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Pembroke Mitzvah Projects

Making special occasions even more meaningful by fundraising for camp.

Special occasion coming up? Mazel Tov!

A bat mitzvah. A birth or a wedding. A big birthday, graduation, or retirement. On special occasions or just any day, make important moments even more meaningful with a Camp Pembroke Mitzvah Project or gift to support campers and the camp you love. Friends and family can join in, and together you can increase the Scholarship Fund that aids camper families–or strengthen other aspects of Pembroke you care deeply about. Todah rabah, thank you VERY much!

Set up your Mitzvah Project

Request donations to Pembroke in place of gifts or donate a portion of your cash gifts to the Scholarship Fund. It’s so easy! Here’s how:

  1. Get in touch to register your event. Email Barbara Stevens, Development Director, or call her at 781.489.2070.
  2. We’ll set up and give you a special link to make giving easy for your friends and family.
  3. Share the link around and do a mitzvah for future campers!

Current Mitzvah Projects

Add yours below! We’ll include your photo and your message about what you would like to accomplish, with a button directly linking to your very own giving campaign.

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