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Leadership giving that makes a lasting difference

Camp Tevya is honored to recognize the initiative and leadership of donors who have been inspired by a cause or a member of the Tevya community. You have brought others together with your vision and caring. Thank you for your meaningful tribute to the power of camp–and the gifts you have made to support future campers.

Gordon House Plaque In Front Of House
Man And Woman Smiling

The Gordon House,
made possible thanks to a $1 million gift by Andrea and Michael Leven

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Gordon House, the new staff residence at the entrance to Camp Tevya, can now enrich Tevya campers’ opportunities for learning and growth every day by housing more department heads and senior specialists and by welcoming more visiting rabbis, artists, and coaches.

Aaron and Blanche Gordon built a legacy of exceptional leadership, strong character, and devoted commitment during Aaron’s nearly 25-year tenure as Camp Tevya Director 1948-1971—and as a teacher at Boston Latin School. Beloved by campers and staff, their memory continues to inspire the generations who knew them.

Andrea and Michael Leven made Gordon House possible through their extraordinary $1 million gift, Tevya’s largest ever. Michael is a Tevya alumnus, who is the former CEO of the Georgia Aquarium and a veteran hospitality executive. A Tevya “legend” himself, as a camper and on staff, Michael also cherishes his years as Aaron Gordon’s student at Boston Latin. Michael’s generosity significantly enhances Tevya campers’ experiences every summer.

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Campers learning tennis technique on the courts

The Phil Drasner Tennis Fund,
raising funds to enhance the tennis experience at Camp Tevya

About the project and the Fund

Phil Drasner played a vital role in the lives of countless people across many generations at Camp Tevya. Starting in the 1960s, Phil spent time as a camper, a staff member, and ultimately Boys Head Counselor from 1989 through 1995. For so many of us, Phil is one of the cornerstones of our camp memories. He had a larger-than-life presence, a passion for everything Tevya, and an unyielding dedication to our community. Camp just wasn’t camp without Phil.

We are proud to raise money to significantly enhance the tennis experience at Camp Tevya in Phil’s honor for the summer of 2023.

The Phil Drasner Tennis Fund will build a gazebo offering campers a shaded rest area between the upper and lower courts. This area will serve as check in between matches and sets during the annual Tevya Tennis Invies. The Fund will also refurbish the tennis shed and establish a plaque bearing Phil’s name and story as an inspiring role model for all. Each day, when campers and staff go to play tennis, they’ll have a new and special place to gather.

