Blasbalg
  • Patty and Evan Bleicher
  • Blocker Family
  • Murray Blyn
  • B'nai B'rith
  • Borne Family
  • Elana Bowers
  • The Brand Family
  • Beverly and Lenny Brand
  • Sasha Brand
  • Kerrie Brayman
  • Ashli Breen
  • Shirley and Martin Bresler
  • Richard Bronen
  • Michael Brown
  • Jill Busny
  • Carol Butler
  • Campbell Family
  • Amy and Harley Carroll
  • Adam Chaikin
  • Chaikin Family
  • Anne Chudnofsky
  • Shira Citron
  • Kim and David Cohen
  • Maggie Cohen
  • Marianne (Seidman) Cohen
  • Lauren and Joshua Cohen
  • Dana and Jordan Cohne
  • Stefani and Ariel Cuschnir
  • Elaine Darman
  • Michael Darviche
  • Jane Darviche
  • Davidow and Katz Family
  • DePasse Family
  • Scott Desatnick
  • Aaron & Hilary Dommu
  • Judith and Leon Drachman
  • Edward Drachman
  • David Dronsick
  • Marjorie Druker and Paul Brophy
  • Paula Eiblum
  • Lynne and Steven Eisenstein
  • Epstein Family
  • Lori Erlich
  • Karen and Eric Fass
  • Bonnie Feldman
  • Robert Fiero
  • Adrienne and Neal Fishman
  • Susan Flint
  • Florence Family
  • Sheryl Fohlin
  • Susan Foster and Bruce Horwitz
  • Alan Friedberg
  • Melissa and Ross Friedberg
  • Margy and Joel Friedman
  • Deborah Frisch
  • Steve Fritz & Family
  • Meredith Gardner
  • Sheri and Rob Garf
  • Jane and Eric Garshick
  • Carri (Abramowitz) Gaudion
  • Debra and Robert Gelles
  • Ruby Gelles from Bubbe
  • Andrew and Jessica Gelles
  • Gersh Family
  • Sophie (Levine) Gershberg
  • Carol Gill
  • The Gillette Family
  • Becky and James Gilligan
  • Carrie Gilman
  • Bonnie and Bruce Gilman
  • Dana Ginestet
  • Rachel Gingold
  • Hilary Ginsberg
  • Jennifer Heymann Ginsberg
  • Andrew Gladstein
  • Barry Glassman
  • Matt Glassman
  • Rachel Glazer and Michael Gustat
  • Leslie Glenn
  • Jonathan Goldberg and Family
  • Betty and Jerry Goldberg
  • Goldman Family
  • The Gordon Family
  • Lynn and James Grant
  • Ruth and Jim Grasfield
  • The Green/Braman Family
  • Michelle and David Greenberg
  • Meredith and Glenn Greenberg
  • Merritt and Bob Greene
  • Monique and Philip Greenspan
  • Terri Train Greenspan and Alan Greenspan Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
  • Lauren and Jeff Greenstein
  • Barry Greenstein
  • Meredith Greisman
  • Barbara Wallace Grossman
  • Robin I Grossman
  • Grozalsky Family
  • GW&K Investments
  • Marci Handverger
  • Ava Altman Harder
  • Jonathan Heimberg
  • Nancy Helfman
  • Max Heppner
  • Hill Family
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Holzman
  • Iodice Family
  • Jeff Israel
  • Betty Hannah Jaros
  • Faye and Paul Jeser
  • Nina and Adam Kantrowitz
  • Margie Kaplan
  • Richard Kaplan
  • The Katz Family
  • Audrey and Scott Kaufman
  • Kawadler Family
  • Josh Keimach
  • Steve Kelton
  • Betsy Kirschbaum
  • Rachel Grossman Koplow
  • Jon Kotlier
  • Jody Kraft
  • Dana and Joel Kramer
  • Allison and Glenn Kramer
  • Danielle and Brian Kramer
  • Jill Kraus Pressman
  • Ruth Kaplan and Toby Kusmer
  • Lapp Family
  • Susan Lebeaux and Irving Gornstein
  • Ron Lederman
  • Samantha Leger
  • Erinn and Paul Lesser
  • Josh Levine
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Family of Jesse Lichtenstein
  • Lieberman Family
  • The Lightman Family
  • Deanne and Barry Lipsius
  • Alyse and Matthew Livingston
  • Alison Lubin
  • Judy and Michael Luskin
  • Meredith Kaplan Lutsky
  • Lisa and Jeff Manheim
  • Ben Marchette
  • Ann Marchette
  • Nancy and Scott Marcus
  • Jamie Marcus and Adina Kurzman
  • Dina and Samuel Markind
  • Mathewson Family
  • Sue and Thomas McCoy
  • Jodie and Tim McInerney
  • Kim (Lovins) Miles
  • Jessica Miller
  • Laura Miller
  • Michelle and Andrew Miller
  • David Milner
  • Michelle Molan
  • Nagel Family
  • Nancy Nathanson
  • Missy Needle
  • Michael Oelbaum
  • Einat and Matt Ogden
  • Cathy and Chris OKeefe
  • Raph & Kim Osnoss
  • Judi and Joel Pava
  • Corey and David Penn
  • Mollie (Warshaw) Perlin
  • Martha Plotkin
  • Ina and John Portnoy
  • Margo and Ben Portnoy
  • Amy and Bob Powell
  • Ariel and Adam Price and Family
  • Jared Prushansky
  • Raider Family
  • Judi and Murray Rapaport
  • Bill and Marcia Reinstein
  • Ben Resnick
  • Susan and Jeff Richard
  • The Brett and Maryn Robinson Family
  • Ira Rogers
  • Karen and Mark Rogol
  • Patty and Elliot Rosenfield
  • Bert Rosengarten
  • Jessica Rosenthal
  • Wendy Rubin
  • Hope Rubin and Robert Newman
  • Jake Rubin
  • Robert Salsberg
  • Rachel and Jeff Sarasohn
  • Mark and Lisa Schneider
  • Julie Sloane Schnur
  • Larry Schoen
  • Fran and Irving Schulman
  • Leah Z Schwartz
  • Janet Perlmutter Schwartz
  • Gayle and Jay Seletz
  • Peter Seresky
  • Alex Shapero
  • Carl and Sue Shapiro
  • Shelley and Howard Shapiro
  • Rebecca and Ira Shaw
  • Debra and Mark Shear
  • Debbie and Allen Sheldon
  • Amy and David Shore
  • Cindy and Steven Siagel
  • Felisse and Eric Sigurdson
  • Ellen and Joel Silberman
  • Silk Family
  • Silver Family
  • Lori and Sam Singal
  • Kayla Sirkin
  • Stacey and Michael Smalley
  • Leah and Zack Smith
  • The Sokol Family
  • Solomon Family
  • Barbara and Eliot Spack
  • Scott M Sparr
  • Daniel Speicher
  • Speicher Family
  • Laurie Speicher
  • Dana Spigelman
  • Aimee Zaiger Sprung
  • Starkman Family
  • Amy Staub B89
  • The Stein Family
  • April Stein and Claire Nelson
  • Lauren Steinberg
  • Ann Steinberg
  • Daniel Stellar
  • Ilene Stellar
  • Mitchell Stern and Toni Gershon-Stern
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Ilese Stevens
  • The Strauss/Weissman Family
  • Andrea Sussman
  • Monica (Blasbalg) Swain
  • Tavel Family
  • Joanne Silverstein Tedeschi
  • Teres Family
  • Ben Thaler
  • Randi Tillman
  • Barrett Tindell
  • Jeffrey P. Tingle
  • Steven and Allyson Van Dam
  • Nathaniel Waxman
  • Waxman/Taliano Family
  • Pamela and Peter Weil
  • Max and Chana Weiner
  • Mara Saperstein Weissmann
  • The Wener Family
  • Judy and Leonard Wilson
  • Peter A. Winograd
  • Micah Winston
  • Jillian Wiseman
  • Barbara Wolfson and Barbara Fienman
  • Dan and Susan Wulf
  • Joan and Ron Zaiger
  • Fredda and Bob Zaiger
  • Laura and Adam Zaks
  • Jamie and Dan Zinn
  • Ellen and Robert Zirin
  • Steven Zola
  • Deborah Zuckerman and Lance Goldberg
Friends of the Cohen Camps

