Welcome Home, Alumni!

“Tevya spirit lives on and on…!”

— Tevya Camp Song

Hey Tevya Alum,

Tevya Spirit is part of you forever…and YOU are part of the Tevya family forever. This is your endless-summer home on the web: a place to connect, reminisce, share, and take part in Camp Tevya’s future for the next generation of children and teens.

Save these Dates

TEV cleanup
Community Service Day
Camp Tevya
Sunday, June 9, 2024

Paint, plant, mulch, and mop! Getting camp ready for the season takes many hands—and it's always a fun, rewarding time. We'll provide the paint, supplies and lunch; you bring the Tevya Spirit! Ages 6+ only, please.


85 Years!

Tevya Alumni Reunion + Celebration!
Camp Tevya
Friday-Saturday, June 21-22, 2024
Friends, friends, we will always be!
Please join your camp family for a joyful reunion with every generation of Tevya alumni. Share Shabbat evening and stay overnight in a bunk (ages 25+)... and/or come for the Saturday Shabbat services, lunch, and festivities. We'll meet you by Lake Potanipo to celebrate an amazing 85 years of our most favorite place. Limited edition gear will be available! Details on how to RSVP coming soon.
See who's attending!

As of 5/31/2023

  • Ellen Ades
  • Phil Ades
  • Alan Bell
  • Jonathan Bello
  • Liz Berman
  • Matt Brand
  • Danyael Brand
  • Adam Chaikin
  • Shira Citron
  • Seth Drasner
  • Barbara Fienman
  • Michael Fox
  • Jeff Greenstein
  • Linda Hill
  • Zoe Hill
  • Ben Hyman
  • Grace Kamin
  • Nancy Lightman
  • Russell Lightman
  • Taryn Manzi
  • Nikki Naisuler
  • Isabel Nakash
  • Corey Penn
  • Nancy Levitan Poorvu
  • Ina Portnoy
  • John Portnoy
  • Ben Portnoy
  • Haley Schawbel
  • Kim Schawbel
  • Elyssa Schneider
  • Lee Schneider
  • Lauren Shapiro
  • Joel Silberman
  • Ellen Silberman
  • Stacey Smalley
  • Michael Smalley
  • Jake Smalley
  • Suzanne Stein
  • Ann Steinberg
  • Barb Wolfson

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Camp Tevya would welcome an alum (or two friends!) who would like to partner with the camp on connecting with even more alumni. Would you be interested? Please email Lauren if you are interested or call her at 781.489.2070.

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Please help ensure that future campers share in the most meaningful, lasting Tevya experience, like you did!

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