Our Teens & Israel Programs

Welcome! Shalom!

As our campers grow up into their teens and beyond, their Cohen Camps experiences grow with them—and expand out into the wider world.

The camper arc culminates in Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation), the Israel program for our oldest campers. Those completing 10th grade join as peers from all three Cohen Camps for an intensive four weeks in Israel, a trip that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating. Returning to camp, DLD teens take on a new role, sharing their Israel exposure with younger campers. Meanwhile, the younger campers relish the weekly Shabbat updates sent in by the Dor L’Dor travelers and the stories they hear upon DLD’s return. This program and its young role models help even our youngest campers discover the deep value in connecting with the historical, religious and cultural aspects of the State of Israel.

The following year, the teens take on an entirely new role in Kadima, the Teen Leadership Program. Fully redesigned for Summer 2020, Kadima offers real-life, hands-on skills in responsibility, decision-making & communication—skills for senior year of high school and even into the working world. Starting this coming summer, Kadima teens will live in their own, dedicated Yurt Village as they apprentice as counselors and explore a range of dedicated, specialized training. 

Later still, in partnership with Onward Israel, we offer Israel internships to our college-age counselors.

Many parents and friends even joined our 2014, 2016 and 2019 Dor L’Dor just-for adults Israel trips! The Cohen Camps are truly committed to individuals’ growth and to lifelong Israel connection.