Giving to Tel Noar

Special Projects + Recognition of Generosity

Leadership giving that makes a lasting difference​

Camp Tel Noar is honored to recognize the initiative and leadership of donors who have been inspired by a cause or a member of the Tel Noar community. You have brought others together with your vision and caring. Thank you for your meaningful tribute to the power of camp–and the gifts you have made to support future campers. 

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Boys Holding Hands In Circle
Drawing of people sitting and standing in the new Chapel space
Drawing of people sitting and standing in the new Chapel space

The $36,000 JCamp180 Chai Match Challenge

JCamp180, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, challenged donors to Camp Tel Noar, among just 18 camps, to its coveted Chai Match opportunity. An extraordinary group of generous donors raised $108,000 in pledges and gifts by March 18, 2018–securing the $36,000 match! We are so deeply grateful.

The Chai Match funding is providing substantial support to add new seating and a stage to Tel Noar’s hillside chapel.

  • Meredith and Ben Adner
  • Steven Bearak
  • Joe Boyer and Trudy Bortz
  • Robert, Shari, Alyssa and Haley Cashman
  • Alison and Brian Clew
  • Etahn Cohen and Amy Paller Cohen
  • Savyon and Jonathan Cohen
  • Laura Weissman Davis
  • Rachelle and Jonathan Dubow
  • Lisa and Russell Flicker
  • Elizabeth and Keith Wexelblatt + Julia and Andrew Genser
  • Paul Greenberg and Renee Goldberg
  • Bernie Goldberg
  • Peter and Jill Gordon
  • Norma Marcus, Harriet and Stephen Freedman + Shari and Jay Horowitz
  • Robin Rumelt Kassimir
  • Irina and Michael Karbachinskiy
  • Sarah Perry and Tony Kingsley
  • Eduardo and Jennifer Hoch Koenig
  • David and Liz Koplan
  • Judith Bearak Leary
  • The Levy Family
  • Lisa and Michael Kramer + Julie and Craig Marcus
  • Al and Gila Namias
  • Ellen Bubrick and Josh Namias
  • Greta and Gregg Nathan
  • Sharon and George Orfaly
  • Lauren and Chuck Pollak
  • Chuck and Laurie Rodman
  • Susan and David Rosenbaum
  • Mark and Rachel Rosenthal
  • Todd Ruderman
  • Jessica and Joel Siegel
  • Melissa and Mark Simon
  • Jason and Aimee Stone
  • Jenifer Slifka Vidal and Luis Vidal
  • Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig
  • Elayne and Eric Weinstein
  • Jason and Marilyn Werner
  • Roger and Susan Zimmerman
  • Anonymous (2)


With the Chai Match funding as its starting point, Tel Noar intends to enhance the outdoor gathering space for a wide array of community events. Community is at Tel Noar’s heart. Beside our sparking lake, we’ll celebrate Shabbat—and add reflective, memorable, fun possibilities for so much more: Moonlit movies. Concerts. Talent shows. Alumni reunions. Picture your new favorite, peaceful, energizing place at Camp Tel Noar. 

The new space is going through the local permitting process. We hope to resolve the timeline for approvals very soon.