Camp Pembroke | Week 2 | A Letter to Our Campers



Dear Campers,


Can you believe it? We are already at our second Shabbat. Time is passing so quickly and you are growing with each minute and moment here at camp. You’ve made new friends, learned to navigate living in a new place, sleeping in a new bed and have turned those new people sleeping next to you into family. You have overcome challenges and moments of uncertainty with grace and composure, and maybe a few tears, but we are so proud of the strength you have shown, even during hard moments. We learn so much from you about resilience and perseverance, thank you.

You’re growing from the inside out. Stretching your imagination at Arts & Crafts, learning to use your voice during Drama electives, celebrating your victories with each bullseye and mastered swim stroke. We are so proud of the way you conquered your nerves and performed during MTV Night, the hustle you showed running all around camp to meet your new Big Sister and the huge smile you greeted your Little with. You made our youngest campers feel safe, and loved within just a few minutes of meeting you!


We love the gratitude you showed your counselors when they planned such a special Bunk Night for you and the intensity and excitement you brought to Minute to Win It – the joy on all of your faces was the best validation of what makes camp so special. Trying something new can remind all of us that tradition is important but so is being open-minded…All-Camp Flag Tag helped us practice that. You sprinted, hid, strategized and laughed as you bobbed and weaved around camp, in your coordinated team uniforms, to capture the flags. It was so much fun to watch! 

July 4th looked like a blast! You enjoyed some quality time with your bunks…and some quality sleep with a late wake up and Omelet Bar. Your curiosity and kindness to the Senior Staff who prepared your made-to-order omelet was so appreciated – we loved having time to check in with each of you. You are so loved here, and having even just a few minutes to catch up meant the world to us! 


The day was a blast, filled with sweet treats, spirit, inflatables and water slides, but last night’s activity, Messtival, continues to be one of our favorites of the summer. Watching you all jump into the mess is about so much more than just slinging slime, laying in a pool of jello or sliding through shaving cream. 

Beneath that layer of paint on your face is absolute and complete joy. A newfound, or renewed, willingness to step out of your crocs and comfort zone and into a space to just be a kid. It is exactly why we do what we do. Beneath the craziness of the night is the kindness and consent you all lead with. The Messtival motto is “open hearts, closed mouths” and while some of you learned the closed mouth lesson (everything we use is non-toxic, and rinsed immediately, don’t worry!), holding back your smile is sometimes truly impossible. 

Our wish for you is that, as you continue through camp and life and all the amazingness you have to look forward to, you don’t ever have to hold back that smile. Our wish for you is that you always feel joy and a connection to camp and your camp friends. Our wish for you is that you always feel the same contentment that you find swinging arm in arm at the Pine Grove on Shabbat and the same laughter that we hear each night permeating the bunk area. Our wish is that you love it here and that you always know you belong at Camp Pembroke. Enjoy every moment, soak it all in and don’t forget to write us back and get in pics when you see the camp photographer!

We love you!

Shabbat Shalom,

Amy + Becca

Camp Pembroke | Week 2 | A Letter to Our Campers

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