Tel Noar | Week 1: All Smiles as We Jump Into Summer 2023



Summer 2023 has officially begun at Camp Tel Noar and the town of Hampstead has a renewed buzz about it. We kicked off the week Wednesday, dodging the rain during drop-off, only to find ourselves enjoying an afternoon of liquid sunshine while we unpacked, caught up with old friends, and introduced ourselves to new ones. Grilled cheese lunch followed by everyone’s favorite, a dining hall dance party, was just what we needed before heading back to the bunks to finish settling in.

Once the beds were made and the shoe bags were successfully hung, focus turned to planning for Mtv Night and creating Bunk Brits (covenants) with each other while the rain continued to fall. Post dinner evening activity, Meet the Departments, had campers cheering for their new counselors and old favorites while each department introduced themselves with a funny skit or routine.

The next 2 days of camp fun in the sun were filled with smiling faces, laughter, cheers, and familiar hugs with friends reunited, while we introduced our new camp friends to the place we all love. From the ropes course to A&C, and everywhere in between, campers jumped right into each activity becoming familiar again with some of their favorites and trying new ones. Evening activities by unit offered a little something for everyone. Game shows, campfires, cooking challenges, sports competitions, and pool parties with our bunks allowed us to spend some more time together before meeting as a camp community to officially usher in Summer 2023 (under a dry evening sky) with the annual burning of the year on the beach.

Tonight, as we welcome our first Shabbat as a 2023 camp family, we are quickly settling into our home away from home, ready to throw our arms around each other while we sway to the sounds of a camp Shabbat in the chapel. Our Shabbat guest Spike Kraus has made his first summer appearance and is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces while we belt out the words to Mitzvat Haborei and enjoy our favorite CTN traditions.

Tomorrow, we continue the Shabbat experience with oneg activities centered around the value of the week, Family, and time to cool off from the hot summer sun with a swim at the pool. As the evening sets on Shabbat, we will welcome the new camp week with our annual Mtv Night performances. Stay tuned for what’s coming next…

photo girsl
CTN Boys Sailing

Shabbat Shalom from Sunset Lake!


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