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CTN Week 2 2024: CTN Spirit in the Air

Shabbat Shalom from Sunset Lake! I hope this message finds you well. As we head into Shabbat following our first full week of camp, I wanted to share a little about the amazing week we’ve had and some of its highlights. As mentioned in our email a few days ago, this week’s focus has been […]

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Group of young men stand with arms around each other

Tel Noar | Week 1: All Smiles as We Jump Into Summer 2023

Summer 2023 has officially begun at Camp Tel Noar and the town of Hampstead has a renewed buzz about it. We kicked off the week Wednesday, dodging the rain during drop-off, only to find ourselves enjoying an afternoon of liquid sunshine while we unpacked, caught up with old friends, and introduced ourselves to new ones. […]

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Tel Noar campers walk through the Shabbat gateway

Stay Golden CTN, and Shabbat Shalom

There is so much about camp that sticks with a person throughout the year and throughout their lives. Shabbat at camp is a time of reflection, community and spending time with friends in a slower-paced setting…nothing compares! We invited counselors from the past to write to camp about what camp means to them, and what […]

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Two boys smiling

Nice is the Norm at Camp Tel Noar

We love asking current and past staff members about their experiences at camp to gain some insight and perspective on what makes Tel Noar so beloved. They tell amazing stories of lifelong friendships, memories about gamedays and Color War, and fun anecdotes about living in chugs (our connected-style bunks) and being a part of a […]

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Women's Journey to Israel

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