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Each summer we are fortunate to have so many dedicated professionals working together to create the magic of camp. From Head Counselors to Department Heads to Office Staff to the Health Center and more, we are grateful to everyone who makes camp run smoothly while supporting campers, teens, and counselors. While we welcome new people to our team each year, we are thrilled to have so many familiar faces returning summer after summer.  We are excited to introduce to our talented Leadership Team for the 2023 camp season.

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Dan Wulf: Assistant Director-Operations This is my 30th summer at camp, and my favorite activity is Shira — classes, Friday night, Saturday… any time the camp is singing together.  When not a camp, I reside in Framingham, Massachusetts and am the Math Curriculum Coordinator for Grades 8-12 in Watertown, Massachusetts, as well as the Chorus teacher.


Debbie Dylan

Debbie Dylan: Program Director This is my fifth summer as the Program Director at Camp Tevya. I love getting to experience the magic of camp through the eyes of each camper every summer! During the off season I am first and foremost a mom to two teenage boys. In my spare time I do consulting for non-profits. I live in West Hartford, Connecticut.


Kim Hilton: Assistant Program Director This summer I will be the new Assistant Program Director. Although this is my first summer at Camp Tevya, this is going to be my 13th year working at a camp and my 5th year working in a leadership role.  I currently live in Nashua, New Hampshire and I work as a special education math teacher for high school students in Hudson, Massachusetts during the school year. My favorite part about camp is the community and sense of belonging that is built over the course of the summer and I’m excited to be a part of that Tevya family with you all this year.

Rachael Kaplan

Rachael Kaplan: MESH (Mental, Emotional + Social Health) Coordinator This is my second year working at Tevya.  I love how coming to camp feels like coming home (even though I hadn’t been to a Cohen camp since 1995!) During the school year I am a school adjustment counselor at the Newton Public Schools. I live in Needham, Massachusetts.


Michelle Wilen:  Office Manager This is my 4th summer at camp as the office manager.In the off season, you will find me in the Cohen Camps office as Tevya’s registrar. My two favorite parts of working at camp are seeing the joy that camp provides and working with an amazing team! I live in Ashland, Massachusetts.


Margo Portnoy: Hospitality Coordinator This will be my second year as the hospitality coordinator.  This is my 17th summer at camp. I have been a camper, CIT, assistant program director, program director, Olot Girls Head Counselor, and most recently the hospitality coordinator. During the year, I am a kindergarten teacher at Tenacre Day School in Wellesley, MA. I am also married to the director and we have a son Brenner, who will be the littlest camper at camp this summer.  Looking forward to a great summer! 


Adina Kurzman: Olot Head Counselor This is my second summer as Olot Head Counselor and my 13th summer at Tevya. I am so excited to be back this summer to help spread the magic of camp to all the campers. I love watching their independence grow, friendships form, and lifelong memories being made. 

In the off season I live in Framingham, Massachusetts with my husband, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. I work as a preschool teacher which gives me the flexibility to be at camp for the summer.  I look forward to another wonderful summer at Tevya and can’t wait to finally be back on the shores of Potanipo. 


Antonia Rocchio: Tsofot Head Counselor I am excited to be back at Tevya after a bit of a break from camp. I am a Tevya alum who worked as a counselor for three years and this will be my first year on Senior Staff. During the year, I live in New York where I work as a middle school science teacher.


Jamie Marcus: Bogrot Head Counselor This will be my 17th summer at camp! Growing up, I spent my summers on the shores of Lake Potanipo. I was a camper, C.I.T. , and counselor.  Returning to my summer home as an adult has confirmed what I’ve known all along: camp friends really do make the best friends! While I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my job, creating meaningful relationships with campers and counselors is my favorite.  During the year I am a special education teacher in Westborough and live in Needham. Camp is a special place.  I’m excited to see the magic that Summer 2023 has in store!


Kevin Fisher: Olim Head Counselor (first session) I am thrilled to join the 2023 Tevya team in my favorite position — Head Counselor! Having made the rounds in the Cohen Camps over the past few years, I served in various camper care and programming roles all focused on the camper experience. I live and work on the NH seacoast and am currently the music director in the Exeter Cooperative School District. I enjoy running, playing tennis and pickleball, attending live theatre and Boston Red Sox games, and eating! 


Callum Whalley: Olim Head Counselor (second session) I have been working at Tevya since 2018. I started off as a Tel Chai counselor and then moved into a Kadima leadership role. Last summer at Tevya, I was the Tsofim Head Counselor and this summer I am super excited to take on the role of Olim Head Counselor. My favorite part about camp is working with such an inspirational, dedicated team of people who give their heart and soul for the campers. I love spending time with my campers, counselors and staff and hearing of how camp has made a special impact on their lives. In the off season, I am a class teacher in an elementary school. I teach 10 and 11 year olds in all subjects at school. When not in school, I love to spend time walking along the coast, catching up with friends and going on holidays. I live in Wales which is a country within the UK. Wales is over 3,132 miles away from camp but it feels like home as soon as I step foot off the plane. No matter how far away you live, camp always brings people together. 


Sloan Silberman: Tsofim Head Counselor This will be my 17th summer at camp, and first as the Tsofim Head Counselor. In 2021 I worked at camp as the Head of Nature. When I’m not at camp I work as a Field Guide for a Wilderness Therapy program in Utah, where I live.


