Camp Tevya | Summer 2024 | Week 2



Dear Tevya families,

It’s hard to believe we are already on our Week 2 newsletter.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.  It’s been amazing to walk around camp and witness the boundless energy and endless opportunities for our campers to learn, grow, and create lifelong memories.

Last week, we watched campers reconnect with old friends and spark relationships with new friends. We also watched skills sharpen and develop in activities like woodworking and sailing. From arts and crafts to nature hikes to games of kickball and pickleball, our campers have been enthusiastically embracing every moment of their summer journey.  Camp is also a place to practice so many important life skills from independence to self-advocacy to conflict resolution and resilience.  Watching campers grow in this way is already extremely rewarding, and we’re only on week 2! We hope by now you’ve received some great letters from your campers detailing all the fun activities they’ve been participating in.

Value of the Week

The value of this past week, which was introduced last Friday at Shabbat, was Integrity. Campers and counselors were asked to keep their eyes open throughout the week and nominate people around camp who were demonstrating the value of Integrity. Counselors read the nomination sheets aloud with their bunks during Shabbat Prep and rewarded individuals or groups with a bracelet that states the week’s value in English and Hebrew. There was so much Integrity shown throughout camp this past week, from picking up trash around camp without being asked to staying quiet during announcements in the dining hall even when others are talking.

Camp Activities

On Saturday, our Yavneh campers received their Big Brothers, and on Monday night our Dalia campers received their Big Sisters. We love this tradition! Our youngest campers get to build special relationships with our oldest campers, and our oldest campers truly get to demonstrate the power of being a positive role model. Seeing the Bigs and Littles hanging out around camp during Free Play is so heartwarming.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing lots of pictures of our Bigs and Littles. On Saturday night, we had MTV Night as our first all camp evening activity. Campers had a blast learning their routines and performing them for all of camp. There were lots of noteworthy performances.  We especially love watching campers step outside of their comfort zones on stage in front of our entire community.  

This week also marked the crowning of our Tel Chai Queen, Birya King, Yavneh Princess, and Dalia Prince. Congrats to Queen Jill Rubin, King Sam Bromiley. Princess Rebecca Hoffstein, and Prince Ben Sharon! Royalty is a longstanding camp tradition dating back to 1960/1961 where the oldest campers choose a King or a Queen, and the youngest campers choose a Prince or a Princess. They are revealed to the whole camp in a fun ceremony in the dining hall. These royalty are staff members who are chosen by the campers as individuals who would be fun to hang out with and get to know more. They will have some special time built into their schedules for King/Queen/Prince/Princess time.

Today we hosted our first Game Day of the summer. Game Days are always spirited competitions where the most important part is competing with sportsmanship and having fun with your friends and teammates.  This week, we competed against Camp Young Judea as Tevya hosted Ole Newcomb and Tsof-Bog Archery, and Bog Softball. Camp Young Judea hosted Tsof Soccer and Bog Volleyball. We came away victorious on almost every match up! While it’s not about winning, it was certainly a great way to start the summer.

Evening Activities this week included…

  • Yavneh & Dalia: Dutch Auction, Water games, Duck Tape Boats with their Bigs, Four-Square Tournament
  • Middle & Older Oles: Dutch Auction, Cupcake Wars, Four-Square Tournament, Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Tsofs: Minute to Win It, Bonfire, Mashugana Games, Four-Square Tournament
  • Bogs: Talent Show, Manhunt, Movie Night, Four-Square Tournament Prep, Four-Square Tournament

Upcoming Events

Next week we will have our first trip days of the session.  These trips are always a big hit with our campers and staff, and we look forward to sharing more about them in next week’s newsletter.  

Shabbat Shalom,

Lauren + Elissa

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