Lasts that Last

Two Pembroke campers with arms around each other

Dear Pembroke families, Seven weeks. We’ve blinked and they’ve passed, without warning, without a chance to hit the pause button and now suddenly we’re here, experiencing what we can only describe as the week of “lasts”. Each Friday afternoon, I grab my coffee, my computer and find a quiet place to sit, reflect and look […]

Lost + Found

girls sitting on paddleboards

Dear Pembroke families, Water bottles, towels, a left croc, goggles, bathing suit tops, a raincoat or two, jibitz, sunglasses…all of these things are currently waiting to be reclaimed by their rightful/forgetful owner. The chances of your child coming home with all of the things you packed them with this summer – highly unlikely, but what […]

The Ultimate Camper Care (+ Wellness) Package

We often say that camp is about the people. Friends, counselors, and the amazing families that enable our campers the opportunity to spend their summers at camp, make up our camp family. Ensuring that we have all of the necessary people and processes in place to be able to support those people, is something we […]

Coming Home

July 2022 There is comfort in coming home. A familiarity and a calm that comes over us as we recognize and reacquaint ourselves in a space like camp. The smell of the lake brings back memories of kayaking to “the island”, the taste of your first s’more of the season feels like a warm hug, […]

Why an All-Girls Jewish Camp?

Group of girls smiling on the beach

Considering Camp Pembroke, the Cohen Camp just for girls? Know someone else who is interested? Trying to understand or explain how WONDERFUL going to an all-girls camp is? Look no further! We’ve done it for you with just five simple reasons. Fun We seek to instill in campers the Jewish value of responsibility to others […]

Women's Journey to Israel

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