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Each week the Cohen Camps Kadima Teen Leadership curriculum—our redesigned CIT program which develops future Jewish community leaders—explores 21st Century leadership themes, e.g. accountability, responsibility, resourcefulness, planning, decision-making, teamwork, and communication, AND social emotional learning themes, e.g. self awareness, social awareness, decision-making, and relationship building., ALONG WITH camper care skills, from the importance of providing routines and learning about developmental ages + stages to learning how to craft a bunk night and teach beadwork or Jewish values or pickleball strategies – you catch my drift – everything that makes the magic at camp!

Teens in a circle look down on the camera from above
Our Kadima CITs arrived before the start of camp full of wonder and excitement, and that energy has continued to grow through the weeks. It was absolutely exhilarating to walk through all three camps watching our teens help prepare camp, begin their leadership and camper care training, and share and discuss impactful moments for them at camp.

They discussed Growth and Benefit Mindset from the camp and out-of-camp bubble lenses. They began their journey looking from within their own leadership qualities and recalled the qualities of their best counselors. Their friendships continue to deepen as they build respect for one another in this new role at camp and as they have begun their journey in earnest.

Teens in rock climbing gear
Teen with campers at Arts + Crafts
Kadima means “Let’s go!” And our Kadima teens are doing just that, embracing the “Let’s go!” attitude. They wear their Kadima CA/CIT shirts with pride and with genuine enthusiasm in their new role in camp.
Starting on Opening Day, our Kadima groups have been focusing on strategies and routines to help campers find their way around camp in a successful, productive, positive, joyful, and as always, safe way.

From the lens of physical, social, and emotional developmental ages + stages of children, they are understanding how and why campers act certain ways, and they are beginning to learn tools to assist in the bunk and departments through this lens. They have been taking active roles, engaging with campers and staff, in the bunks, in departments, and all around camp.

Resourcefulness and self-advocacy skills are encouraged as they experience ‘peeling back the curtain’ in their role. In the daily period of Camp Life and Leadership (CLL), the CITs discuss these concepts as they relate to life inside and outside of camp.

Teens stretching with campers
When a CIT approaches and says that they experienced a moment with a camper in which they were able to practice what they had learned in their Camp Life and Leadership workshop, AND genuinely say that the strategies they learned and used were impactful for their campers, you know it means so much to them to be able to have that type of impact. And oh yes, it makes our Kadima Team smile from ear to ear.

Speaking of our Kadima Teams – huge kudos as well to our Kadima Leaders and Coordinators who made the Kadima Orientation a most meaningful and full of heart experience for our CITs. The Kadima way!

Shabbat Shalom,


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