Giving Tuesday FAQs

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Q. What is Giving Tuesday?

After Thanksgiving Thursday, after Black Friday, after Cyber Monday, comes #GivingTuesday, a global day to celebrate generosity. Last year, more than 10,000 organizations in 46 countries invited donors to join in, and hundreds of thousands did. Now The Cohen Camps invite you to take part in this movement by sharing why you love your camp on December 2. It’s simple: please just say what you love about your camp, and show your love with a donation. Then tell your friends! To learn more visit

Q. I’ve heard that people share an #unselfie on Giving Tuesday. What is an #unselfie?

It’s an unselfish selfie! An #unselfie is a photo you take of yourself that shares why you support a cause or an organization. On December 2, write a message about why you give to camp, hold it up and take a pic, tag it both #unselfie and your camp (@camptelnoar, @camptevya, or @camppembroke), and upload it to your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. As long as you tag us, we’ll see it, and reshare it all day December 2. Look for all of your #unselfie photos in a Facebook album, too! Write your own or choose and print a camp #unselfie at

Q. What is a Super Supporter?

Do you or your kids “live 10 for 2,” waiting all year for those two precious months of camp? Does your camp experience remain a huge part of who you are today? Do you smile when you think about what camp meant to you, or means to your children? Then YOU are your camp’s #GivingTuesday Super Supporter! Would you please post three times to social media with your selfies, reasons for giving, and support for your camp during the 24 hours of Tuesday, December 2? As a Super Supporter, you have the power to make Giving Tuesday AWESOME for your camp.

Q. What’s the giving part?

Giving Tuesday is a national day celebrating generosity and giving during the holiday season. It’s three years old, but this is our first year participating in #GivingTuesday. We need your partnership to continue to shape each camp’s future – for our campers, our alumni, our staff, and our community. Your help can engage specialists, grow programming, improve and add facilities, and ensure scholarship aid. Never donated to camp? No time like #GivingTuesday! Please give $18 (or $180 or $18,000!) and tag/challenge your friends. 

Q: I’m excited to get started! What can I do today to tell my friends about #GivingTuesday?

Here are a few sample posts you can use to get started. Then keep an eye out for an email from us on December 2nd. Remember: tag your friends, and tag your camp!

Twitter: I’m supporting [@camptevya, @camptelnoar, or @camppembroke] for #GivingTuesday because camp means….[fill in the blank]. Who’s with me? Tag your friends.

Facebook and Instagram (include your own #unselfie): Have you heard about #GivingTuesday? I’m participating as a Super Supporter for [name of camp]. Ask me how to get involved and why I love this camp so much!

Q. What should I do on Giving Tuesday itself?

  1. Have fun! Express yourself! Why do you give? Say it with a sign, a video, or an image. Share why you give, and why you <3 camp! Take an #unselfie, post it to social media, tag it with #unselfie along with the @name of your camp, and tag your friends to do the same.  Statistics show that videos and pictures receive a higher view rate, so be sure to include those in some of your posts. Don’t forget SnapChat, Instagram, and Vine videos, either: 6 to 15 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but downloading one of our #GivingTuesday signs will help get your message across!
  2. Donate. Go to and donate the camp of your choice. Thank you for making camp possible for many more campers! YOU are being truly #unselfie, and we are grateful.
  3. Share and share. (Oversharing is allowed!) Share your #unselfies, post an update about why you give, tag your friends to give, share your friends’ #unselfies. You are our Super Supporters, and we are grateful for all of your super support to raise $3,000 for your camp in 24 hours on Giving Tuesday.