The Ultimate Camper Care (+ Wellness) Package

We often say that camp is about the people. Friends, counselors, and the amazing families that enable our campers the opportunity to spend their summers at camp, make up our camp family. Ensuring that we have all of the necessary people and processes in place to be able to support those people, is something we […]

Coming Home

July 2022 There is comfort in coming home. A familiarity and a calm that comes over us as we recognize and reacquaint ourselves in a space like camp. The smell of the lake brings back memories of kayaking to “the island”, the taste of your first s’more of the season feels like a warm hug, […]

Why an All-Girls Jewish Camp?

Group of girls smiling on the beach

Considering Camp Pembroke, the Cohen Camp just for girls? Know someone else who is interested? Trying to understand or explain how WONDERFUL going to an all-girls camp is? Look no further! We’ve done it for you with just five simple reasons. Fun We seek to instill in campers the Jewish value of responsibility to others […]

When Is The Right Time To Send Your Child To Camp?

Three girls hanging off lifeguard in pool

As camp directors, we are often asked: “When is the right time to send my child to camp?” In our combined dozens of years here, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of children and teens arrive for the first time. Our response? It may surprise you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer about the ideal age. As […]

The 10 Commitments

Tel Noar boys smile while at services

BY JONATHAN COHEN,THIRD-GENERATION PRESIDENT, THE COHEN CAMPS I’m often asked what makes the Cohen Camps “Jewish” and how we differentiate our camps from other Jewish camps. There is no simple, quick answer – it’s more than just being Kosher, observing Shabbat and reciting blessings before and after meals. We have a set of values that […]

Stay Golden CTN, and Shabbat Shalom

Tel Noar campers walk through the Shabbat gateway

There is so much about camp that sticks with a person throughout the year and throughout their lives. Shabbat at camp is a time of reflection, community and spending time with friends in a slower-paced setting…nothing compares! We invited counselors from the past to write to camp about what camp means to them, and what […]

Where Magic Happens: Reflections on 13 Years of Summer Camp

Four girls sitting and smiling

At Camp Pembroke, the Bat Mitzvah tradition (for those who have spent 13 summers at Camp Pembroke) signifies the 13 year commitment to camp, to the campers, and to the role that Pembroke has played in their development into the women they have become. It accentuates that commitment and acknowledges the connection that these women […]

Nice is the Norm at Camp Tel Noar

Two boys smiling

We love asking current and past staff members about their experiences at camp to gain some insight and perspective on what makes Tel Noar so beloved. They tell amazing stories of lifelong friendships, memories about gamedays and Color War, and fun anecdotes about living in chugs (our connected-style bunks) and being a part of a […]

The New Parent Experience, Part II

Tevya campers sit in a circle and sing inside a pavilion

This the second piece of a two part article published by Tevya parent and alum Julie Grasfield Weil, originally published in the Sharon Advocate in July and August of 2014, which details Julie’s experience sending her two sons to Tevya for the first time. Two Happy Campers Equals Two Happy Parents I’d like to say […]

The New Parent Experience, Part I

PART 1 OF 2by Tevya parent and alum Julie Grasfield Weil Originally published in the Sharon Advocate in July and August of 2014 The New Parent Experience Sending your child to overnight camp for the first time comes with many questions. Did I pack enough socks and underwear? Will they eat the camp food? If […]