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Here’s the place to sustain camp spirit, connect with other alumni near and far, and invest in the future of Jewish camping.


As alumni, you are the forefront of a powerful force in American Jewish life. Research shows that attending a Jewish camp is one of the most engaging and surefire ways to nurture lifelong Jewish connection. The Cohen Camps — Camps Pembroke, Tevya and Tel Noar — are all committed to opening eyes, minds, hearts and doors to love of Jewish community for everyone in our Cohen Camps family. And that includes you. Always.

The Cohen Camps are over 80 years old — and yet still growing every day. Rediscover the culture and professionalism of our leadership, the depth and quality of our programming and facilities, the camper experience that remains true to our legacy while becoming even better every year. Reconnect with your camp friends. Renew your camp spirit, and help champion Jewish camping for new generations.

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