Cohen Camps logo

Gifts to “The Cohen Camps” are allocated among all three camps.

  • Susan Malman Altman
  • Elizabeth and Hillel Chiel
  • Lynne and Bob Delise
  • Wendy Faberman
  • Ilana Goddess
  • Heims Family
  • Sandy and Jack Jagher
  • Juliet and Avery Jagher
  • Jane Kamer
  • The Klein Family
  • Betty and Larry Lapide
  • Sue and Marc Laufer
  • Lois Lerner
  • The Paller Family
  • Marilyn Safian and Stephen Blesofski
  • Shari Sarnevitz
  • Laurie and Robert Shea
  • Normy Spack
  • Judith Spitz
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Jo-Ann Suna
  • Alan Teperow
  • Susan (Aronoff) + Kenneth Wolkon
  • Sarah Ziegler

Todah rabah

(Thank you very much)

for building inner strength in campers and teens, for your dedication to Jewish camping, and for your love of these special places.

With gratitude from your year-round team,



Barbara Stevens



Becca + Amy

Tel Noar leadership team of three people

Danny, Aaron, + Samantha

Lauren + Ben

Mindee headshot


Stacey headshot


and the Staff and Board of Directors of The Cohen Camps

Please consider a

year-end gift


Choose your camp:

For Pembroke: Tax ID 04-6003680

For Tel Noar or Tevya: Tax ID 04-6152862

such as by check, with stock, or in your will

Questions? Please reach out!

Barbara Stevens

Development Director


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85th Celebration
Friday-Saturday, June 21-22, 2024
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Pembroke Reunion + 90th Celebration
Friday-Saturday, June 21-22, 2024
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Tel Noar
Alumni Shabbat
Saturday, June 22, 2024

Nearly 30 years later...

I can close my eyes and transport myself back to camp: the scent of the lake and pine needles, the sounds of play, the peace, the love of friends and community. That feeling keeps me going. There is truly nothing like it."

A Prayer for Peace

Many in our vast camp community live or have family and friends in Israel, including Shlichim (Israeli counselors), staff, campers, and alumni. We pray for everyone’s safety as we welcome back hostages, hope for more safe returns, and grieve for lives lost. We aspire to a future of peace.

You can help in Israel and at home as part of the Cohen Camps family:

Women's Journey to Israel

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