Dor L’Dor ’24 | Week 2 | Shabbat Shalom from Gibraltar

Shabbat Shalom from Gibraltar! After spending our first Shabbat in Porto, we left Sunday morning for a long bus ride to Covilha with a few stops on the way.  Our first stop was in the Portuguese border town of Vilar Formoso, where we visited the Fronteira da Paz (Frontier of Peace) memorial. This museum, housed […]

Dor L’Dor ’24 | Week 1 | One Dor L’Dor

Shabbat Shalom from Portugal! It was just a few days ago that we arrived in Portugal excited and nervous, three different camps on two different planes.  And here we are now, celebrating the first Shabbat of DLD 2024! Each day, as we explored Portugal with activities in Lisbon, Sintra, and Porto, we could feel the […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 7

Girls in Shabbat clothes, holding a big teddy bear

Dear Tevya families, If you’ve been following along with our newsletters the past few summers, or even if this is your first summer, you may have noticed the letters follow a similar format from week to week. We’ll begin with a more abstract yet meaningful intro, followed by an overview of Camp Activities from the […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 6

Color War captains on the beach

Dear Tevya families, Our campers learn many life-lessons at Tevya. Throughout Color War, our campers have the opportunity to practice both being resilient and what it means to be a true friend during healthy competition. For our oldest campers, Birya and Tel Chai, Color War can be extra stressful. It is hard to hear the […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 5

Dancing on stage

Dear Tevya families, At camp, time doesn’t seem to matter, until it really does matter. The end of last week was one of those moments where time at camp really matters and comes into focus. Saturday was our First Session Banquet, and on Sunday, we said goodbye to our First Session campers and welcomed in […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 4

Four girl capers smile at camera

Dear Tevya families, It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown by during this session, and we can’t help but feel a mix of excitement and nostalgia as we approach the final day. It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming our campers with open arms, and now we find ourselves cherishing every moment […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 3

group of smiling boys

Dear Tevya families, For about 8 hours on Thursday, all of our campers, counselors, and CITs were out of camp on trips. I stayed at camp with our Office Staff and a handful of our Operations Staff. I’ve never stayed at camp during an all-camp Trip Day, so this was new for me. Throughout the […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 2

Campers sing during shabbat services

Dear Tevya families, When you think about it, “Week 2” is really the first full week of camp. Week 1 is all about the excitement of being back in your summer home with your best friends, or the anxious anticipation of coming to a place you’ve never been before with people you are meeting for […]

Tevya | Summer 2023 – Week 1

kids with lifeguard stand on the beach

Dear Tevya families, Welcome to the very first edition of our Summer 2023 weekly blog posts. We’re excited to bring you all the latest updates and highlights from the past couple of days, where the sun has finally reappeared!  Opening Day There are many things that camp does well. Camp builds confidence and independence. Camp […]

Tevya 2023 Leadership Team

Campers and staff at Camp Tevya

Each summer we are fortunate to have so many dedicated professionals working together to create the magic of camp. From Head Counselors to Department Heads to Office Staff to the Health Center and more, we are grateful to everyone who makes camp run smoothly while supporting campers, teens, and counselors. While we welcome new people […]

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