Women’s Israel Trip in April 2018


This spring…in Jerusalem!

Trip dates: April 10-22, 2018

In the words of a 2014 participant

“When the Cohen Camps decided to create an adult trip for parents, my sister Marjorie and I signed up immediately. If you decide to go on this extraordinary adventure, you will see things that will stir your soul. You will gain knowledge and deep understanding. You will also walk away meeting new people that will touch your heart in a myriad of ways.Keep reading >

Experience Israel with the Cohen Camps sisterhood! Celebrate Israel’s 70th Independence Day in person… plus enjoy “Shuk and Cook” at the market, home hospitality for some meals, a visit to a Bedouin women’s empowerment project, and even Torah Yoga!

Women’s Trip Itinerary

Our 2014 and 2016 adult trips were phenomenal. Now you’re invited to join in our inaugural Women’s Trip!

Each year, The Cohen Camps partner with Keshet, the Center for Educational Tourism in Israel, to introduce our Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation) Leadership Program teens to Israel.

A few years ago, we asked: why should the kids get all the fun? So in July 2014 and again in 2016, it became the ADULTS’ turn. We packaged all that expertise into an inspiring 10-day trip. We explored, we learned, we connected with Israel. Keshet’s expertise ensured our full safety and security–even noted in The New York Times and The Jewish Journal–and enabled us to build meaningful relationships with Israel, and each other.

Now, coming in April 2018, just after Passover, please join us for The Cohen Camps’ first-ever Just-for-Women Adult Israel Trip.  The entire, extended Cohen Camps sisterhood is invited: alumnae, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends. Everyone can experience Israel with depth, passion, and all the continued warmth of our Cohen Camps spirit.

What’s included? The tour covers some of the most compelling sites in Israel, bridging the biblical and the modern, on a trip suitable for both first-time and returning visitors. You’ll encounter adventures every day.

Instead of all the hiking and roughing-it of the Dor L’Dor program, we’ve added in speakers. experiences and top-notch accommodations and meals. We’ll go to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, haifa, and beyond. We’ll eat well, enjoy some lunches in private homes, try cooking some Israeli specialties, explore artists’ markets, and so much more. Keshet will gladly work with you to create personalized pre- or post-tour extensions for additional touring and learning.

Download The Cohen Camps’ Women’s Israel Trip ITINERARY 

Interested? Questions?
Please email Patty at the Cohen Camps offices at patty@cohencamps.org or call her at (781) 489-2070.

P.S. Patty herself went on the 2014 trip. She says, “We all went into the trip looking forward to discovering Israel — knowing that the Cohen Camps and (tour provider) Keshet already delivered a solid package to our kids and hoping for the same. I think we were all surprised at how much the friendships we made impacted our journey. Beyond wonderful memories of interesting places, stunning views and good food, we came back with a love for Israel, an increased appreciation for its place in the world, joy in discovering its history — and 30 new camp friends of our very own! And that all happened during a time of upheaval. I think the trip far surpassed any of our expectations.”