Donor Honor Roll (ongoing)
  • Laura Dine Aaronson
  • Karen Acrish
  • Ellen and Philip Ades
  • Jennifer Adler
  • The Amellas
  • Marcia Baker
  • Mollie and Jon Becker
  • Alan Bell
  • Jillian Benson
  • The Berger Family
  • Deb Berman Shear
  • Berman Family
  • Stephen Bernacki
  • Jeff and Julie Blasbalg
  • Rita and Steve Blasbalg
  • Elana Bowers
  • Beverly and Lenny Brand
  • Sasha Brand
  • The Brand Family
  • Kerrie Brayman
  • Michael Brown
  • A Chaikin
  • The Chasen Family
  • Anne Chudnofsky
  • Shira Citron
  • Marianne (Seidman) Cohen
  • Lauren and Joshua Cohen
  • Savyon and Jonathan Cohen
  • Stefani and Ariel Cuschnir
  • Rachel and Rob Daly
  • Michael Darviche
  • Scott Desatnick
  • Lynne Eisenstein
  • Lynne Shapiro Eisenstein
  • Lori Erlich
  • Karen and Eric Fass
  • Karen and Eric Fass and Family
  • Susan Flint
  • Florence Family
  • Sheryl Fohlin
  • Melissa and Ross Friedberg
  • Rob Garf
  • Carri (Abramowitz) Gaudion
  • Debra and Robert Gelles
  • Andrew and Jessica Gelles
  • Gersh Family
  • Carrie Gilman
  • Bonnie and Bruce Gilman
  • Dana Ginestet
  • Rachel Gingold
  • Jennifer Heymann Ginsberg
  • Hilary Ginsberg
  • Andrew Gladstein
  • Barry Glassman
  • Matt Glassman
  • Rachel Glazer and Michael Gustat
  • Jonathan Goldberg and Family
  • Goldman Family
  • The Green/Braman Family
  • Michelle and David Greenberg
  • Merritt and Bob Greene
  • Greenspan Family
  • Roseanne and Harvey Greenstein
  • Barry Greenstein
  • Lauren, Jeff, Max and Ben Greenstein
  • Meredith Greisman
  • Barbara Wallace Grossman
  • Ava Altman Harder
  • Linda Schnall Hill
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Holzman
  • Iodice Family
  • Jeff Israel
  • Faye and Paul Jeser
  • Josh Keimach
  • Steve Kelton
  • Betsy Kirschbaum
  • Rachel Grossman Koplow
  • Jody Kraft
  • Dana and Joel Kramer
  • Danielle and Brian Kramer
  • Ruth Kaplan and Toby Kusmer
  • Ron Lederman
  • Karen and Steven Lefkowitz
  • Josh Levine
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Lieberman Family
  • The Lightman Family
  • Meredith Kaplan Lutsky
  • Lisa, Jeff, Emmet and Oz Manheim
  • Ann Marchette
  • Ben Marchette
  • Jamie Marcus and Adina Kurzman
  • Nancy and Scott Marcus
  • Kim (Lovins) Miles
  • Michelle and Andrew Miller
  • Michelle Molan
  • Nancy Nathanson
  • Missy Needle
  • Michael Oelbaum
  • Sarah and Joe Osnoss
  • Judi and Joel Pava
  • Corey and David Penn
  • Martha Plotkin
  • Nancy Poorvu
  • Ina and John Portnoy
  • Margo and Ben Portnoy
  • Ariel and Adam Price and Family
  • Jared Prushansky
  • Judi and Murray Rapaport
  • Bill and Marcia Reinstein
  • Susan and Jeff Richard
  • Maryn Robinson
  • Ira Rogers
  • Karen and Mark Rogol
  • Rosenfield-Smalley Family
  • Hope Rubin and Robert Newman
  • Jake Rubin
  • Bill and Nancy Sacks
  • Rachel and Jeff Sarasohn
  • Lee Schneider
  • Larry Schoen
  • Fran and Irving Schulman
  • Janet Perlmutter Schwartz
  • Leah Z Schwartz
  • Alex Shapero
  • Shelley and Howard Shapiro
  • Amy and David Shore
  • Cindy and Steve Siagel
  • Felisse and Eric Sigurdson
  • Ellen and Joel Silberman
  • Silk Family
  • Lori and Sam Singal
  • Leah and Zack Smith
  • The Sokol Family
  • Solomon Family
  • Scott M Sparr
  • Dan Speicher
  • Aimee Zaiger Sprung
  • Amy Staub B89
  • The Stein Family
  • Daniel Stellar
  • Barbie Stevens
  • Ilese Stevens
  • Monica (Blasbalg) Swain
  • Stacey Tavel B89
  • Joanne Silverstein Tedeschi
  • Ben Thaler
  • Randi Tillman
  • Barrett Tindell
  • Max and Chana Weiner
  • Mara Saperstein Weissmann
  • Micah Winston
  • Jillian Wiseman
  • Carol and Larry Wolfe
  • Barbara Wolfson and Barbara Fienman
  • Joan and Ron Zaiger
  • The Zaks Family
  • Adina Cohen Ziegler
  • Jamie and Dan Zinn
  • Steven Zola
Phil Drasner
Alumni Shabbat + Phil Drasner Tennis Center Dedication
Camp Tevya
Saturday, June 17, 2023

Please join us for a special Alumni Shabbat service followed by the dedication of the Phil Drasner Tennis Center. The service will be 10:30-11:30am, Kiddush luncheon will be available after the service, and the dedication will be 12-12:30pm. Camp will remain open for alumni until 2pm.


