About Tevya

A Day in the Life of a Tevya Camper

Daily and Shabbat schedule, along with evening activities and special events

Here’s what your schedule will look like most days – but there’s never an “ordinary” day at Camp Tevya.

Some days we take a field trip to a water park, participate with other camps in the annual Jewish Performing Arts Festival, or go wild for Maccabiah or Color War!

Every camper also gets to personalize their Tevya experience through LOTS of activities and electives.

Camp Tevya 2018

Sunday – Friday

7:30 Good morning!
8:10 Flag Raising
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Clean Up/Health Call
9:40 Period 1
10:35 Period 2
11:30 Period 3
12:15 Wash Up
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rest Hour
2:40 Period 4
3:25 Snack
3:40 Period 5
4:35 Period 6
5:30 Wash Up
5:45 Flag Lowering
6:00 Dinner (on Fridays: Services)
7:00 Free Play (on Fridays: Dinner)
8:00 Evening Activity (on Fridays: Shira (singing))
9:00 Back to Cabins and Good Night!

Shabbat (Saturday)

While Jewish values infuse every day, Camp Tevya Shabbat is our most treasured tradition. Dress in blue and white and gather in our central pavilion for a community celebration like no other.

8:30 Good morning!
9:00 Breakfast
10:15 Services
11:30 Kiddush
11:45 Free Play
1:00 Lunch
2:15 Rest Hour
3:30 Afternoon Activity
6:15 Dinner
8:00 Havdallah
8:20 Evening Activity
9:30 Back to Cabins and Good Night!

Evening activities

Tevya Bonfire

As much fun as you’ll have during the day, you’ll look forward to evening activities, too. Every night, we plan something special: MTV Night, talent shows, Spirit Nights, game shows, campfires, the annual CIT Carnival, movies, performances by our campers in the Theater Arts and Dance programs, and so much more.

Special events and trips

Tevya Color War

Each summer, Camp Tevya has special all-camp events like Color War, and welcomes entertainers, too.

Sometimes we head out to fun off-site camp excursions like hikes, movies, water parks, roller skating, and trampoline parks. Older campers may also take a special overnight trip specifically designed for them. 

The environment is so positive at Tevya. The counselors are great role models and are really enthusiastic. The kids are very friendly and welcoming to new campers.

Check out Activities + Electives

On the water, in the studio, and on the field or courts, there’s always something new to try!