A Message About Israel

October 9, 2023



Dear Cohen Camps family,

Absorbing the news from Israel has been difficult for all of us. The Cohen Camps has a long history of connection to the State of Israel through our programs, staff, and campers. The Jewish homeland has been a key part of who we are since our founding by my grandparents 90 years ago.

Our vast camp community includes many who live in or have family and friends living in Israel. We pray for their safety and strength as we grieve for those we have lost and hope for the safe return of those taken.

Many of us will be personally touched by these terrible attacks. May we all find the strength to support each other, those who have lost or await news of loved ones, and those who have loved ones fighting.

Our Camp Directors are in communication with our Israeli staff from over the years who may have been called into service. Campers and staff have made real connections and relationships with the people of Israel.

Here are two resources to help our children during this time:

Our longtime Israeli partner, Keshet Educational Journeys, is raising funds to assist with the most urgent needs. While the major organizations will raise larger amounts, they will take longer to apply funds to where they are needed. 

“Our goal is to provide maximum assistance in minimum time to multiple trustworthy and deserving initiatives that we know from personal knowledge that require immediate interventions.” 

Please read the email from Keshet’s founder Yitzhak Sokoloff, if you would like to help:

I know we all share the hope to see a quick return to peace.

Am Yisrael Chai.


Jonathan Cohen, President

The Cohen Camps Board,

and the Staff of the Cohen Camps

Women's Journey to Israel

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