Do you have a story about Phil to share? Please add your stories and photographs for the memory booklet.

See who's attending!

As of 5/31/2023

  • Ellen Ades
  • Phil Ades
  • Alan Bell
  • Jonathan Bello
  • Liz Berman
  • Matt Brand
  • Danyael Brand
  • Adam Chaikin
  • Shira Citron
  • Seth Drasner
  • Barbara Fienman
  • Michael Fox
  • Jeff Greenstein
  • Linda Hill
  • Zoe Hill
  • Ben Hyman
  • Grace Kamin
  • Nancy Lightman
  • Russell Lightman
  • Taryn Manzi
  • Nikki Naisuler
  • Isabel Nakash
  • Corey Penn
  • Nancy Levitan Poorvu
  • Ina Portnoy
  • John Portnoy
  • Ben Portnoy
  • Haley Schawbel
  • Kim Schawbel
  • Elyssa Schneider
  • Lee Schneider
  • Lauren Shapiro
  • Joel Silberman
  • Ellen Silberman
  • Stacey Smalley
  • Michael Smalley
  • Jake Smalley
  • Suzanne Stein
  • Ann Steinberg
  • Barb Wolfson
Kids Playing Kickball

The Michael Jeser Bog Field,
made possible through the
Michael Jeser Legacy Fund

About the project and the Fund

Michael Jeser was a central figure for countless Tevya campers and counselors through his 14 years as a camper, counselor, and head counselor. Michael's presence at camp was larger than life, his positive aura was contagious, and his infectious good-will, humor, and kindness brought out the best in hundreds of young people.

The Michael Jeser Legacy Fund was established by Michael's family and friends to honor his memory on the shores of Lake Potanipo, a place that meant so much to him. His influence and leadership impacted everyone who knew him.

The Michael Jeser Legacy Fund at Camp Tevya has refurbished and enhanced the Bog Field—and dedicated it as the Michael Jeser Bog Field on June 25, 2022—to honor his spirit and memory at this beloved camp community activity spot. The Fund's support has improved the field, replaced the bleachers, redone the infield, and installed a plaque so his name will live on here at Camp Tevya. Generations of Tevya campers will know who Michael was, as his spirit lives on and on and on, thanks to past and future donors to the Fund.

