Alumni Shabbat 2023

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Our first in-person gathering in four years!

Shabbat services, a memorial celebrating the life of Ross Garfinkel, and the opening of the Camp Tel Noar Alumni Archives. Thank you to everyone who planned, volunteered and attended!

What are the Alumni Archives?

Welcome to this new space where you can gather and reminisce while you are at camp. Located at the back of the stage in the Rec Hall, with a gorgeous alumni-painted mural, the Archives are full of memorabilia, camp yearbooks, photos, and memories. Show your kids what camp looked like when you were a camper, or lounge in the cozy chairs while you swap stories with your oldest friends.

Sharon Lasky and Sandi Dunn are curating the displays. Do you have any photos or items to add? Please email Sharon!

See who attended

The following people were registered to attend as of 6/12/2023. Actual attendance may have been different.

  • Jordan Adner
  • Naomi Alperin
  • David Bressler
  • Jeremy Brick
  • Elyssa Carlson
  • Ben Chapman
  • Charlie Chesson
  • Melinda Chesson
  • John Clayman
  • Susan Clayman
  • Jordan Cohen
  • Declan Crichton
  • Jonathan Dees
  • Ari Dinerman
  • Michael Dorfman
  • Charlie Dorison
  • Sandi Morgan Dunn
  • Isabel Feller-Kopman
  • Sheridan Finnie
  • Harriet Freedman
  • Stephen Freedman
  • Jared Fujii
  • Nicholas Gassoway
  • Jeffrey Gerson
  • Benji Glanz
  • Alexandra Goldie
  • Jordan Goldie
  • Jake Goldman
  • Sam Goldman
  • Paul Greenberg
  • Norman Greenfield
  • Shari Horowitz
  • Zoe Hulak
  • Max Kandel
  • Joshua Kaplan
  • Danny Kramer
  • Gerald Lasky
  • Sharon Lasky
  • David Leifer
  • Amit Levin
  • Ezra Lichtman
  • Ella Marcus
  • Karlyn Mazow
  • Jarrid Moriber
  • Lydia Moriber
  • Mitch Moriber
  • Shari Munro
  • Samantha Nagel
  • Jonah Nathan
  • Amanda Portnoy
  • Joe Rochira
  • Dylan Rome
  • Rachel Rosenberg
  • Logan Satlow
  • Bella Seligson
  • Lola Seligson
  • Elle Seller
  • Lauren Seltzer
  • Lori Shane
  • Evan Siegel
  • Sue Siegel
  • Joel Slovin
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Daniel Sudenfield
  • Dylan de Vries
  • Eli Wasserman
  • Max Weisman
  • Jake Wexelblatt
  • Adam Wilensky
  • Caleb Zedek
  • Amanda Zimmerman
  • Haley Zunick
  • Trevor Zupan

Pay it Forward

Please help ensure that future campers share in the most meaningful, lasting Tel Noar experience, like you did!