Ways to give to
Camp Pembroke

Thank you for your generosity!

Use Tax ID: 04-6003680

See even more ways to give, including by check, stock, or Donor Advised Fund.
Join the Legacy Society: include Camp Pembroke in your will.

When you make a tax-deductible gift to camp,​

you nurture summers of fun and confidence, warm communities, lasting friendships, and Jewish values. You help young people grow, mature, and create meaningful connections, becoming their “best selves:” independent, engaged, and caring. Beyond your impact on camper scholarships, counselor professional development, facility enhancements, and more, you’ll get deep satisfaction in knowing you are transforming lives and sustaining camp for each future generation. Camp Pembroke is a nonprofit organization. We appreciate and honor each donor. Your gift matters!

So many ways to contribute!

Please make your check payable to Camp Pembroke–or to “The Cohen Camps” if you would like to support all three camps together.

Please mail it to:

Development Office
The Cohen Camps
888 Worcester Street, Suite 350
Wellesley, MA 02482

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to grant funds to charities of your choice. You can recommend a DAF through your financial institution or foundation, or you can contact your fund manager to assist you.

Step 1:

For Camp Pembroke, select:
Eli and Bessie Cohen Camps of Massachusetts, Inc., with Tax ID 04-6003680

Please provide the year-round mailing address:
The Cohen Camps
888 Worcester Street, Suite 350
Wellesley, MA 02482

The grant will arrive at The Cohen Camps with only the fund’s name and address on it, unless you request otherwise. Please be sure to request for your name and address to be included along with your specification for Camp Pembroke.

Step 2:

Let us know!
So we may confirm the gift and and thank you for your generosity, please inform us of your gift by contacting the Cohen Camps Development Office at development@cohencamps.org or by calling 781.489.2070.



Donating stock is easy and can come with financial or tax advantages, as well as allow you to make a gift with a larger impact, at lower cost to you. Please consult your financial planner or tax advisor to learn how these advantages may apply to your circumstances.

Step 1:

Direct your broker to transfer the stock electronically to:
DTC #0062
Receiving DTC Brokerage Firm: Vanguard
Account Name: Eli and Bessie Cohen Camps of Massachusetts, Inc. (the legal nonprofit name for Camp Pembroke)
Account Number: 27312643

Step 2:

Let us know!
So we may confirm the transfer and provide you with an appropriate donation receipt, please notify us of your gift by contacting the Cohen Camps Development Office at development@cohencamps.org or by calling 781.489.2070.

Please include:

  1. Name of securities
  2. Number of shares you are transferring
  3. Brokerage house / accounting firm and contact name
  4. Your name, phone number and email address



Join the Cohen Camps Legacy Society. By making a planned gift, you will help ensure that The Cohen Camps create friendships, values, identity, and community for generations to come.

We are proud to honor supporters who demonstrate exceptional commitment to future campers with membership in The Cohen Camps’ Legacy Society. Carrying forward the founding vision of Eli and Bessie Cohen, Legacy Society members help fulfill the lasting promise of Jewish summer camp: to nurture young people in ways that enrich them, their families, and our shared community for a lifetime.

Joining The Cohen Camps’ Legacy Society is a simple, powerful way to say, “One day I will give to the place that gave so much to me.” You can join at any age.

To join:

Simply sign the Letter of Intent, expressing your wish to include Camp Pembroke in your estate plans. We hope you will let us know when you have done this, so that we may thank you for your generosity and keep you informed of your camp’s ongoing plans and successes.

We are always happy to answer any questions and help you consider your choices. Please contact us to discuss your gift planning interests, including supporting a particular initiative, program or scholarship resource. Please email Development Director Barbara Stevens or call her at 781.489.2070.

For Camp Pembroke, designate:
Eli and Bessie Cohen Camps of Massachusetts, Inc., with Tax ID 04-6003680

The easiest way to make a planned gift is to name Camp Pembroke (or any combination of Cohen Camps) in your will or trust. You may specify an exact dollar amount, a percentage of or all of your residuary estate, or a particular asset (real estate, securities, insurance policies).

Retirement Assets
By naming your camp(s) as a beneficiary of all or a part of your retirement plans, your estate may be able to minimize certain income and estate taxes while increasing your impact on future campers. To name your camp(s) as a beneficiary, simply list the camp’s name on your beneficiary form for either a dollar amount or a percentage of the total.


When you give a little “s’more” each month or however often you like, you create a steady source of critical funds that allows camp to plan further into the future. You may even find that a small monthly gift—the price of a cup of coffee or two—is so easy to make, while adding up to a substantial annual gift!

Set up your recurring gift

Does your company support causes that are important to their employees–and sometimes even their retirees? Matching gift programs typically double the donation at the very least! We will gladly help in the process of any matching gift program your company offers. Check with your human resources or business office to find out your company’s policy, or let us know whom to contact.

Your own commitment to camp can inspire others! Is it your bar/bat mitzvah? Your birthday? Graduation, wedding, anniversary, or retirement? Mazel tov! On special occasions or just any day, you can make important moments even more meaningful while increasing access to scholarship funds (which help 1 in 4 camp families), enhancing programs, and so much more. 

Simply invite your friends and family to share in this work:

  • Request donations to your camp in place of gifts OR
  • Donate a portion of your cash gifts to your camp’s Scholarship Fund

Please get in touch to register your event. We’ll give you a special, short website address to share around, so your gifts go exactly where you intend. 

To register: Email Barbara Stevens, Development Director, or call her at 781.489.2070.


Want more ideas and giving options?

Barbara Stevens

Please share your passions and priorities for a meaningful gift. I look forward to hearing from you anytime!

Barbara Stevens, Development Director