Fundraise for Camp

Use your own commitment to camp to inspire others.

Partner with your camp to raise money and strengthen the power of what Jewish camp does for campers.

Your birthday. Bar/bat mitzvah. Graduation. Wedding. Anniversary. Retirement. On special occasions or just any day, you can make important moments even more meaningful while increasing access to scholarship funds ( which help 1 in 4 camp families), enhancing programs, and so much more.

There are so many ways you can invite your friends and family to share in this work:

  • Request donations to your camp in place of gifts
  • Donate a portion of your cash gifts to your camp’s Scholarship Fund

Simply get in touch to register your event. We’ll give you a special, short website address to share around, so your gifts go exactly where you intend. 

To register: Email Barbara Stevens, Development Director, or call her at 781.489.2070.