Camp Pembroke | Week 1 | All Unpacked



You make lists, check them twice, pack the duffels up…check those twice, and still, you likely dropped your camper off on Wednesday with a bit of uncertainty about whether you sent them with everything they needed. We want you to know, and hold confidently in your heart, that you have sent your child to camp with everything they need to have an incredible camp experience. In just two days we’ve seen the curiosity you’ve created in them, the resilience you’ve built and the kindness you have fostered in them. They’ve found new friends, reconnected with the kids they’ve known for eight years, and gotten right back in step with the tempo of life at Pembroke.


Leah packed her courage and showed us all how brave she could be overcoming her fear of the lake, with the biggest smile on her face. She trusted the staff who talked her through discomfort and watched the excitement as she experienced her first camp success.

Our 8th graders came to camp with kindness, counting down the minutes until they find out who their first little sisters will be. (Stay tuned for Sunday!)

Stella came to camp with persistence, who after not being able to find her pillow, proclaimed to us “I just thought I wasn’t looking hard enough and wanted to find it on my own.”

Counselor Anna and Ella showed the joy that exists in them when they forgot to wear bathing suits to the Pool but jumped in anyway to cool off and spend some quality time together. 



Lia was sent to camp with self advocacy, and a sense of humor with no hesitation to ask for pub cheese to be added to the menu rotation. Spoiler alert: there will be a pub cheese party in Bunk 4’s future!

One of our youngest campers showed us that inclusion knows no age as she shared with some of our oldest campers how important inclusion is to her during Brokie 101 class. 

Our first group of Tsfat and Y’Rush campers in the Sampler Platter elective demonstrated the creativity that exists within them as they collaborated as a group to build a fun and meaningful list of activities for their upcoming classes.

Camp is a safe, supportive, gentle place to unpack from a year that has been so challenging for so many in our camp community. Having the space, time and people to help us do it, makes unpacking a joyous activity rather than just a necessary chore. Our goal as Directors, and as the bonus parent to your kids, is to help make sure they go home with everything they came with as well as everything they’ve collected here. Countless adventures, new skills, new favorite foods, and new favorite people. Camp helps kids organize their strengths, add to their collection and share them with others. Campers go home with art projects, stories, and a duffel bag bursting at the seams, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s inside! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Amy + Becca

Camp Pembroke | Week 1 | All Unpacked

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