Donor Honor Roll (ongoing)
  • Devin Abramowitz
  • Karen Acrish
  • Ellen Ades
  • Arielle and Andy Ades
  • Jennifer Adler
  • Mindy Engle Agosta
  • Jonathan and Allisa Alpert
  • Robert Altman
  • Matt Barlas
  • Mitchell Bautista
  • Mollie and Jon Becker
  • Alan Bell
  • Jillian Benson
  • Ariel and Carrie Berger
  • Sara, Doug, Noah and Eva Berkson
  • Alyssa Berkson
  • Andrew Berlinberg
  • Berman Family
  • Karen Binder
  • Julie Blacker
  • The Blank Family
  • Julie and Jeff Blasbalg
  • Jeremy Blasbalg
  • Jason Blasbalg
  • Joseph Brachfeld
  • Carl Brand
  • Bev and Lenny Brand
  • The Brand Family
  • Doni Brass
  • Amy Brauner
  • Ali Kenner Brodsky
  • Lori Brody
  • Matt Bushell
  • Leigh Calarco
  • Sara Cantor
  • Adam Chaikin
  • The Chaikin Family
  • The Chase Family
  • Rebecca Chasen
  • Chatterbox
  • Randi Chudnow
  • Shira Citron
  • Susan Citron-Lyman
  • Mark Cline
  • Lauren Cohen
  • Sally Cohen
  • Lindsey Cohen
  • Emily and Aaron Cooper
  • Adam Cutler
  • Daly Family
  • Scott Desatnick BTC'90
  • Philip Drasner
  • Seth Drasner
  • Matthew Dworman
  • Lynne Shapiro Eisenstein
  • Stacy Kaufman Emanuel
  • Jonny Epstein
  • Alexandra Etscovitz
  • Karen Friedberg Fass and Eric Fass
  • Jon and Ally Fass
  • Shirley Feldman
  • Adam Fisher
  • Lauren and David Fishman
  • Adrienne and Neal Fishman
  • Maya Florence
  • Sheryl Fohlin
  • Matthew Fox
  • Avery Freed
  • Melissa and Ross Friedberg
  • Nancy and Alan Friedberg
  • Ronnie Friedman
  • Beth Friedman
  • Friedman Family
  • The Fritz Family
  • Phanny and Sam Frommer
  • Shai Fuxman
  • Sheri and Rob Garf
  • Adam Gauchman
  • Carri Gaudion
  • Lori Bean Geisinger
  • Andrew Gelles
  • Samuel Gettler, MD
  • Erica Gilefsky Kyrouz
  • Becky and James Gilligan
  • Carrie Gilman
  • Rachel Gingold
  • Hilary Forman Ginsberg
  • Andrew Gladstein
  • Barry Glassman
  • Ilana Goddess
  • Jonathan Goldberg
  • Jonathan and Kristen Goldberg and Family
  • Robert Goodwin
  • Gabi Granoff
  • Andy Gray
  • Brian and Rachel Greenberg
  • Lauren, Jeff, Max and Ben Greenstein
  • Rosanne and Harvey Greenstein
  • Stephen Greenstein
  • Barry Greenstein
  • Ashli Greenwald
  • Meredith Greisman
  • David Gunzburger
  • Michael Gustat
  • Sharon and Josh Hanna and family
  • Henderson Family
  • Zachary Hentoff
  • Higgins Family
  • The Hill Family
  • Ian Hodes
  • Dan Hodes
  • Jill Hofer
  • Hoover the Labradoodle
  • Sandy and Jack Jagher
  • Adam Jaslow
  • Faye and Paul Jeser
  • Lisa and David Jeser
  • The Jeser Family
  • Andrew and Danleigh Kaplan
  • James Kaplan
  • Jaime S Kaplan
  • Richard Kaplan Family
  • Dierdre and Noah Keimach
  • Doug and Amy Kenner
  • Glenn Kramer
  • Daniel Kramer
  • The Kramers
  • Adina Kurzman
  • Amy Lane
  • Michelle Leen
  • Lefkowitz Family
  • Andrea and Mike Leven
  • Sophie Levine BTC'03
  • Katie Liberman
  • Michelle and Allen Lieberman
  • Aaron Lipskar
  • Alyse and Matt Livingston Livingston
  • Beth and Norman Loberant
  • Josh Loberant
  • Richard London
  • Michael London and Family
  • Alison Lubin
  • Deb Maltzman
  • Lisa, Jeff and Oz Manheim
  • Nancy-Jamie-Scott Marcus
  • Marissa Mastors
  • Jennifer McCullum
  • Stephanie Wang McTigue
  • Elizabeth and Ruben Menashe
  • Mitch Nelles - CYJ ❤️ Michael
  • Michelle and Andrew Miller
  • Andrew Miller
  • Cindy Miller
  • Michael Miller
  • Lee Mills McGrath
  • Jonathan Modest
  • JB Morris
  • Cari Shabot Moulton
  • Randi Nagel
  • Michael Oelbaum
  • Omin Family
  • Sarah and Joe Osnoss
  • Kim and Raph Osnoss
  • Barbara Pack
  • Toni Passerman
  • Corey and Dave Penn
  • Heather Penn
  • The Penn Family
  • Jennifer Perlmutter
  • Stacy Sawyer Pollack
  • Jill Shapiro Pollard
  • Ina and John Portnoy
  • Brian Portnoy
  • Ariel Price
  • Stephen Prince
  • Amy Grodsky Ratner
  • Howard Rich
  • Kaitlyn Robrock
  • Sol and Linda Rockenmacher
  • Ira Rogers
  • Mark, Karen, Olivia and Henry Rogol
  • Jessica Schary Rosenberg
  • Jessica Rosenthal
  • Kerri Rothschilds
  • Elliot Rotstein
  • Ben and Caroline Rubin
  • Rachel and Jeff Sarasohn
  • Loren Schaffzin
  • Lee Schneider
  • Larry and Margaret Schoen
  • The Zaiger Schwartz Family
  • Julie Siegel Schwarzer
  • Ali Sganga
  • Alex Shapero
  • Rabbi Lori Shapiro
  • Andrea Shatz Bloch
  • Debbie and Allen Sheldon
  • Susan Siegel
  • Davey Siegel
  • Susan and Bob Sigel
  • Sigel Family
  • Rebecca Silver
  • Mike Silverstein
  • Matt Silverstein
  • Sam Singal
  • Scott Sisun
  • Sarah Sloane
  • Leah Altman Smith
  • The Sokol Family
  • Solomon Family
  • Dan Speicher
  • Melissa Spencer
  • Aimee and Eric Sprung
  • The Sprung Family
  • Amy Goldstein Staub
  • Ilene and Richard Stellar
  • Barbie Stevens
  • Aaron Stibel
  • Liz Stillman
  • Monica Swain
  • Stacey and Eric Tavel
  • Stacey Tavel
  • Evvy and Dan Teres
  • The Teres Family
  • Miriam Tevet B'97
  • Ben Thaler
  • Barrett Tindell
  • Mollie Warshaw Perlin
  • Maxwell Weiner
  • Max Weiner
  • Erica Weiner
  • Charlene andSteven Wendell
  • Jillian Wiseman
  • Melyssa Wright
  • Tamar Wyte-Lake
  • Jennifer and Adam Yellin
  • Fredda and Bob Zaiger
  • Adam Zaks
  • Lindsay Zarwell
  • Adam Zimmerman

