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The Pembroke journey continues here!

Hey Pembroke Sister,

Let’s keep the sisterhood going! Connect, share, and take part in Camp Pembroke’s future for the next generation of girls and young women.

Save these Dates

PEM cleanup
Spring Volunteer Day
Camp Pembroke
Saturday, June 1, 2024

Paint, plant, mulch, and mop! Getting camp ready for the season takes many hands—and it's always a fun, rewarding time. We'll provide the paint, supplies and lunch - you bring the camp spirit! Ages 6+ only, please.

90 Years of Sisterhood

90 Years!

Pembroke Celebration + Alumnae Reunion!
Camp Pembroke
Friday-Saturday, June 21-22, 2024
Please join your summer sisters for a joyful reunion with every generation of Pembroke alumnae! Share Shabbat evening and stay overnight in a bunk... and/or come for the Saturday Shabbat services, lunch, and festivities. We'll meet you in the Horseshoe and the Pine Grove to celebrate an amazing 90 years of our most favorite place. Limited edition gear is available!
See who's attending!

As of 5/31/2023

  • Jackie Alford
  • Lauren Andler
  • Lynne Auslander
  • Robyn Auslander
  • Lilly Berkey
  • Carol Bridges
  • Marissa Brockman
  • Risa Burgess
  • Sydney Ciulla
  • Esther Cohen
  • Sophie Cohen
  • Amy Coran
  • Jackie Croopnick
  • Michele Esterkes
  • Abby Faber
  • Rachel Faber
  • Jen Faber
  • Talia Feinberg
  • Emma Frankel
  • Peggy Gassman
  • Emma Ginsberg
  • Alyssa Glucksman
  • Miriam Gold
  • Danielle Goldaber
  • Gigi Goldaber
  • Abby Goldman
  • Becca Goldman
  • Laura Goldman-Pogson
  • Kate Goloboy
  • Maya Hamberg
  • Ashley Hartman
  • Eliana Herzog
  • Sarah Himmel
  • Billie Jacobs
  • Sara Jonas
  • Zia Kanner
  • Emily Kaufman
  • Suzie Kaufman
  • Julie Klingenstein
  • Hannah Lane
  • Leah Levenson
  • Amanda Lewis
  • Dana Lidsky
  • Andrea O'Keeffe
  • Amanda Peyser
  • Jill Piken
  • Camryn Rankin
  • Ashley Raser
  • Debra Regensburger
  • Felice "Tootsie" Cantor Rosen
  • Jules Singer
  • Michelle Sloan
  • Jessica Stein
  • Annabelle Tanger
  • Rachel Weatherbee
  • Dana Weiner
  • Delaney Weiss
  • Sarah Winn
  • Hannah Zimmerman
  • Jocelyn Zimmerman

What's next?

Take the lead

Camp Pembroke would welcome an alumna (or two friends!) who would like to partner with the camp on connecting with even more alumnae. Would you be interested? Please email Amy and Becca if you are interested or call them at 781.489.2070..

Questions? Ideas?

Questions? Ideas? Contact Alumnae@camppembroke.org

Recent Reunions

Thank you to the members of the Reunion Planning Committees and the many volunteers who help! You make each event incredible!

And thank you to everyone who attends and who supports camp with friendship, donations, raffle prizes, and raffle tickets. You make camp programming even better for future campers.

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