About Pembroke

Health + Wellness

Health, nutrition, and safety are our top priorities

Camp Pembroke is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for campers and staff. This starts with doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our Camper Care + Wellness Team includes an on-site nurse practitioner, community care professionals, and experienced educators.

We treasure parents/guardians as partners. Please help us get to know your child and their health needs as early as possible.


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Camp Pembroke operated safely for its entire 2021 season. We are applying a similarly-careful approach to Summer 2022.

In Summer 2021, we welcomed campers and staff back to Pembroke for much-needed joy and connection. We grounded our plans for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in solid medical data, recommendations from the CDC, and State guidance, advised by our expert Medical Advisory Committee. We balanced safety and mitigation strategies with efforts to return to a near-normal camp experience—and it worked!

We are managing the Summer 2022 camp experience with the same rigor.

Health Center

At the Camp Pembroke Health Center, full-time nurses live at camp and handle all health care issues for campers and staff throughout the summer. This includes a daily Health Call and dispensing of daily medications. We have physicians on call only a short drive away. Nurses will be on hand at each session’s Opening Day to review any special requirements for your child’s health.

In case of emergencies, there are several major hospitals in the area. Should your daughter spend time in the Health Center overnight or require medical attention from a physician, you will be notified.

We require that all medications go through our approved pharmacy partner. Receiving all medications pre-packaged in a uniform way helps us give each child exactly the right dose every time–and gets them in and out of the Health Center more quickly. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll find full details about this process on your Family Login dashboard.

Would you like to discuss your child’s health in advance of camp? The earlier you share, the better we can prepare. Please contact us at info@camppembroke.org or 781.489.2070.

Mental Health

Camp is an extraordinary resource for building resilience and confidence, especially after the last few complicated years of hybrid or remote school and different kinds of isolation. We train all our counselors to recognize when a child might be facing some mental or emotional challenges. Our Camper Care + Wellness Team of trained childcare professionals helps nurture each camper and create the most positive possible experience.

Among the forms you’ll be asked to complete after enrollment is a Camper Care Profile. It stays completely confidential. Please share with us as much as you can about your child’s situation so that we may create a supportive environment–or assess any concerns together with you. 

Sometimes families consider taking a break from therapy or medication during camp. Please discuss this with us before making this choice: contact us at info@camppembroke.org or 781.489.2070.

Food: Fresh, Kosher, Allergy-aware

Our Kosher kitchen serves kid-friendly choices with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. The salad bar available at every lunch and dinner helps give everyone plenty of energy. We serve healthy snacks twice a day, and have bowls of fresh fruit available all day long. Campers, you’ll find something you like at every meal: we promise!

We’re nut-aware! Camp Pembroke does not have any items on site that contain peanuts or tree nuts. With prior notice, we can accommodate most other food allergies and/or a vegetarian diet as well.

At meals, we sit at mixed-age tables, so you’ll get to know girls throughout the camp. In our camp family, older campers get to become like “big sisters” to younger girls, a casual but important leadership opportunity…and fun for all.