Talia’s Outdoor Art Studio,
made possible during
Tevya’s 80th Reunion

Learn more

Talia Newfield, a camper and rising counselor, lost her life in a tragic accident in February 2018. Talia was hired to work as an Arts and Crafts specialist at camp and she had expressed a desire to bring her love for art outside. As a camper, she would sit outside, look out at Lake Potanipo, and paint. Her vision to bring the arts outside has become reality through Talia’s Art Studio. This outdoor area overlooks the lake and is a place for creativity. Talia’s legacy of self-expression, inclusion, and being true to your values and beliefs will forever be a part of Camp Tevya.



The David Minn Traverse Wall,
made possible during
Tevya’s 80th Reunion

Learn more

David Minn, a three-year staff member from the UK, lost his life in a hiking accident in January 2018. David’s magnetic personality made him a great connector of people and a friend to all. He lived life to the fullest and loved adventure. The David Minn Traverse Wall is now built on our ropes course, giving campers the opportunity to enhance physical, emotional and social skills. David’s commitment to teamwork and helping others expand their areas of comfort will be continued at Camp Tevya through this programming addition.


The Seth Feldman Fitness Center,
made possible during
Tevya’s 80th Reunion

Learn more

Since its creation in 2014, The Seth Feldman Fitness Center has become an increasingly utilized programming area at camp. Seth Feldman, a Tevya alumni who lost his life at the age of 17 following an illness in December 1988, brought the first weights to camp and set up a fitness center on the stage of ElBess. Today, health and wellness remain an important part of our camp community, with campers and staff benefiting from the Seth Feldman Fitness Center. The weight room and fitness classes have now been enhanced with the addition of outdoor fitness structures around camp. Seth’s initiative continues to keep fitness a focus of our community.