90th Reunion + Celebration Memories

Saturday, June 22, 2024
plus an optional Friday sleepover!

90 Years of Sisterhood

Dear PEM Alumnae,

Wow – what a weekend! It was so incredible celebrating 90 years of Camp Pembroke and we are so thankful that HUNDREDS of you were able to join us. 

Our summer home means so much, to so many. We loved reminiscing together through song, dance, and yes even coffee cake. Once again, we found ourselves swaying in the Pine Grove, banging on the tables, lining up for flag and walking hand-in-hand around camp amongst our former directors, counselors, campers and summer sisters across the decades. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

With love,

Amy + Lynnie

Amy Granoff Rohald + Lynne Walder,
Alumnae + members of the Planning Committee

Giant, Endless Thanks to...

Our Camp Pembroke 90th Planning Committee!

This small army of volunteers and committee members worked tirelessly since October 2023 to make this weekend possible. 

Engagement Committee

Dana Kappel

Risa Goldman Burgess

Emily Aransky

Lauren Makucin Merriam

Jill Prenovitz Vetstein

Becca Levy

Shari Leven Glass

Morgan Glucksman

Alyssa Glucksman

Fundraising Committee

Rebecca Murphy

Emily Kaufman

Lauren Jacobs Potischman

Melanie Lieberman

Nostalgia Committee

Marissa Brockman

Susan Toltz Callum

Michelle Ungar Sloan

Laura Goldman-Pogson

Andrea Glass O’Keeffe

Erica Gold

Abby Faber

Programming Committee

Jen Gottlieb Faber

Jamie Spiller Kaplan

Jodi Gold Guglielmo

Esther Cohen

Rena Samuels

Amy Granoff Rohald

Caryn Anapolsky Grozalsky

Emma Seidman Case

Danielle Remis Hackel

Alexandra Einhorn Smith

Tracy Savy Cranson

Jen Kaufman


Please keep the Sisterhood flowing

Camp’s preservation remains as important as ever. Please consider donating to Pembroke’s nonprofit mission with any amount you can offer. You will help make this summer the best ever for campers. Thank you for giving back to the place that has and continues to give us so much.

Summer 2024: What your gift provides

By donating, you will help make this summer the best ever for campers! Your gift will:

  • Add to the waterfront with more docks to enhance the water-skiing program, new inflatable waterpark pieces, and new sailboats.
  • Create a new fitness space by repurposing our Dance Shed (don’t worry: our Rikud/dance program has a new home in the Rec Hall!) and furnishing it with weights and exercise equipment.
  • Expand our Animal Care program by creating enhancements to help house our four goats, the ducks, and the bunnies.
  • Provide Camper Scholarships to the 1/4 of Pembroke campers who receive financial aid from the Cohen Camps, totaling $100,000 in 2024. This aid is deeply meaningful to camp families and matters a great deal in our budget.
Donate Now Close

Thank you!

Limited edition!
A portion supports camp.

500-for-$500 Challenge!

$500 from 500 Alumnae = $250,000 annually to help Camp Pembroke!

$500 is $1.38 a day.
$1.38/day is 3 Dunkin coffees (w/french vanilla swirl) a week!

Dozens of alumnae—including Co-Directors Amy and Becca—are already on board! How about YOU?

Pave the path forward

Two girls smile and also two bricks show a demonstration of an inscription

With every $180 gift, you can add your BRICK to a pathway at camp.

Inscribe a message on each brick! Celebrate a camper, a beloved mentor, your Pembroke sisters, or your love of camp.

Reunion Feedback!

 What did you love? What would you change or add?

Photo Gallery

Alumnae Guest List

These Pembroke alumnae signed up in advance. The list may not reflect the complete advance sign-up list nor actual attendance on the day of the Reunion.

