Camp Tevya 2022 Week 2 Update



Dear Tevya families,

Each day at camp is made of moments. Some moments are big, like the crowing of Birya and Tel Chai Royalty (congrats to Birya ‘22 King Ethan Golfarb and Tel Chai ‘22 Queen Sophie Redwine!) or jumping in the lake after a thrilling Game Day victory. Other moments are little, like sitting on the tree swing surrounded by friends during a lazy post-dinner Free Play, or listening to a counselor tell a story as you drift off to sleep. What makes camp so impactful, however, is that these moments are stitched together into a continuously immersive, shared experience. From the moment “Wake Up” is called over the PA system in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night, you are living and breathing camp. Within each moment is an opportunity to be kind, to laugh, to fail, to grow, to support, and to have fun. From the big moments to the little moments, we’re all sharing this camp experience together as a community and Tevya family. Here is an update about some of the moments we have shared this past week.

Community Health Update
Monday afternoon, we received the results of our Day +3 tests: all negatives! Since breakfast Tuesday morning, we have been sitting by mixed tables in the Dining Hall and have moved to mask optional indoors. We announced the news to campers and staff on July 4th after the spectacular fireworks show over Lake Potanipo – an exciting end to an exciting day. We are continuing to monitor symptoms daily, and rapid testing all staff twice a week.

Camp Activities
On Saturday, our Yavneh and Dalia campers received their Big Brothers and Sisters. We love this tradition! Our youngest campers get to build special relationships with our oldest campers, and our oldest campers truly get to demonstrate the power of being a positive role model. On Saturday night, we had MTV Night as our first all camp evening activity. Campers had a blast learning their routines and performing them for all of camp. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures that we posted from this fun event.

We celebrated the Fourth of July in fashion, dressed up in red, white and blue. We had a festive BBQ dinner, followed by different stations of activities: capture the flag, a Fourth of July social, and a holiday themed arts & crafts activity. We finished the evening on the beach as an entire camp community, watching an amazing fireworks display and enjoying bomb pops.

Today marked our first inter-camp Game Day since 2019. Coordinating with Camp Tel Noar, we hosted Bog Volleyball, Bog Softball, and Tsof Basketball, and our Tsof Softball and Ole Newcomb teams traveled to CTN. Friday morning Game Days have been a huge missing piece of the camp experience, and it was awesome to see our campers geared up for healthy competition, and to have their friends cheering them on. The morning was capped off by our Bog Softball team taking a celebratory jump in the lake!

Some of the Evening Activities included:

  • Oles: Bar Mitzvah Games, Minute to Win It, Duct Tape Fashion Show, Scavenger Hunt, Sandcastle Building 
  • Tsofs: Dessert Pizza Iron Chef, Bonfire, Charades, Family Feud
  • Bogs: Cupcake Wars, Basketball hangout, Cupcake Wars, Tailgate with Popcorn, Evening Trip to Mel’s Funway (go karts, bumper boats, mini golf, ice cream)

Upcoming Events

  • We will be crowning our Dalia Prince and our Yavneh Princess this upcoming week.
  • The Camp Young Judea Tennis Doubles Tournament is happening at CYJ on Sunday. Tryouts were held this week and we are sending a great representation of Tevya doubles players.
  • Dor L’Dor departs for Israel on Sunday. We are wishing our teens a fabulous adventure in Israel and are looking forward to their weekly updates!

Visiting Day
More information is coming next week about Visiting Day plans and protocols.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ben and Lauren

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