Summer 2024

Israel and Leadership Teen Programs

The Tevya experience leads to two special teen summers.

A Capstone and Bridge

For Cohen Camps teens, their summers at camp may culminate in two meaningful programs, each specially designed to strengthen teens for their futures: the Dor L’Dor Israel travel capstone and the Kadima Teen Leadership bridge to a staff role. Both bring Tevya teens even closer together as a cohort while also connecting them to peers at Camps Pembroke and Tel Noar, our siblings in the Cohen Camps family.

Dor L’Dor Israel Travel

4.5 weeks in Israel as the capstone of the Tevya camper experience

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Summer 2024 Destination:

Spain + Portugal

Scene of a Jewish neighborhood in Portugal

In the face of war and antisemitism, it’s more important than ever that our young adults connect with and feel at home in our global Jewish family.

The Summer 2024 trip will explore Jewish culture and history in Spain and Portugal: a special crossroads of beauty, Jewish resilience, and Jewish contributions to the arts, sciences, and trade. The safety of our children and teens is always our highest priority.

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In Israel: June 30 – August 1, 2024
At camp: August 4 – 14, 2024

Dates subject to change.

After completing 10th grade, teens from all three Cohen Camps—Tevya, Tel Noar, and Pembroke—join up for Dor L’Dor Israel Travel: an intensive month in Israel, a trip that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating. Then our own teens may return to Camp Tevya for 10 days of reflection, reconnection with the Tevya family, and the chance to share some of their discoveries with the rest of camp.

We strongly believe that direct experience of Israel is integral to the way each person develops their Jewish identity, values, and character. Dor L’Dor gives our teens an opportunity to create a personal relationship with the historical, religious, and cultural aspects of Israel’s people, land, and heritage. Younger campers relish the weekly Shabbat updates sent in by the Dor L’Dor travelers and the stories they hear upon the teens’ return. This opportunity for campers to learn from “near-peer” teens and then become the role models themselves is a distinctive feature of the Cohen Camps’ approach.

Dor L’Dor was a life altering experience for our daughter. When we spoke with her on the phone we have NEVER heard her sound more excited, engaged, enthusiastic and happy IN HER LIFE. THANK YOU for providing this wonderful program.

Families of teens eligible for Dor L’Dor, please watch for invitations to information sessions in the fall and spring. Dor L’Dor Director Mindee Greenberg welcomes you to contact her by email. You can also reach Mindee or DLD Administrator Patty Bleicher at 781.489.2070.

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Your gift will help provide food and excursions to create fun social events where Dor L’Dor travelers can meet Israeli teens.



Kadima Teen Leadership

Internship and bridge to a Camp Tevya staff role

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In Hebrew, “kadima” means “move ahead” and “let’s go!”

The Cohen Camps Kadima Teen Leadership curriculum develops future Jewish community leaders by cultivating real-life, hands-on skills in responsibility, planning, decision-making, teamwork, and communication. Camp Tevya’s Kadima is our redesigned Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program–and the critical next step in bringing the benefits of camp forward into adulthood and as prospective Camp Tevya staff. Like Dor L’Dor, Kadima offers opportunities to connect with teens from all three Cohen Camps: Tevya, Tel Noar, and Pembroke. 

Kadima starts with a curriculum for learning and bonding at camp followed by a CIT Internship working directly with campers. 

  • The first weeks of summer build skills in leadership, teamwork, and growth mindset. Teens explore and practice how to facilitate and support positive social dynamics, encourage participation by others, and advance their own resilience, sense of responsibility, collaboration, and decision-making.  
  • The CIT Internship at Camp Tevya immerses the teens in hands-on leadership, with direct parallels to leadership outside of camp that will help them understand how to be counselors and leaders with more knowledge, practice, confidence, and support. Teens earn a stipend and have appropriate privileges within the CIT Intern role.

The Kadima program has a robust curriculum in communication, teamwork, responsibility, empathy, and time management.

Families of teens eligible for Kadima, please watch for invitations to information sessions in the fall and spring. Kadima Director Stacey Smalley welcomes you to contact her by email or by calling the office at 781.489.2070.

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Kadima is a critical investment in our teens as individuals and as staff for younger campers. To make the Kadima program possible, we are in the midst of building a dedicated, eco-friendly space at Camp Tevya that will be called the Kadima Yurt Village. It will include teen housing in low-environmental-impact yurts and a community center building with indoor gathering space, wi-fi, a kitchenette, work space, bathrooms, and staff housing.

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