Category: Pembroke 2023

Lasts that Last | Week 7

Dear Pembroke families, Six weeks. We’ve blinked and they’ve passed, without warning, without a chance to hit the pause button, and now suddenly we’re here, experiencing what we can only describe as the week of “lasts”. Each Friday afternoon, I grab my coffee, my computer and find a quiet place to sit, reflect and look […]

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Core Camp Memories | Week 6

Aaaaaaaand…exhale. What. A. Week. Finding the words to properly encapsulate the last seven days is nearly impossible. We spent most of this week feeling overwhelming awe and gratitude and so much of that is in part to the incredible campers and staff we have the fortune of spending our summers with. Bottom line: your kids […]

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Camp Pembroke | A Sense of Home | Week 3

Camp is a process – an experience that involves a lot of energy, many emotions and all of our senses. It feels intense, exciting, and even exhausting at times. So much of my own experiences are wrapped up in the sights, sounds and smells of camp that in an instant, the smallest thing can bring […]

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Two women in colorful hammocks

Camp Pembroke | Nailed It! | Week 2

We could have never expected the impact that two alumnae would have on our camp community in just one week. Two people, one very different generation at camp, seven days and an undeniable mark has been left in their footsteps. Their energy, their engagement and their pure love for this place embraced our entire community […]

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Camp Pembroke | The Highlight Reel | Week 4

A highlight reel often reveals the most notable moments, the turning points of a game or snapshots of the most important parts of an event. At camp, those highlights are constant, eventful, uneventful, momentous, grandiose, and sometimes even a little bit boring, but when pieced together, they create the experience of growing up at camp. […]

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Camp Pembroke | Dancing in the Rain | Week 5

At camp we always try to find beauty in everything. It’s easy to do when you’re surrounded by profound moments, blossoming friendships, and supportive counselors, all with the backdrop of our gorgeous lake and towering pines. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes, Camp Pembroke is more than just a place, it’s an emotion, an experience that […]

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Camp Pembroke | The Secret Recipe

What’s cookin’ at Camp Pembroke? The short answer? Grilled cheese and French fries, BBQ dinners and congo bars for dessert, quesadillas and chicken tender lunches. But in reality…there’s so much more. The ingredients for forever friendships are starting to come together, campers and staff are filling one another’s cups with kindness and patience and empathy […]

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