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Jewish Life & Values

Inclusive – Exciting – Joyful – Warm

At Camp Tel Noar, campers experience exciting, inspiring Jewish daily life in a community that celebrates heritage, Israel and Jewish values. We call these philosophies and values Our 10 Jewish Commitments.

Eli and Bessie Cohen founded the three Cohen Camps 1935-1945 to connect young people to their communities. They envisioned trans-denominational, welcoming summer homes in which youth could explore their individual and collective Jewish identities and prepare themselves for their role in the larger Jewish community and the world. We continue this legacy today, every day, through Jewish music, learning about Israel, Israeli dance instruction, daily prayers in the Kosher dining hall, daily culture experiences, and special programs designed by our staff, including the very popular annual Israel Day. At Camp Tel Noar, Jewish life is both personal and connected, thoughtful and fun!

Camp Tel Noar is deeply committed to building an inclusive community. Our families reflect the breadth of the Jewish experience, including many interfaith families. Our approach invites each young person to explore how Judaism can inform and inspire their life in the ways most meaningful to them–with the joy that summer camp brings out!

Both of my children came home having grown “Jewishly,” proud of who they are.

Shabbat at Tel Noar

Shabbat is a special time at Camp Tel Noar…one that campers treasure and alumni warmly consider one of the most memorable and life-changing parts of camp. 

Dressed in blue and white, we welcome Shabbat each week with outdoor services, where the sunset filters through the trees as it reflects off the lake. After a traditional Shabbat dinner, the entire camp participates in an exuberant song and dance session. 

Campers play a big role in helping to lead Shabbat evening and morning services. Shabbat has a completely different schedule than the rest of the week: afternoon activities bring in a variety of Jewish and Israel-oriented themes for all campers, and Shabbat ends with the songs, scents, and candles of Havdallah.

We love the way our children come home with a love of Shabbat and a sense of community.

Israel Teen Travel

Jewish life and learning at Camp Tel Noar can culminate in an extraordinary experience, the Dor L’Dor (Generation to Generation) Israel travel capstone program for our oldest campers, an intensive four-week tour of Israel. Younger Tel Noar campers relish the weekly Shabbat updates sent in by the Dor L’Dor travelers. This program and its teen role models help even our youngest campers discover the deep value in connecting with the historical, religious and cultural aspects of the State of Israel.

He has always been very connected to his Jewish roots, but the casual and fun atmosphere of Tel Noar gave him pride in his heritage in a new, different way.

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