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A highlight reel often reveals the most notable moments, the turning points of a game or snapshots of the most important parts of an event. At camp, those highlights are constant, eventful, uneventful, momentous, grandiose, and sometimes even a little bit boring, but when pieced together, they create the experience of growing up at camp. And, the experience of growing up at camp will often be a part of a person’s lifelong highlight reel. A small amount of time in the grand scheme of things, but camp is an impactful, unforgettable, and formative part of our kids lives. We can’t wait to share with you some of the unforgettable, however small they may seem, moments of our last week.

  • College Night as a whole truly blew us away. Watching our Tsfat campers step up in ways we had never seen made us smile without even realizing, and the addition of silly traditions that seem to grow each year made us laugh. You likely noticed (and questioned) some of the photos posted…let me explain. As a kid, we couldn’t pick grass at the events or we would “lose points”. We were always told we couldn’t smile, laugh or talk as your team walked, hand-in-hand, from the Horseshoe to the Lodge for Track Meet. We took it seriously then, and now the tradition includes carrying a towel with you to prevent that grass picking and biting on it as you walked to prevent the smiling. Makes for a strong tradition, and a confusing photo!
  • Director for the Day was a short but sweet experience for us, and for me personally. Having my best camp friend (shoutout to the CAs of ’04) at camp to be able to live out her life dream (and Covid summer auction victory) of being camp director and watch her stand in awe of everything that has seemed to freeze in time here at camp, was a reminder of how lucky I am to still be a part of it.
  • The Nantasket trip for Y’Rush was a day filled with sunshine, smiles and of course, Dunkin’. Our kids came back glowing, happy and relaxed.
  • On National Lollipop Day we  handed out Dum-Dums, how sweet and simple this little gesture was and still met with huge smiles and lots of excited “thank yous!”
  • Nailed it stickers arrived from our beloved Amy and Lynnie (see the 2nd week blog for a reminder of how quickly these two became a part of our 2023 family) and kids were thrilled to add them to their water bottles and keep their legacy going.
  • Our Junior Basketball team won the tournament, and our Senior Team came in second. The pride and joy they felt after a long, hot and sweaty day was amazing.
  • Messtival never ceases to amaze us and truly be a highlight for so many, both counselors and staff. The opportunity to let loose, step outside their comfort zone and live in the moment always blows us away.
  • Pembroke tattoos were proudly applied and the camp spirit could be felt everywhere!
  • Themed bunks made us laugh and reminded us of that even those simple moments in the bunk could be some of the most special.
  • Pembroke’s Got Talent gave us the chance to show our skills, teamwork and compassion as campers worked together on dances and performances. Ariella blew us away with her heartfelt dance number and her smile as she was announced winner was incomparable.
  • Counselor Hunt brought a little bit of our competitive sides out and even more laughter.
  • Campers made bracelets for Give Something Away Day that were donated to a children’s hospital. The thought and time they put into placement of every bead demonstrated the kindness and thoughtfulness that exists within each of our campers.
  • The Egg Toss during College Night had us all literally walking on eggshells with the tension being broken by Indiana’s victory.
  • Bug hotels (picture sticks, rocks and leaves elaborately put together) can be found around every corner of camp courtesy of our Lower Camp nature classes.
  • Our nurses got out on the softball field for a few innings. Fun in the Kitchen had a fruit salsa competition. The staff had a slush surprise during staff meeting. Pinatas are been made in A&C. Campers are learning how to wakeboard. Prep for the play is in full swing. And as we approach the final days of First Session, the Media Show this afternoon was the best wrap up and closure for a session well spent and memories well made.

    We always feel a sense of sadness and loss at the end of First Session. It’s hard to describe, but we all feel the same pit in our stomach and as our friends pack up their things and prepare for pick up day. We move a little bit slower, drag our feet a little bit longer, and squeeze a bit harder as we try everything to hit the pause on our moments together. We also feel overwhelming gratitude and comfort knowing that we still have 3.5 more weeks to make the moments that are sure to be a part of our Summer 2023 highlight reel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Becca + Amy

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