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As our song says, "We're mighty glad you're here!"

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From Amy and Becca, Co-Directors of Camp Pembroke

Dear future 'Brokie family,

Camp Pembroke is a magical place: a horseshoe of white framed bunks overlooking the lake where generations of girls and young women have found their place and their people.

Camp Pembroke is the only inclusively-Jewish camp for girls in all of New England. This is a “world away,” a special girl-focused environment free of many social pressures that may exist outside of camp. Established in 1935, Pembroke is one of the three nonprofit, family-run Cohen Camps.

Time flies every day here, filled with campers’ excitement, bright eyes, and joyful energy. Our counselors help transform simple moments into outstanding memories–and curious children into confident teens and young adults. Friendships grow, as do the stacks of symbolic bracelets on each of our wrists. We want everything each camper learns here to help them accomplish everything they want out in the world.

We look forward to welcoming you and your daughter to this special sisterhood. Please come for a tour or contact us to learn s’more!

New date!

Try Camp for a Day!

Camp Pembroke
Sunday, July 30, 2023

Come enjoy a day of fun for your prospective Pembroke camper, a tour for you, and Kosher lunch as our guests.
Please RSVP to learn s'more about attending this once-a-summer event!


Amy and Becca

Amy Coran and Becca Goldman
Co-Directors of Camp Pembroke


781-294-8006 at camp, June-August
781.489.2070 via the Cohen Camps Main Office, year-round

How We Live Our Values

At Pembroke, girls are empowered as active participants in every aspect of their day. In all activities and electives–in the studio and the pool, on the stage and the field, in lakeside Shabbat services or late-night bunk talks–girls get to laugh, cheer, listen, hug, share, and flourish. We put the structure and support system in place for every camper to find her own place at camp.

At Camp Pembroke, we root our approach to community, caring, and self-esteem in our Jewish values, especially friendship, teamwork, diversity, and inclusiveness. We cherish camp history and traditions, especially the rewarding relationships fostered by pairing every camper as a Big Sister/Little Sister. Our teens complete their Pembroke experience with our Dor L’Dor Israel Travel and Kadima Teen Leadership programs.


ages 7-16

2-week option

for first-time campers


nut/allergy-aware and yummy

How We Grow Together

Becoming a young woman can feel complex, full of “girl stuff”: the social intricacies of growing up together. The Pembroke staff undertakes with great care its responsibility to nurture and care for our campers. Each staff person works hard to serve as a role model and to make a positive impact each day, and we train our staff to spot and address quickly any wellness and safety concerns. We assign each girl to a bunk that will give her the best possible experience, and we nurture the bunk behaviors that bring out the best in everyone.

While many girls lose their voice and even self-confidence during adolescence, Pembroke is especially adept at nurturing girls’ strength and identity. Here, girls feel safe to be themselves, try new things, and grow into the person they want to be.

Parents say their Camp Pembroke daughters “feel strong,” like they “belong to something,” and that they discover “respect for ‘self’ as a woman, a Jew, an individual.” This is why we love this special home.

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In Massachusetts

near Cape Cod

Drive times:

Boston, MA: 1 hour
Hartford, CT: 2 hours
NYC: 4 hours
Philadelphia, PA: 6 hours

Airport pickup

possible by prior arrangement

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