CTN Week 2 2024: CTN Spirit in the Air


Shabbat Shalom from Sunset Lake!

I hope this message finds you well. As we head into Shabbat following our first full week of camp, I wanted to share a little about the amazing week we’ve had and some of its highlights.

As mentioned in our email a few days ago, this week’s focus has been on Kehillah – Community. The CTN community feels stronger than ever this summer. Whether it’s through teamwork during activities, or simply enjoying meals together, the sense of togetherness among campers and staff has been inspiring.

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We’ve had some really exciting moments this past week, including our evening trip to Roller Kingdom, where everyone had a fantastic time skating, playing laser tag, and eating pizza.

Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July with a whole day filled with patriotic spirit, from ‘USA’-themed pancakes at breakfast to an entire red-white-and-blue cupcake display at lunch. Campers spent the afternoon enjoying our carnival, which included water slides, cotton candy, painting murals, and even a dunk tank (I’m still drying off from being dunked by half of camp).

We ended the day with our own fireworks show right over Sunset Lake. It was truly a moment to remember.

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While the 4th was amazing, and trip day was a blast – my favorite moments this week have been the moments when camp has finally fallen into routine. Campers and staff are bonding and playing everywhere I look. It looks and sounds and feels like camp again and I love watching that transition each year. You can even see our new campers and staff are already feeling more comfortable. It’s really special to watch this place become someone’s new home away from home.

Looking ahead, we have a lot more planned and we’re eagerly anticipating the weeks to come. Shabbat services in our newly renovated chapel feel like an entirely different experience, maintaining the essence and history of the space that we all love while giving space for new traditions to emerge. Last night, during our ‘Spirit Night’, several counselors remarked how they “haven’t seen this much spirit” since they were campers nearly a decade ago. There’s something special in the air this summer at Tel Noar.

There’s plenty of fun and learning ahead! We can’t wait to continue this journey with your campers, and look forward to telling you about our next week of adventures.

Shabbat Shalom,


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