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“Our universities want us to get an internship, but our hearts push us to go back to camp, or to Israel. What’s incredible: our camp, Camp Pembroke, is allowing us to do it all. As first-ever participants in the Dor L’Dor: College Style program, a partnership between the Cohen Camps and The Jewish Agency’s Onward Israel post-Birthright initiative, we are having a summer filled with amazing experiences to add to our resume. Jewish summer camps around the country have been seeking new initiatives to bring experienced counselors back to camp, and the Dor L’Dor: College Style is the perfect way to do it. We’re truly experiencing the best of everything, and we would recommend it to others in a heartbeat.”
~ From Reinventing Summer for College Students – and Summer Camps,
a blog post on eJewishPhilanthropy by two 2014 participants

Knowledgeable, committed and experienced camp counselors are the cornerstone of any great summer camp experience. Our college-age Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation) graduates have told us they want to return to camp… but they also face increasing job-market pressure to find summer internships which will make them more marketable after college.

In 2014 we introduced Dor L’Dor: College Style: Global work experience, plus deeper engagement with Israel, plus a leadership-level summer job. Yes, you CAN have your camp and your internship, too! Inquire now about joining the 2015 cohort!

Partnering with Onward Israel, the well-regarded program of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), DLD: College Style starts with a 5-week, resume-enhancing internship in Israel tailored for you, our Cohen Camps college-age counselors, graduates of the DLD high-school program. You then return to your camp in time for staff orientation, so you can take on a higher-level, summer-long paid leadership job. Dor L’Dor: College Style helps launch you into your career, expands your network, and keeps you connected.

The Cohen Camps are very excited about this new program: the debut year was tremendous and camps around the country are already watching it as a model. We look forward to continuing to nurture our young people while we deepen their connection to Israel and the Jewish community, a goal embedded in our mission statement, and provide our campers with fantastic, passionate, Israel-experienced counselors.

Read about the background of this program in Jonathan Cohen’s earlier eJewishPhilanthropy post: Creating Internships – and Great Counselors, Too.

Details about the program including how to apply can be found at

Please email Lara Walklet, Director of the Cohen Camps’ Israel leadership programs, for information.