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From Lauren, Camp Tevya's Director

Camp Tevya is a warm and spirited community that people have called “home” for over 85 years. It is my favorite place to be, and I look forward to sharing it with you and your family.

Established in 1940, Tevya is the largest of the three nonprofit, family-run Cohen Camps, with lots of caring and energy, which we call Tevya Spirit. We celebrate fun, self-confidence and friendships. We nurture a focus on wellness and personal growth, which extends throughout camp. 

The best part of Tevya: we do all our activities with our friends by our side. Friends who encourage us to try that basket one more time and then cheer us on as we sink the shot. Friends who yell “we love you” in unison as we take the stage. Friends who laugh and who listen. Friends who allow us to be ourselves. Our campers return year after year–and alumni stay deeply connected–for favorite memories and “forever friends.” 

I look forward to meeting you and your camper. Please come for a tour or contact us to learn s’more!

Try Camp for a Day!

Camp Tevya
Sunday, July 30, 2023

Come enjoy a day of fun for your prospective Tevya camper, a tour for you, and Kosher lunch as our guests.
Please RSVP to learn s'more about attending this once-a-summer event!



Lauren Fishman


603.673.4010 at camp, June-August
781.489.2070 via the Cohen Camps Main Office, year-round

How We Live Our Values

At Tevya, campers are empowered as active participants in every aspect of their day. In all activities and electives, campers get to explore, stretch, and express themselves. Our committed staff helps our campers develop strong character and gain life skills as they encourage one another to be their best selves. 

At Camp Tevya, we root our approach to community, caring, and self-esteem in our Jewish values, especially friendship, teamwork, diversity, and inclusiveness. Our campers simply glow as they sing and dance arm-in-arm. Camp Tevya is trans-denominational, welcoming young people of all Jewish backgrounds and experiences into the Tevya Ruach (Spirit). Our teens complete their Tevya experience with our Dor L’Dor Israel Travel and Kadima Teen Leadership programs.

boys and girls ages 8-16

Warm Welcome

for first-time campers


nut/allergy-aware and yummy

How We Grow Together

The Tevya staff undertakes with great care its responsibility to nurture and care for our campers. Each staff person works hard to serve as a role model and to make a positive impact each day, and we train our staff to spot and address quickly any wellness and safety concerns. We assign each camper to a bunk that will give them the best possible experience, and we nurture the bunk behaviors that bring out the best in everyone.

The centerpiece of our 600-acre campus is Lake Potanipo. A view of Potanipo greets us each morning at Camp Tevya, and its sunsets send us to bed with a smile on our faces. We can see the lake from our arts + crafts studio, from our fields, and from many of our bunks. On its sandy beach we play volleyball and relax with friends; in its waters we swim, boat, canoe, paddle, waterski, and grow skilled and confident. Lake Potanipo brings us together, and being together on its shores draws campers and alumni alike back to camp.

Parents say their Tevya campers feel “happy, confident, and soul-satisified,” that they “thrive,” and gain “life long memories and skills” and “deep Jewish connection” in a summer full of “Tevya magic, traditions, spirit, friendship, music, and overall safety and excellence.”


In New Hampshire

northwest of Boston

Drive times:

Boston, MA: 1 hour
Hartford, CT: 2 hours
NYC: 4 hours
Philadelphia, PA: 6 hours

Airport pickup

possible by prior arrangement


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