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Dear future CTN family,

Camp Tel Noar is a cherished home: a cozy community of white framed bunks and well-appointed facilities tucked by Sunset Lake, where generations of children and teens have found their place and their people.

Tel Noar is dedicated to nurturing the best in everyone and celebrating each person’s true self. Our smaller size, unique cabins, and appreciation for individuality create relaxed, warm camaraderie. Established in 1945, Tel Noar is one of the three nonprofit, family-run Cohen Camps.

We fill our days with fun, creativity, and a whole lot of laughs. Our counselors help transform simple moments into outstanding memories–and curious children into confident teens and young adults. Songs, enthusiasm and camp traditions energize our days. Jewish values infuse our community, especially on Shabbat, bringing us together. Friends and counselors become our summer and lifelong family.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to this CTN family. Please come for a tour or contact us to learn s’more!


Try Camp for a Day!

Camp Tel Noar
Sunday, August 4, 2024

Come enjoy a day of fun for your prospective Tel Noar camper, a tour for you, and Kosher lunch as our guests.

While we offer tours all summer, this chance to try camp for a day is a once-a-session event! Please RSVP to learn s'more about attending.



Aaron Gurvis
Director of Camp Tel Noar


603.329.6931 at camp, June-August
781.489.2070 via the Cohen Camps Main Office, year-round

How We Live Our Values

At Tel Noar, campers are empowered as active participants in every aspect of their day. In all activities and electives, campers get to explore, stretch, and express themselves. Be creative, sporty, funny, caring, and courageous–all at once! We put the structure and support system in place for every camper to make their own place at camp.

At Camp Tel Noar, we root our approach to community, caring, and self-esteem in our Jewish values, especially friendship, teamwork, diversity, and inclusiveness. We cherish camp history and traditions. We nurture rewarding relationships that connect diverse age groups. Our teens complete their Tel Noar experience with our Dor L’Dor Israel Travel and Kadima Teen Leadership programs.

boys and girls ages 7-16

One-week option

for first-time campers


nut/allergy-aware and yummy

How We Grow Together

At Camp Tel Noar, many campers get to know each other in our unusual cabins, called chugs (pronounced “hoogs”), which means “groups” or “circles” in Hebrew. These cabins connect three bunks with a shared common room, a space where campers can spend their free time, play games, and write letters. Most importantly, the common room connects campers across ages and interests. The result: in addition to becoming close to their bunkmates, Tel Noar campers develop an even larger circle of friends they know well. The chugs and proximity of all our bunks provide a powerful cornerstone for Camp Tel Noar’s close-knit community.

The Tel Noar staff undertakes with great care its responsibility to nurture and care for our campers. Each staff person works hard to serve as a role model and to make a positive impact each day, and we train our staff to spot and address quickly any wellness and safety concerns. We assign each camper to a bunk that will give them the best possible experience, and we nurture the bunk behaviors that bring out the best in everyone.

Parents say their Camp Tel Noar campers feel “happy, successful, and relaxed,” and “gain so much,” because they “meet new friends, discover new interests and deepen their connection to the Jewish community.” To many, it is “an amazing magical place.”

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In New Hampshire

just north of Boston

Drive times:

Boston, MA: 1 hour
Hartford, CT: 2 hours
NYC: 4 hours
Philadelphia, PA: 6 hours

Airport pickup

possible by prior arrangement

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