Ben Aronson: Bogrim Head Counselor This will be my 26th summer at Camp Tevya.  When not at camp, I live in Waltham, MA.  In my professional life I am a certified school psychologist and licensed mental health counselor.  I currently work providing care to children and adolescents in acute crisis.  When not working I am an avid hockey fan, and love spending time outdoors.  I am looking forward to an incredible summer of leadership development, community building, and lots of laughter.


Hanna Dudzik: Head of Nature This will be my first season with Camp Tevya and I am so excited! I’m looking forward to instilling a love and enthusiasm for this amazing world around us in the campers and helping them have the best summer of their lives yet! When I’m not working at camp you can find me roaming the wetlands of Michigan and cuddling with my guinea pigs 🙂


Nadav Grunberg: Head of Arts & Crafts I am from the UK but am originally Israeli. I have been working at Tevya since 2019. My favorite thing about camp is Arts and Crafts (of course 🙂 and Shabbat (especially Friday nights). And of course, gazing at the sunset over Potanipo. This year I’ve been finishing up my Design Engineering Masters at Imperial College London and I’m hoping to go back after the summer for a PhD and to work on my startup. I can’t wait to get to camp!


Hannah Gundersheim: Head of Jewish Life & Learning This summer will be my 3rd as Head of Jewish Life, my 5th on staff, and my 11th at Tevya! My favorite parts about working at camp are getting to lead so many people in song every day, building relationships with campers and staff, and the beautiful Potanipo sunsets. In the offseason, I live in New York City, and am the Education Coordinator at Tkiya Music – a nonprofit organization that provides joyful Jewish participatory music experiences for organizations and communities in New York, as well as in several other cities across the country. I am so fortunate to be a professional song leader and Jewish educator of both students and other teachers year round!

Arielle Welch

Arielle Welch: Head of the Waterfront I have spent many years at camp, starting with 7 years as a camper, 1 year as a CIT, and 18 years on staff, for a total of 26 summers! My favorite part about camp is that it awakens my soul and I seek to share that light with others! I am a New Hampshire Jew! Camp Tevya helped shape my Jewish identity as a child, and Yoga brought me back to it as an adult. In the offseason, I teach yoga, Hebrew School, swimming & coach alpine ski racing when I’m not cheering for my kids in their myriad of activities!


Jon Fass: Head of Land Sports This will be my 14th summer at Camp.  I attended camp as a camper and a counselor for 11 years (1991-2001), and I am returning to Camp as the Head of Land Sports for my 3rd summer.  My favorite part of Camp is the community piece – in that campers, counselors and Leadership Staff have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships and grow together and as a group.  In the off season I live in Easton, Massachusetts and I work as a school guidance/adjustment counselor for the East Bridgewater Public Schools.  In addition, I run a small business known as FassForward Coaching where I work as an executive function coach.  I act as a travel basketball coach for both of my sons’ teams, and act as President of Easton Youth Basketball.  


Anna Waiter: Head of Performing Arts I am so excited to return to Camp Tevya for my third summer as the Head of Performing Arts! I’m from New York, where by day I’m the Acting Director of MyGym West 79th Street, and by night I’m a playwright and a screenwriter. My favorite parts of Tevya (because I can’t choose just one) are Potanipo sunsets, Shabbat, and sharing my love of music, dance, and theatre with campers of all ages!

We understand that the health and well-being of your child are of utmost importance to you, and we share that sentiment wholeheartedly. Our dedicated and highly trained team of medical professionals is here to ensure that your child receives the best possible care throughout their stay at camp. With a deep commitment to their safety and well-being, our compassionate staff is ready to address any health concerns, provide necessary medical attention, and offer support whenever needed. We are excited to introduce you to our 2023 Health Center team!


Joyce Coleman I’m from Charleston, SC, grew up in NY then headed back to Charleston for school. I am the 3rd child of 6 girls and 2 adopted brothers, who made my parents proud by joining the military. So my thought was, if my brothers could do it, so could I, and I did! I come to camp with a lot of military medical training in the woods. I have a compact license for the states of Georgia and South Carolina and I have been a school nurse for grades k-8 for this past school year. My down time is spent reading, sewing or just being quiet. I am excited to be a part of camp this season!

michele camp picture

Michele Garazi  I am excited to be back at Camp Tevya’s Health Center again this summer. I am originally from Switzerland, and now live in Rhode Island with my husband and 2 children. During the year, I am a doctor working at the hospital taking care of adult hospitalized patients, and doing administrative work. My specialties are internal medicine and infectious diseases. When summer comes, I put on a new hat and become a summer camp doctor. This will be my second summer working at camp. Prior to that, I worked for one summer at Camp Yavneh, also in New Hampshire. During my free time, I like to spend time with my kids, and practicing my favorite sport–rowing. I am looking forward for a fabulous summer working at camp, taking care of the campers, and helping keep everyone healthy. 


Tammy Owen am from Tallahassee, Florida.  I moved away for approximately 10 years, but always remained in the state of Florida that I love.  I have been a nurse for almost 8 years.   I have a son and a daughter who are grown, as well as a granddaughter and grandson.  I am very blessed to have my mother just down the road from me and I have family members living nearby.  Family is very important to me and I am blessed to have a large family.  In my spare time I love being outside.  I love the beach, horseback riding, hiking, and doing some occasion travel with some of my friends.  I spend quite a bit of time with my mother getting pedicures, and sometimes just running errands together.  She is excited for me to get to experience the summer camp and see some new places.

Whitney Bragg am from Florida and have worked as a traveling nurse in Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Virginia, and most recently, Vermont.

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