  • Abbe Medeiros
  • Abby Faber
  • Abby Schwartz
  • Alanna Gold
  • Alex Roberts Higgins
  • Alexandra Smith
  • Alissa Greenberg
  • Allan + Eleanor Cohen (Abba + Emma)
  • Ally Tripolsky
  • Alyssa Glucksman
  • Alyssa Levine Krieger
  • Amanda Lerner Trant
  • Amy Coran
  • Amy Granoff Rohald
  • Amy Leven Goldfine
  • Amy Levine
  • Amy Rogozinski
  • Amy Shocker
  • Anna Porter
  • Anne Barylick
  • Andrea O’Keeffe
  • Anita Neiman
  • Ann Carol Grossman
  • Annabelle Tanger
  • Arielle Kantor Kimsal
  • Ariel Sutton Gorden
  • Arielle Berger
  • Becca Dunn
  • Becca Goldman
  • Becca Rector
  • Becky Sacks
  • Beth Gilefsky
  • Beth Goldstein
  • Beth Miller
  • Beth Newton
  • Beth Yampolsky
  • Bethany Sobell Dougherty
  • Billy Snider
  • Bonnie Matross
  • Brie Angle
  • Brittany Perlis
  • Brittni Paul
  • Brooke Patkin Kay
  • Camryn Rankin
  • Cara Lowenthal Schrager
  • Carol Bridges
  • Caroline Vivat Sokol
  • Caryn Anapolsky Grozalsky
  • Chanit Brenner List
  • Cheryl Nissenbaum
  • Cori Mintzer
  • Dana Kappel
  • Dana Lidsky
  • Dani Kohen
  • Dani Merken
  • Danielle Ostrowsky Kramer
  • Danielle Remis Hackel
  • Danyel Rodgers
  • Deb Bornstein Hickey
  • Deb Kangisser Mead
  • Debbi Coran
  • Debbie Blocker Merwitz
  • Debbie Tolman
  • Debbie Wennett
  • Debra Regensburger
  • Dianne F Neiman
  • Elisa Zimmerman
  • Elissa Berger
  • Ellen Barry Fallon
  • Ellen Blocker
  • Ellen Felcher
  • Elyse Knopf Propis
  • Emily Aransky
  • Emily Berman
  • Emily Isman
  • Emily Kaufman
  • Emma Barry Fallon
  • Emma Ginsberg
  • Emma Weiss
  • Erica Gold
  • Erica Jonas
  • Esme Moskowitz Jacobson
  • Esta Snider
  • Esther Cohen
  • Eugenia Gerstein
  • Faye Wisen
  • Felice Tootsie Rosen
  • Gabby Tercatin
  • Gail Merken
  • Hailey Lavelle
  • Hannah Drugge
  • Hannah Lane Palencia
  • Hannah Pearl Argov
  • Hannah Rutstein
  • Heidi Lasker
  • Ilene Kadis
  • Iris Godes
  • Jackie Croopnick
  • Jackie Rosen
  • Jaclyn Gordon
  • Jaclyn Rosenfield
  • Jamie Marmor Wexler
  • Jamie Spiller Kaplan
  • Jane Migdol
  • Janie Lubarsky
  • Jaymi Cohen
  • Jeanine Kalikow
  • Jen Brandwein
  • Jen Kaufman
  • Jen Kuhns
  • Jen Oriel
  • Jen Reiss
  • Jenn Kaufman
  • Jenna Levine Captline
  • Jenni Katz
  • Jennifer Feldman
  • Jennifer Glen
  • Jennifer Gottlieb Faber
  • Jennifer Trebbin
  • Jenny Kaplan
  • Jeremi Moss Carswell
  • Jessica Nimkar
  • Jessica Rankin
  • Jessica Smith
  • Jill Fox Tobak
  • Jill Piken
  • Jill Vetstein
  • Joan Rogers
  • Joanna Aven Howarth
  • Joanna Kandel
  • Joanne Neiman
  • Jocelyn Roth
  • Jodi Cohen Bring
  • Jodi Gold
  • Jo-Jo Werther
  • Jordan Brodsky
  • Jude Sydney
  • Julia Bass
  • Julia Bloom
  • Julia Bookbinder
  • Julia Lander
  • Juliana Singer
  • Julie Blasbalg
  • Julie Ginn
  • Julie Jackson
  • Julia Meyer
  • Julie Klingenstein
  • Julie Slotnik Sturm
  • Karen Jaffe McNeil
  • Kate Clayman
  • Kate Goloboy
  • Kate Lerner Stoller
  • KateLynn Plotnick Efendiyev
