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Pembroke campers come from all over the Northeast and throughout the United States. While many live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, they come from California, Florida, Israel, and many other places, too.

Pembroke is pluralist and trans-denominational, so our camper families engage in a wide range of Jewish practice and observance. They may affiliate with synagogues or Jewish communities of any denomination – or not affiliate at all. They may send their child to Hebrew School or to Jewish day school – or Camp Pembroke may give their child their only “formal” Jewish experience. They may consider their home Jewish or interfaith. Everyone is welcome here. What all our families share: an appreciation for the transformative, lifelong effect that Jewish camping can offer their child’s emotional, spiritual and social growth, and the foundational values it provides.

We work very hard to integrate each child into her bunk and the entire camp community. With get-to-know-you games and plenty of opportunities to build rapport as a group and one-on-one, it takes very little time – sometimes just hours – for our campers to feel they are part of the Pembroke family.

Bunk Life

Bunks are grouped by school grade. You can request that your child be in a bunk with up to four specific friends (in the same grade), and we strive to honor at least one such request per camper. Because community is so important here, we carefully structure each bunk to integrate all campers and enable everyone to discover new friends, too. Rest assured that in our warm community, your daughter will enjoy friends both new and old!

Each bunk has between two and four counselors living in the cabin depending on the number of campers assigned to a bunk and the age of those campers. Our camper/counselor ratios meet or exceed The American Camp Association standards. We train each counselor extensively in helping new campers settle into camp life.

Our cabins are comfortable in a classic New England style, with bunkbeds and storage shelves for each camper. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with showers. The cabins encircle a green space we call The Horseshoe, where campers start and end each day. 

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Special Activities

We offer supervised Bat Mitzvah practice for girls becoming a Bat Mitzvah in the fall following camp. To set up supervised practice sessions, use the Bat Mitzvah Request Form on your Family Login dashboard.

In addition to the annual Color War competition, campers can try out for inter-camp competition teams in Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, and Water Sports. We always try to include as many campers as possible on our teams.


Most campers arrive by car. Camp Pembroke is conveniently located in Pembroke, Massachusetts, 45 minutes south of Boston near the entrance to Cape Cod. 

Approximate driving times:
Boston, MA: 1 hour
Hartford, CT: 2 hours
NYC: 4 hours
Philadelphia, PA: 6 hours

Campers traveling from further away may fly into Boston, MA. With prior notice, we can arrange for a staff member and a safe, reliable van to meet them at the airport for pickup. Please contact the office to discuss your child’s specific travel needs PRIOR to making any travel arrangements.

Address for your GPS: 306 Oldham Street, Pembroke, MA 02359.

Massachusetts is a beautiful destination at every time of year. Visiting Boston, Cape Cod, the Berkshires, or New England’s coastline are all great options!


Completing your family’s first online application for Camp Pembroke will create your Family Login account. Once enrolled, you’ll use your Family Login to complete forms and download the packing list.

Each week your camper is at camp, you’ll receive a weekly email from the leadership team sharing all the excitement that took place in the previous week. 

All summer, your Family Login is your gateway to photos, videos, and the previous weekly camp updates. You can even send one-way emails to your camper (we print them out here; no waiting for the mail to arrive!) 

Campers are required to write a letter home at least three times each week. You can send them mail and small packages (no food or candy), which we distribute Sunday through Friday.

Year-round, stay in touch with camp happenings on Facebook and Instagram. Please also read our blog for more insight into camp news and philosophy.

Yes, Camper Care Profiles are only seen by the Camp administrative staff, who share only what is necessary and appropriate with individual counselors. We respect the confidentiality of the information shared and use the forms only to ensure that your child’s individual physical health, mental health, and social support needs are met. Please share your requests regarding your daughter’s activities and any specific issues she may have on the Camper Care Profile, and please be as candid as possible. It will be a great help to us in our relationship with her.

Packing for Camp

Campers wear comfortable, casual clothes to participate in daily activities. Our footwear policy requires that campers wear footwear appropriate to their activity, such as sneakers for tennis.

As part of our Shabbat environment, on Friday evening and Saturday morning everyone wears blue and white clothing. Campers like to dress up a little for the end-of-session banquet in a nice but not elaborate outfit. You’ll find a recommended list of clothing at your Family Login for enrolled campers.

The Amerasport company offers fun Camp Pembroke gear such as t-shirts and sweatpants. Each camper needs two Camp Pembroke t-shirts to wear to wear for inter-camp activities, trip days, and camp pictures. Pembroke gear also makes a great gift!

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