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CTN Week 2 2024: CTN Spirit in the Air

Shabbat Shalom from Sunset Lake! I hope this message finds you well. As we head into Shabbat following our first full week of camp, I wanted to share a little about the amazing week we’ve had and some of its highlights. As mentioned in our email a few days ago, this week’s focus has been […]

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Three girls hanging off lifeguard in pool

When Is The Right Time To Send Your Child To Camp?

As camp directors, we are often asked: “When is the right time to send my child to camp?” In our combined dozens of years here, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of children and teens arrive for the first time. Our response? It may surprise you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer about the ideal age. As […]

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Tevya campers sit in a circle and sing inside a pavilion

The New Parent Experience, Part II

This the second piece of a two part article published by Tevya parent and alum Julie Grasfield Weil, originally published in the Sharon Advocate in July and August of 2014, which details Julie’s experience sending her two sons to Tevya for the first time. Two Happy Campers Equals Two Happy Parents I’d like to say […]

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The New Parent Experience, Part I

PART 1 OF 2by Tevya parent and alum Julie Grasfield Weil Originally published in the Sharon Advocate in July and August of 2014 The New Parent Experience Sending your child to overnight camp for the first time comes with many questions. Did I pack enough socks and underwear? Will they eat the camp food? If […]

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Eleven girls in the poor smiling

New Camper, Now What?

Dear parents/guardians of first-time campers, We hope that you are excited for your child’s first summer at Camp Pembroke, Camp Tel Noar, or Camp Tevya! With camp getting closer, many families begin thinking about how they can best prepare their child for the overnight camp experience. We’ve developed this collection of recommendations as a discussion […]

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Three girls holding cameras laughing

Is That My Camper’s Elbow?

Dear parents, I don’t think I understood how important it was to parents to “see” their child during their time at camp until I was a counselor. It was my fourth summer on staff, and I was at home on my day off. I hadn’t yet had the chance to see all of the pictures […]

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Pembroke camper smiles while lying on her festively decorated bunk

The Camp Duffel: 10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro

1 Label everything…and then label it again Camp very quickly feels like home to our campers, which means one thing…our campers leave everything everywhere (sound familiar?). If there is a label or name written somewhere on it, that lost item is 99% more likely to find its way back home. Initials are good, full names […]

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