The Science of a S'more



The Science of a S’more

Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow. They’re the essentials that come together to create the perfect, ooey gooey, warm and delicious treat. The perfect combination, true complements to one another and a taste that can bring you right back to some of the most carefree days of your life. Campers, counselors, fun. They’re the necessary pieces to an unforgettable summer. Both are made better when enjoyed fireside, surrounded with your summer family, sun setting behind the trees and the sound of guitar vibrating in the chilly night air.

The comfort in a s’more. When you take that first bite, of your first s’more, in your first summer, that moment sticks with you, just like so much of camp, there’s comfort in that. At camp, your child finds caring adults that they know love and care for them no matter what a day brings. In their counselors, they find confidantes and their biggest fans, in a department head, they find a coach and cheerleader, in their head counselor they find a role model and in the oldest campers they find a big sister to look out for them. Our Big Sister, Little Sister this week was the perfect example of the power of our relationships at camp. In just twenty minutes, our youngest campers met their new big sisters and were instantly swept into the excitement of the evening. Avery’s eyes lit up when she discovered her big sister was the same friend she met at her mixed table, and Meggie and Caylah had an immediate connection that couldn’t have been any sweeter. Every nook and cranny of camp was filled with new friendships and smiles.

The perfect bite. The balance of flavors, just like the balance of camp activity, strikes a medley that brings out the best in our sweet treat and our summers at Camp Pembroke. Watching a compassionate counselor gently encourage Aline into the shallow end, Sarah’s screaming cannonball into the lake, and Cora’s daily check-ins to make sure my leg feels ok. Together they’re the perfect “bite” of camp. And sometimes, when you’re craving a BIG bite, you know just the bunk to spend some time with. The spunk, the spirit and the positive attitudes of Bunk 7 are contagious and energizing. The patience in ensuring that your marshmallow is perfectly roasted to your liking is the same patience our campers show themselves, one another, and even the adults at camp, every day. We spend each day out and about, observing the magic and enjoying the big and little bites of fun and kindness that exist around every corner.

The Sweetness. A delicate balance of flavors, the personalities and compassion of our campers, create sweet moments that make you want to hold on tight and savor the memory. Penny writing a special note for our Head of Athletics that read, “you are the best coach”…and while the spelling wasn’t QUITE there, the sentiment was meaningful. Eugenia, who has led our music program for 26 years, described the sweetest scene of playing guitar and listening to the voices of our Y’Rush campers as they joined together under the shade of a tree singing camp favorites. Watching Molly and Julia lead Bunk 3 during Counselor Hunt was a moment of pride as they gently took the hands of the campers and very quickly filled the role of leaders with our youngest campers. Bunk 21 exclaiming that camp is their home, and every moment in between, we are so lucky to observe smiles and sweetness that remind us of the beauty of this community, this camp family.

No s’more tastes the same. Sometime the marshmallow is a little more toasted, more chocolate, no chocolate, less graham…some may even opt for no graham (we know, SHOCKING…and messy). And no day at camp feels the same. MTV night brought laughter and crazy dance moves, Counselor Hunt brings screams and surprise and Havdallah by the lake provided the calm and serenity we all need to welcome in a new week. Our Y’Rush campers led us in Gold Rush last night, while Kevin took the lead in Fun in the Kitchen where the campers built graham cracker houses and displayed their work proudly. Camp is consistent, and even when life throws us a (covid) curveball two of our bunks have showed incredible positivity, flexibility and resilience as they quickly jumped into a new schedule, a few even asking if they could keep their new schedule for the rest of the summer.

We can’t believe it’s been just a little over a week and already our campers are more confident, independent and empathetic versions of themselves. Together we layer each new experience and each new friendship and stack it between the constant of our second home, to make the most amazing treat, a summer at camp. How lucky are we, to experience every day with campers that exhibit such strong character and kindness, and we can’t wait for S’MORE of those moments.

Wishing you a SWEET Shabbat,

Becca & Amy

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