  • Kerri Lyford
  • Kim Stone
  • Laura Goldman
  • Lauran Walder Epstein
  • Lauren Glass
  • Lauren Makucin Merriam
  • Lauren Snider
  • Lauren Steel
  • Lauren Steinberg
  • Laurie Rodman
  • Laurie Selig-McDonald
  • Leah Feldman Theriault
  • Leah Koretz
  • Leslie Withall
  • Libby Levine
  • Lilly Angle
  • Lily Goldman
  • Linda & Howie Schiffman
  • Lindsay Jabawwy
  • Lindsey Channen
  • Lisa Renwick
  • Lisa Scott
  • Liza Dennis
  • Lori Samuels Peljovich
  • Lynne Auslander
  • Lynne Walder
  • Marci Blacker
  • Marci Noller
  • Marcia Cohen Rosen Holman
  • Marissa Brockman
  • Marissa Kublin
  • Marjorie (Mudgie Weiss) Patkin
  • Marjory Fair-Kramer
  • Mary Pashley
  • Melanie Lieberman
  • Melissa Freedman Bucken
  • Melissa Jacoby
  • Melissa Mason Ginsberg
  • Melissa Smerling
  • Meredith Karetny Hefez
  • Meryl Baker Manin
  • Mia Blocker
  • Mia Coutinho
  • Michaela Traub
  • Michele Perlmutter Wilson
  • Michelle Grosser Kaufman
  • Michelle Harris
  • Michelle Silver
  • Michelle Ungar Sloan
  • Millie Lerner Kateman
  • Mim Cohen Gold
  • Miriam Greenspan
  • Missy Bayer
  • Morgan Glucksman
  • Nancy Grossman
  • Nancy Tichnor Lejfer
  • Nicole Hagler
  • Nicole Lavelle
  • Nicole Merken
  • Nikki Kaplan
  • Paige Ashley
  • Patti Ducoff
  • Paula Feldman Lapkin
  • Peggy Gassman
  • Rachel Berkowitz
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Rachel Faber
  • Rachel Fier
  • Rachel Freeman
  • Rachel Glazer
  • Rachel Glincher
  • Rachel Kangisser Sher
  • Rachel Kanner Volin
  • Rachel Nissi
  • Rachel Rosenthal
  • Rachel Schwartz
  • Rachel Singer
  • Rachel Weatherbee
  • Rebecca Braverman Davidson
  • Rebecca Levin
  • Rebecca Levy
  • Rebecca Murphy
  • Rebecca Cohen Peters
  • Risa Goldman Burgess
  • Robin Blecher
  • Robyn Auslander
  • Ronna Ungar
  • Rose Herman
  • Rudy Brandt
  • Ruth Gershman
  • Sabrina Weiner
  • Sammy Kublin Brown
  • Sara Jonas
  • Sara Policow Leef
  • Sarah Spitz Blackler
  • Sarah Himmel
  • Sarah Winn
  • Shari Beranbaum Redan
  • Shari Glass
  • Shari Marquis
  • Shari Wiener Valentino
  • Shelby Mosier
  • Shira Farber Kraft
  • Shira Zimmerman
  • Stacy Waxer
  • Stephanie Camiel
  • Stephanie Gavin
  • Stephanie Katz
  • Stephanie Strager Dressler
  • Stephi Dworkin
  • Steve Gershman
  • Sofe Gershman
  • Sue Jablow McMillan
  • Susan Bamel Glickman
  • Susan Goldstein Robison
  • Susan Scanlon Donhauser
  • Susan Toltz Callum
  • Talia Fishbon
  • Talia Gross
  • Tamara Feldman Pransky
  • Tammy Steinman
  • Teri Bayer
  • Terri Grogan
  • Toby Heilweil
  • Tracy Cranson
  • Vicki Tankle
  • Wendy Lippman
  • Yael Blumenfeld
  • Zia Kanner Rudary

Questions? Ideas?

Camp Pembroke would welcome an alumna (or two friends!) who would like to partner with the camp on connecting with even more alumnae. Would you be interested? Please email Amy and Becca if you are interested or call them at 781.489.2070..

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