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Tevya | Summer 2022 Week 7 Update

I like when experiences come full circle. As sad as it is that Summer 2022 is coming to an end, the end of a Tevya summer is often marked by things coming full circle, and it fills me with hope and pride. At the talent show, our Birya Big Sisters sang “In My Dreams” by […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 6 Update

Dear Camp Tevya families, Color War is a three and a half day competition where the camp is broken into four teams: Sharon (red), Yarden (yellow), Galil (white), and Negev (blue). Every summer during Second Session, the chant of “1, 2, 3, 4, We Want Color War!” happens early and often, and this year was […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 5 Update

Dear Tevya families, There are many places in camp to soak in the view. The Waterski Docks overlooking the boats and the lake. Walking by the Bog and Tsof field at “golden hour”. The steps of the Dining Hall overlooking the Flagpole, Dance Mats, Pavilion, and Soccer Field. The chairs at Mindee’s Community Crossroads as […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 4 Update

Dear Tevya families, Before campers arrive for Opening Day, there is a tremendous amount of anticipation and build up. It’s like watching a pot of water waiting for it to boil. As you’re staring at it, you lift up the lid to see if there’s been any progress, and it looks like nothing’s happening. You […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 3 Update

Dear Tevya families, This past week, I got to do something at camp I haven’t done in years: ride on a bus for a Trip Day. I was lucky enough to ride with the Younger Tsofim (7th grade boys). I was sitting a few rows deep towards the front of the bus, so I was […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 2 Update

Dear Tevya families, Each day at camp is made of moments. Some moments are big, like the crowing of Birya and Tel Chai Royalty (congrats to Birya ‘22 King Ethan Golfarb and Tel Chai ‘22 Queen Sophie Redwine!) or jumping in the lake after a thrilling Game Day victory. Other moments are little, like sitting […]

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Camp Tevya 2022 Week 1 Update

Dear Tevya families, At the start of orientation, I told our counselors a story about the ripple effect of leadership. As counselors responsible for the well-being of other people’s children, every word, every action, every expression, and every sacrifice, causes a ripple. Not just for our campers and ourselves here at camp, but for our […]

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